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Dale Erhart has 15,000 hours flying fighters, airliners and luxury jets that provide an exciting backdrop to translate into stimulating stories, insights and creative choices we can make every day. 

Dale’s specialized expertise in many fields combined with his diverse background and passion provides passengers with memorable presentations worthy of their welcomed attendance.

Engaging & tactful – with stories that are full of ‘Punch!’

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Jet Fighter Aviation – Adrenalin Rush Many allies introduced the new F-18 Hornet with a special cadre of instructors. What challenges and excitement unfolds when the stakes are your life or your death.

Top Gun – Was it Real? Every Nation has an advanced Fighter Pilot School. Learn the origins, the insider stories and you decide if the Movie Classic was real.

Business Jets – Glamour and Glitches From the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous to the behind the scenes requirements to make a seamless operation. A humorous perspective on the background work of V.I.P. Flight crew.

Business Jets- Do They Make Business Sense? A focus on the many aspects of business aviation. Are these small planes - show horses or work horses?

Trouble at 39000’ – When Planes Crash An Insider look into Accident Investigation. Military and Civilian, Dale’s experience in Accident Investigation provides audience many answers they don’t normally get to hear.

Air Show Jet Pilot Feel like you are up there with the world’s best Aerobatic Teams. Dale describes the exhilaration and his perspective of performing on the edge while operating modern Military hardware. You’ll never look at an airshow quite the same again.

Air Stories A favorite. Great tales from the disciplines of Air Force, Airline and V.I.P. Personal anecdotes that promise to entertain and enthrall.

Build your own Airplane This lively topic uncovers the motivation, challenges and choices to ensure a successful outcome to that personal dream of creating and owning your own pride and joy. Fun for all audiences.

Flying - Amphibious Ultralight Aircraft After the build, you would be amazed what a modern Ultralight aircraft can do. It is certainly not a lawn chair with a chainsaw motor on top!. Come and enjoy the adventure. Beautiful scenery from North America’s Northwest Coastal Mountains peppered with tales of adventure.

This is your Captain Speaking – Passengers want to know what is going on up there in the cockpit. Dale explains the philosophy as well as the training that makes your flight so safe. Find out why you are in good hands.

Flying an Amphibious Ultralight Aircraft
Once built, how can you enjoy flying a light sport aircraft like the Challenger Ultralight on Floats. Sit back and relax as Dale shows some spectacular scenery and adventures around Vancouver Island, Canada.

World War 1 Bi-planes. A Nation Soars - Centinary Expedition
Adventures in flying continues to advance but also to reminisce. Dale was selected to lead a five plane formation of World War 1 Fighter replicas over the memorial in France commemorating 100 years of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in France.

Questions always welcomed. Brilliant, dynamic and interactive visuals throughout. No notes and plenty of passion and smiles.
Five years as an Enrichment Speaker on Princess and Celebrity. Up to 11 different talks on a single cruise. Well received. Entertaining and full of 'punch'. Always enjoy exhuberant feedback from the passengers and the crew. My wife and I pride ourselves as respectful and friendly ambassadors for the Cruise line.