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Professor Margaret Cox is an internationally experienced forensic anthropologist who has worked in such places as Iraq, Rwanda, Kosovo, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium and France. She retired from her roles as Professor of Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology at Cranfield University and Chief Executive of the Inforce Foundation in 2009, and now undertakes consultancy work for such organisations as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, UK, and Unrecovered War Casualties, Australia.

She was the founder and formerly President of the Inforce Foundation. Margaret initiated and was author and editor of their seminal work: The Scientific Excavation of Mass Graves, published by Cambridge University Press in 2008 (Cox et al.). In her academic career, she designed and directed the world’s first MSc degree in forensic archaeology in 1996 and the UK’s first MSc in forensic anthropology three years later. Margaret is also an experienced ‘osteoarchaeologist’ and has worked on archaeological sites around the world, the best known in the UK being the crypt beneath Christ Church, Spitalfields, London.

Her current role is as Scientific Advisor to the pioneering Fromelles project (responsible for archaeology, anthropology and human identification) that has excavated 250 British and Australian soldiers killed at the Battle of Fromelles in Northern France in 1916. This project is cutting edge in combining forensic and archaeological methods with DNA and other scientific analyses; they have to date identified 166 Australian soldiers.

For her pioneering forensic work Margaret was honoured with the European Union’s Woman of Achievement Award (Humanitarian section) in 2002, and in 2015 the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain awarded her the Lucy Mair medal for the application of anthropology to the relief of poverty and distress. With around 100 publications to her name she is an internationally acclaimed specialist in her field. Best Known as the forensic anthropologist or human bone specialist for Channel 4’s Time Team (ten years), she has also appeared in the BBC’s Meet the Ancestors and numerous TV and radio documentaries as well as offering specialist insight for news and current affairs programs including, most recently the One Show. She has presented extensively for P&O, Cunard and Viking Cruises and her lectures are so popular that requests are often made for more.

Summary: Professor Margaret Cox born in Wiltshire, UK in 1950. Publications include:
- ‘Life and Death in Spitalfields, 1700-1850’ (1996)
- ‘Grave Concerns, Death and Burial in England 1700-1850’ (1998)
- ‘Human Osteology in Archaeology and Forensic Science’ (2000) (with Simon Mays)
- ‘Health and Disease in Britain from Prehistory to the Present’ (2003) (with Charlotte Roberts)
- ‘Forensic Archaeology, Advances in Theory and Practice’ (2005) (with John Hunter)
- 'The Scientific Investigation of Mass Graves' (2008) (with A. Flavel, J Laver, R. Wessling and I. Hanson)
- 'Remember Me to All': The archaeological recovery and identification of soldiers who fought and died in the Battle of Fromelles 1916". Loe L, Barker C, M, Brady K, Cox M and Webb H. 2014. Oxford Archaeology Monograph No 23.
Examples of her lecture titles:

1. Plagues and Pestilence: an Archaeological and Historical Perspective.

2. Old Bones Tell Tales: The Work of the Forensic Anthropologist.

3. The Lost Soldiers of Fromelles 1916 - 1: Search and Excavation.

4. The Lost Soldiers of Fromelles 1916 - 2: Naming the Dead.

5. Archaeology and Anthropology in the Investigation of Crime.

6. Health and Disease in the Roman World.

7. Health and Disease in the Early Medieval Period.

8. Health and Disease in the Golden Age of the Vikings.

9. Health and Disease in the Age of the Crusades.

10. Health and Disease from 1500 to 1900.

11. Life and Death in 18th Century London.

12. The Lost Soldiers of Fromelles: Location, Excavation and Identification.

13. From Stones to Runes: the Archaeology of Orkney and Shetland

14. TV Archaeology and Anthropology: Time Team, Tibet and WWI.
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