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LOUISE RIOFRIO is educated in physics and astronomy. She worked as a Scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, studying the Moon. She is known worldwide for discovering change in the THE SPEED OF LIGHT, and is invited to speak at scientific conferences worldwide. Her lectures describe how peoples of the Mediterranean discovered that Earth is round and travels around the Sun.

Louise is also an actress with many stage and film credits. She also worked as an Alaska Naturalist aiding in rescue of bald eagles. She has travelled the ocean extensively including Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and her home in Hawaii. Louise wrote the book DISCOVERY: ALASKA TO HAWAII AND THE PACIFIC about wildlife and exploration of the ocean. She travels the Pacific each year in search of new discoveries.

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DESTINATION LECTURES — These lectures are customized to fit the destination ports and voyage.


I worked as an Alaska Naturalist aiding in care and rescue of bald eagles. As a Naturalist I have lectured to many thousands of cruise passengers from all lines. These presentations fit a 7-10 day Alaska cruise.

DISCOVERY ALASKA — Wildlife of the Great Land emphasizing the glaciers. I draw upon my experiences as an Alaska Naturalist with bald eagles, and show many firsthand photos of Alaska.

ALASKA AND THE PACIFIC — Introduction to the seagoing people of Alaska. I recall native oral histories of voyages to distant lands now thought to be Hawaii and Asia.

CAPTAINS COOK AND VANCOUVER - Alaska as seen by European explorers. I tell the story of James Cook, who sailed to Alaska on his final voyage, and George Vancouver, who followed him.

THE SPEED OF NORTHERN LIGHT — Starting with photos of Alaska’s aurora borealis, I tell of the latest discoveries about light and the universe.

These presentations are designed around a 15-day roundtrip Hawaii cruise. I live in Hawaii, have been Destination Lecturer here and bring Aloha to the cruise.

DISCOVERY HAWAII — Aloha! An insider’s introduction to our main Hawaiian Islands.

HAWAII AND THE PACIFIC — Drawing on my experience as a Naturalist, I tell of how the Hawaiian Islands were discovered 2200 years ago, a story hidden until recently.

HAWAII VOLCANOES BUSTING OUT — Lava flows and sights in Volcanoes National Park. Using my experience in science, I even include a bit about black holes. [Ports: Hilo, Kailua-Kona]

WHAT’S UP AT MAUNA KEA — Drawing on my experience in astronomy, I describe the telescopes and sights on a trip to the White Mountain. On the way we see deserts in Hawaii, where it snows in Hawaii, and where to see cowboys in Hawaii. [Ports: Hilo, Kailua-Kona]

SUBMARINES IN PEARL HARBOR — I tell of the history and sights of Pearl Harbor. Using my experience with working with the US Navy, I tell of new discoveries about December 7, 1941. [Ports: Honolulu]

THE SPEED OF LIGHT — Our latest discoveries about light and the universe, which affect everything from Earth’s climate to the cells in our bodies.

CAPTAINS COOK AND VANCOUVER — I tell the story of James Cook and how his voyages ended in Hawaii, and of George Vancouver, who was a boy midshipman on Cook’s crew and gree up to command his own expedition to the Islands.

SPACE IS HAPPENING — Drawing on my experience as a Scientist, I tell the latest from NASA and commercial Space. Will we soon be able to take a cruise in Space?


TASMANIA — I visited Tasmania while staying on an Antarctic Research Vessel. I tell of Abel Tasman, Hobart Harbor, Port Arthur, the famous Louisa’s Walk, unusual wildlife and my encounter with the Tasmanian Devil. [Ports: Burnie, Hobart]

DISCOVERY NEW ZEALAND — From my experiences researching the origins of Pacific peoples, I tell how New Zealand was first discovered over 1000 years ago. [Ports: Auckland, Tauranga, Dunedin, Port Chalmers, Lyttleton, Picton, Bay of Islands]

AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND — Native history leads to sights of Aotearoa from encounters with dolphins all the way to Cape Reinga. [Ports: Auckland, Tauranga, Dunedin, Port Chalmers, Lyttleton, Picton, Bay of Islands]

CAPTAIN COOK AND THE BARRIER REEF — On the 250th anniversary of a historic voyage, I tell of James Cook and his encounter with the Barrier Reef. I show pictures of sea life and my visit to a replica Endeavour. [Ports: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Whitsunday, Townsville, Airlie Beach, Cairns]

HISTORY OF DRAGONS! — I first visited Bali as an astronomer invited to lecture. For Games of Thrones fans and others, dragons are part of our mythology and subconscious. The famous Komodo Dragons, kmown as Ora, were accidentally discovered in 1910 by a marooned pilot. I tell about personal encounters with the real dragons. [Ports: Komodo, Lombok, Bali]

BALI HAI — I first visited Bali as an astronomer invited to lecture. I show pictures of a sunrise climb up the Gunung Batur volcano, my encounters with monkeys and real dragons. [Ports: Bali]

THE SPEED OF SOUTHERN LIGHT — From Aurora Australis to our latest discoveries about light and the universe.


I have experience as Destination and Enrichment Lecturer on Caribbean cruises.

DISCOVERY OF THE CARIBBEAN — New research on how people crossed the Atlantic to the Caribbean thousands of years ago.

ASTRONOMY AND THE MAYA — I visited Yucatan as an astronomer. I show photos of pyramids and observatories, and tell of theories of Maya origin. [Ports: Merida, Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya]

LADY PIRATES — For a bit of fun, I tell of Anne Bonny and Mary Reed, history’s most famous women pirates of the Caribbean. [Ports: San Juan, Phillipsburg, Basseterre, St. Johns, Nassau, Tortola, St. Thomas]

ARECIBO AND THE SPEED OF LIGHT — From my experience as an astronomer, I show photos of Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory and tell of discoveries about light and the universe. [Ports: San Juan]

SPACE IS HAPPENING — Drawing on my experience as a Scientist, I tell the latest from NASA and commercial Space. I show insider’s photos from NASA space centers. Will we soon be able to take a cruise in Space? [Ports: Port Canaveral, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, Galveston]

THE WILD MEXICAN COAST — A Naturalist’s view: Whales, sharks, Whale Sharks and Manta Rays, oh my! [Ports: San Diego, Cabo San Lucas]
I have been lecturer on Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises to Hawaii and the Caribbean. As an Alaska Naturalist, I have lectured to tens of thousands of passengers from all major cruise lines while caring for and showing native birds. As an astronomer, I have lectured at scientific meetings worldwide.