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Melva is a practical, entertaining and highly motivational speaker. Chosen by ABC Radio as the first story to be told on its “Story Catcher” program, Melva brings a down-to-earth and often very humorous approach on how to survive – and, in fact, thrive on rare challenges. Accredite by the National Speakers Association, Melva also won many awards during her speaker training with the Dale Carnegie Foundation.

Presenting at conferences throughout Australia and in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia, Melva brings her own very practical and down-to-earth style to the audience and loves to interact with her audience.

From her stories of life in very remote, outback towns to the experience of seeing her co-authored book launched in New York city, Melva shares with a rare ability to engage her audience, stories of true tragedy and triumph, a remarkable career and a rare and positive outlook on life. The common thread is her absolute commitment to honesty, the desire to serve her community and to help others in need.

A cancer survivor, widow, recipient of the Order of Australia Medal and Ambassador for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. Melva is also a mother – to her, the most important role of all.

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Gems of Nature
The beauty of mother of pearl shell has captivated human beings for thousands of years. Evidence shows that the first Australians have collected and traded pearl shell for 20,000 years.
It took the collapse of the mother of pearl shell industry in the late 1940’s to allow the birth of the Australian cultured pearl – the world’s most beautiful and most coveted pearls. Hear the history of the industry, from the time of the Japanese pearl divers to the modern technologies involved in pearl farming today in the pristine waters of the Kimberley coast. This presentation includes an overview of the pearling town of Broome - its colourful history and multi-cultural society.
Also learn about the differences between Australian South Sea Pearls, Indonesian Pearls and Tahitian Pearls. The presentation also includes an overview of the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Australia’s Flying Doctors
The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is unique in the world, providing medical care to the furthest corners of this huge country. Learn about this unique service and how it contributes to life both in Australia’s vast outback, for which it is most famous and also how it operates much closer to Australia’s capital cities.
Working in various capacities for the Service, over a period of more than thirty years, Melva Stone OAM has spent countless hours, in Australia and internationally, speaking on the Service and the work, which it carries out. For her work with the Service, she was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2009. In this presentation Melva shares her personal experiences as a radio operator in the remote Pilbara town of Port Hedland, to representing the Service at G’Day USA in New York and the many “stops” in between.

Red Dust in Her Veins - An overview of the best-selling book, (Red Dust in Her Veins)
The launch in New York as a part of the “G’Day USA” program, the 12 inspiring stories which make up the book and how it raised over $150,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. Sponsored by mining giant, Rio Tinto, the book became a record-breaker for a self-published book. Hear Melva’s story alongside stories of other remarkable women featured in the book. The presentation includes an overview of the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

We Like it Here
What it was it like to be the first permanent female resident in a remote, outback iron- ore mining town in the late 1960s. The trials and triumphs of life as a modern day pioneer in the new town of Newman, Western Australia. No shops, no sealed roads, no school, and no hospital combine to test the metal of even a “seasoned” outback lady. The stories are sometimes humorous, sometimes sad and always entertaining. Only one woman will ever have this unique experience and Melva was interviewed by ABC television for this story – she is the only person who can tell it.

The Bar
Life in Australia’s hottest town, Marble Bar – fondly referred to as “the bar”, brings a unique set of challenges – especially when “home” is an old army hut, with no electricity and no running water. Add to that the fact that centipedes “migrate” when rain is on its way! Dealing with 94 centipedes also requires special “skills” and is enough to have a story published in “Australian Women’s Weekly” about the experience.

Falling off Rainbows
The title of the yet to be published follow-up book to “Red Dust in Her Veins”. A motivating and inspirational look into a life, which has presented more than its fair share of challenges. A life which has taken Melva from outback Australia, to New York city, to numerous hospital wards, untimely funerals and to Government House to receive the Order of Australia Medal.

The Secret is in the Sand
Polo is the oldest team sport in history – first played in Persia 2,500 years ago.
It is thought that the game was created by competing tribes in Central Asia and then later taken up as a training method for elite cavalry of royalty.
Hear about why Cable Beach in remote Western Australia, where the game is geared to massive tides of up to 9 metres, is one of the most unique and best Beach Polo playing fields in the world.
Enjoy wonderful video footage of this world-famous event played on one of the world’s best beaches in one of the last great wilderness areas on our planet.

Australia’s Jurassic Park
More than 20 different types of dinosaur fossil footmarks have been discovered on beaches in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Scientists working on the project have declared the discoveries are of “global significance”. In March, 2017, BBC Science Correspondent, Jonathon Amos noted the tracks as “Australia’s Jurassic Park”.
“Dinomania” is alive and well in the world – the Dinosaur World Expo, staged in Korea in 2016 attracted more than 1.5 million visitors.
Dinosaurs embody the drastic changes that life on earth has undergone and their history gives us access to some of the most powerful truths about how life has changed constantly throughout time.
This talk gives a general overview of the Dinosuar tracks, work being undertaken to protect them and their significance to the Aboriginal custodians of the land.
In February, 2017 I spoke on board "Sun Princess" on a ten-day cruise from Brisbane to New Caledonia.
Six presentations were available to choose from for the required four.

In October 2017, I spoke on "Voyager of The Seas", cruising from Singapore, via Malaysia to Fremantle. On the ten-day cruise, I gave talks on the last six consecutive days and received an excellent reference fron Royal Carribean. Within two weeks of that cruise, I was offered a further two cruises. A number of my books "Red Dust in Her Veins" were sold after the cruise. My next cruise is on "Radiance of The Seas" in January 2018.