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IMPORTANT: First of all you should understand that most cruise ship guest lecturers and instructors are not paid.
However, in return for providing a number of presentations/workshops, etc, the guest speaker, instructor or workshop host will usually receive a "free" cruise including full board for themselves and a companion. You may also received certain discounts but this varies from cruise line to cruise line.

Some cruise lines will also pay for your travel to meet a cruise and some will expect that you cover that cost. Your guest, if you bring one will in most cases have to pay their own travel costs. Many cruise lines will prefer to engage speakers and instructors located in the region where the cruise is sailing so as to minimise their travel expenses in the case where they are paying travel costs. So it is unlikely that they will pay for a speaker to travel from Europe to do a cruise in Australia. Again, it varies from cruise line to cruise line.

Any speaker or instructor considering to be engaged by a cruise line should have sufficient presentations or workshops to be able to present a different presentation/workshop on each day at sea. These presentations should be only 45 minutes in duration and should be entertaining, credible and informative so as to appeal to a wide audience, the passengers. University type lectures are not appropriate. You will usually be rated by the passengers on a cruise and if you score well you will be invited back. Instructors and Work Shop Hosts will be required to provide their programs by arrangement with the Cruise Director and that will vary by cruise line.

Getting engaged as a cruise ship ship speaker or instructor is quite competitive especially for newcomers. Unless you are a well recognised and sought after speaker or instructor, you have to consider the several ways to get noticed by the Enrichment Managers at the cruise lines. Many cruise lines want to see a candidate’s profile as well as a short video clip to demonstrate your presentation style. If you are starting out and looking for your first engagement, you will need to give serious consideration to having a profile including a short video clip (preferably a link to Youtube or similar platform). Many cruise lines now insist on seeing a short video clip or showreel before engaging a speaker for the first time.

Speakers and Instructors also need to be active which means applying for opportunities.
Nobody is going to call you up and offer you an engagement exclusively without first getting noticed.

The decision as to who a cruise line engages for any particular cruise rests with the Enrichment Manager at that cruise line and they will consider your profile, suitability and your proposal for each cruise. We do not have any influence in that decision other than to promote you in a professional manner and assist you in applying for opportunities via our platform.
Most if not all of the cruise lines do not pay for the recruitment of cruise ship enrichment providers. Our online facility is accessible by secure login to the Entertainment Booking Managers from many of the major cruise lines. It is a free service for them but we need to charge our subscribers a very modest annual subscription fee of £49 (about USD$68). This fee covers the cost of running our platform and providing you with a professional online profile (CV).
Our platform is supported by subscriptions and we provide the cruise lines free access to it so that they can engage with it in several ways:
  • Viking Cruises use our platform extensively to source suitable speakers as well as to manage their bookings across their 7 ships. If you are booked by Viking Cruises you will not need to pay any booking fees but you will be required by them to maintain your subscription so as continue to receive those free bookings.
  • Other cruise lines like Crystal Cruises, Cunard, Silversea, P&O and Oceania regularly access our platform in search of suitable speakers and if they find someone they are interested in they will contact them directly. These cruise lines do not tell us who they contact because that is not a requirement. Some speakers do tell us that they got contacted and booked this way, and this is one of the benefits of having a subscription on our platform.
  • Some cruise lines like Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Silversea and Marella Cruises also ask us to regularly list cruise opportunities on our platform. Speakers are invited to apply for these openings and the cruise lines will then select who they think is most suitable for a particular cruise.
    These cruises are offered under our SpeaknSave Program and a small Booking Administration Fee will be applicable if you are booked via this method. You can read more about our SpeaknSave Program in the CRUISE NEWS section once you are provided access to our platform.