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Dave Slamp is an experienced author, teacher, and public speaker. He has traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean, Black and Aegean Seas for over 30 years. He has personally hosted more than a dozen groups to Egypt, Israel, Turkey, and Greece and has taught Near Eastern Studies at the university level. In his latest book, Tales From the Magnificent Mediterranean, published in 2012, Dave tells the sensational and fascinating stories from history throughout the Mediterranean.

Dr. Slamp has been elected twice to Who’s Who, and has spoken for the National Conference on Education for Professionals. His extensive knowledge, sense of humor, diversified portfolio, and winsome way with people quickly win him the hearts of his listeners.

An accomplished Port/Destination and Enrichment speaker, Dave has lectured throughout the region for 6 years. He speaks directly to the audience without notes using innovative PowerPoint presentations laced with video, music and vibrant, relevant images. All lectures feature brief trivia quizzes and little-known facts that engage audiences and are enjoyed by all.

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1. Alexandria, Cairo, and Giza: Egypt is truly a land with a living history. Ancient pyramids, age-old artifacts, and art all come alive before your eyes as we take a pictorial tour of this historical treasure chest including the Pyramids of Gaza, the historic Cairo Museum, or ancient Memphis. This lecture offers previews of the dramatic sites and is loaded with ideas for getting around.

2. Mykonos: This is truly an enchanting island. Winding streets lined with white-washed shops, homes, and chapels are all crowned with “Little Venice” and the picturesque windmills on the hill nearby. These are the enduring symbols of this relaxing and pastoral island.

3. Istanbul, a Grand Icon of History! In this informative talk, we’ll identify all the major points of interest including the Hagia Sophia, the massive Topkapi Palace, and the dramatic Blue Mosque. Identify the locations of these, and many other remarkable remnants of history, We’ll discuss easy and inexpensive ways to get around so you can plan to explore this world-class city.

4. Kusadasi/Ephesus. Ephesus and Kusadasi offer the perfect combination of the ancient and modern. From the unbelievable ruins of Ephesus to the shop-laden streets of Kusadasi, you will love this port and the adventure it offers. Come to take a pictorial walk through the streets of Ephesus. This lecture will give you the details so you can drink in the local ambiance of the modern port city, Kusadasi, or shop to your heart’s delight in the Bazaar.

5. Athens, an Iconic Treasure of Western Culture. Whether you plan to visit the Parthenon and Mars Hill on the Acropolis, to drink in the local charm of modern Athens, or take a trip to biblical Corinth, you will enjoy this introduction. We’ll discuss local adventures around the Port of Piraeus, identify and locate all the major Athenian attractions, and discuss some ways to make your way throughout this world-class city.

6. Venice, Crystal Jewell of Italy. If Italy is a treasure chest of beauty, Venice is the glistening gem that shines on the very top of this fortune. Even as we glide to our port past the Grand Canal and St. Mark’s Square we’ll be captivated by the unique beauty of Venice. Whether you take a romantic gondola ride, enjoy a walking tour through winding streets to the Rialto Bridge, or just spend your day at the Doges’ Palace, the Cathedral, and Bridge of Sighs at St. Mark’s Square, you will LOVE Venice!


1. ISRAEL: A Living Rainbow. This center for three world religions, this homeland of the biblical story, and this combination of the ancient and the new reveals that Israel is a crossroads of trade and of life itself. Brought to life with breathtaking pictures and video of today’s Israel taken by today’s speaker, you will capture a new appreciation for this ancient land.

2. Italy’s Treasure: The Eternal Jewell. In this picturesque look at ancient Rome, we’ll uncover the thespian epic of the “Eternal City” with its emperors, armies, and exhibits of grandeur. Compare historic scenes with the Rome of today and discover the legends hidden beneath the landscape!

3. EGYPT, The Land Forgotten by Time. From the ancient tomb of Tutankhamen to the Pyramids of Giza, and the towering columns of the Karnack Temple in Luxor, Egypt lives today as it has for centuries. Brought alive with pictures and video taken by the author at these sites, take an enduring look at the antiquities in this land forgotten by time.

4. Spain’s Legendary Heroes! From Columbus to Don Quixote, Gaudi, and the Olympic heroes of Barcelona, Spain has given the world inspiring and spectacular stories of champions of exploration, creativity, adventure, and daring. This picturesque presentation unravels a common thread of heroism woven through Spain’s incredible history.

5. Gibraltar, a Monolithic Tale of Significance. Though this massive rock is well known worldwide, the lesser-known and fascinating stories that unfolded here will captivate you. Gibraltar has been fought over by the Moors of Europe, the Spanish, and the British, including the Great Siege of the late 18th Century. This live power point presentation reveals the “Tale of Significance” embedded in the history of Gibraltar

6. Pompeii: True Story Frozen in Time. This living pictorial account relives the amazing drama of a city and a civilization buried alive when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in AD 79. The catastrophic eruption that covered the towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii will live again in this moving powerpoint and video presentation featuring photos taken by today’s speaker.

7. Ephesus, Home to the Seventh Wonder of the World! The dramatic stories of temple worship, of a missionary named Paul, and one of the seven churches in Revelation, make Ephesus an astonishing and significant city. It was home to a Roman Theater which seated 24,000 and the Temple of Artemis (the largest building in the ancient world), one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. These spectacular stories unfold as we view pictures taken by today’s speaker.

8. The Greatest Story Ever Told. The history of the Old and New Testaments alike come alive as this picturesque presentation relives the remarkable story of Israel’s biblical history. From Abraham, Moses, and David, to Peter, James, and John, this land is brimming with the inconceivable tales of an incredible people and their God. These remarkable stories come to life with video and pictures of “the Holy Land” taken by today’s speaker.
Dr. Slamp has toured and lectured throughout the Mediterranean for 6 years. He served both as Port Lecturer and Enrichment speaker for Princess and Viking Cruise Lines. He also lived in South Africa for 3 years, and traveled and lectured in 16 African countries. His expertise focuses on the people, history, and details of almost all Mediterranean ports of call.
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