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A plethora of knowledge awaits you as Danielle offers you her wealth of experience from her life of being in the music industry.

Danielle has the unique advantage of being able to have seen the industry from both sides of the stage, as she is currently the lead singer for the world famous number 1 chart act Urban Cookie Collective who had a big hit with The Key The Secret in 1993 - and she has fronted the act for 20 years.

She has also managed and released 2 top 10 worldwide chart acts and is an accomplished songwriter with 20 top 40 hits under her belt and 3 major publishing deals .

As a singer herself she has had 4 major record deals, and she is also a vocal coach to the up and coming stars you may well have seen on TV.

She is an experienced and passionate, energetic speaker that encourages audience participation and creates a fun and lively experience.

Her talks also include the life stories of legendary stars, and take the audience on a true journey through the extremes of their rollercoaster lives.. her one to one encounters with a variety of stars, enable her to portray a unique insight and perspective into their lives and tragic endings.

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1. Queen – Freddies kind of Magic
From humble beginnings, the band Queen was born. Take a musical journey through their career, and a deeper look at the life and loves of the legend that was Freddie Mercury.

2. Michael Jackson – the king of pop
A childstar turned global superstar – but what challenges did the man in the mirror have to face? His music and life story is a tale to be told!

3. Whitney – life, love and loss
A tragic end awaited this global diva who hit the highs and lows in both her personal and professional career. Join me as we reminisce her life and her music.

4. Marilyn Monroe – Tales and Tragedy
The rise and eclipse of a true Hollywood legend. The somewhat sad and lonely life which was hidden behind this mask of beauty.

5. David Bowie – Starman
A final farewell to the rock legend that touched so many of our lives! Born a starman...Now at peace with the stars.

6. ’Tis The Season To Be Jolly
A fun look at the weird, wonderful and somewhat wacky Christmas traditions all over the world!

7. From Simon Cowell to The Birth of a new Technology
About my personal 20 year white knuckle ride through business, life and the music industry.

8. Spotify - Ticks, Tips & Training
How to make the best of today's free music streaming application.

9. Point Break to Break Point
Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in the music industry? Guest speaker Danielle previously enjoyed a successful career in music management and looked after a Boyband during the nineties when Boyband fandom was at its peak. Just what does it take to achieve worldwide success -and is there life after Top Of The Pops?

10. The Birth Of A New Technology
About The Lightlead - Our patented invention, of the worlds first Analogue optical guitar cable

11. The Power Of A Lyric
A songwriting masterclass

12. How To Release Your own Record
How to release your own music with todays technology, without the help of a Major label

13. The Art of Confindence
How to release the confident person that is hidden inside

14. Flop idol or Pop Idol
A nostalgic romp around TV Talent Shows through the years.
I have worked and still work for many cruise lines as an enrichment speaker specialising in the music and entertainment industry. Companies include Princess, P&O, Celebrity, MSC and Royal Carribean.