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Royalty & Monarchy
Simon Cousins is a retired Detective Superintendent who served for 30 years with the Metropolitan Police in London. This was followed by a further 10 years as a senior Investigator with the Independent Police Complaints Commission. During his police service Simon served as a Constable in the busy north London Borough of Camden following promotion to Sergeant he moved to Tower Hamlets in the East End of London. Then followed a transfer to the Special Patrol Group.

Simon was then selected for transfer to the Royalty Protection Department. For the next 15 years, as a Sergeant and an Inspector, Simon served as a protection officer with all the members of the Royal Family. In particular he worked with Prince William, The Princess of Wales and for 9 years led the team protecting the Queens sister, Princess Margaret. He travelled to over 30 countries and has a wealth of experiences to recount. He was subsequently responsible for the protection of overseas Royals visiting the UK.

Simon then transferred to the Anti Corruption Command at Scotland Yard. He set up a Witness Protection Unit and was tasked to protect and relocate 'super grasses'. Subsequent Promotions to Detective Chief Inspector and Detective Superintendent saw his portfolio expand to include other aspects of anti corruption work.

In 2004 Simon was recruited to join the newly established Independent Police Complaints Commission. For 10 years he led teams who investigated shootings by police, deaths in custody and many other serious incidents. Simon has a BA in economics and politics and a Diploma in Criminology. He was decorated by the Queen by being awarded Membership of the Victorian Order (MVO) for service to Royalty Protection.
A police career of thirty years. Including working in the North and the East End of London. Fifteen years as a Royalty Protection Officer working with all the members of the Royal Family. This was followed by 7 years in the Anti Corruption Command and 10 years with the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

1. Royalty Protection
The story of joining the Royalty Protection Department and working with all the members of the Royal Family. Daily contact with the Princess of Wales and Prince William. Leading the team that protected Princess Margaret for 11 years and travelling to over 20 countries. This can be a two part talk, making a total of six

2. A Constable in Camden
Joining the Metropolitan Police at age 19 and being posted to a busy north London Borough. The ups and downs of a young PC's life and the characters met along the road.

3. A Sergeant in the East End of London and on the Special Patrol Group(SPG).
The continuing saga of a young sergeant working in the East End and then on the elite SPG.

4. As a Detective Inspector, Detective Chief Inspector and a Detective Superintendent
The challenges of working on a Team aiming to rid the Metropolitan Police of corrupt officers. In particular describing the use that was made of 'supergrasses' and witness protection in achieving this aim.

5. The Independent Police Complaints Commission was set up in 2004 to independently investigate the police service.
The speaker was there at the beginning and led teams that investigated many high profile shootings by police and deaths in custody.
I have spoken on P an O, Fred Olsen, Royal Caribbean, Cunard and Princess Ships. I have 5/6 talks that cover my 40 years as a Police Officer which included 15 years as a Protection Officer(Bodyguard) to the British Royal Family including The Queen, Princess Diana and Prince William. For 11 years I led the Team who protected Princess Margaret, The Queens Sister, and have many interesting things to talk about.
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