Candidate Profile

Bridge Instructing
Tom Musso is a retired Naval Officer and engineer, as well as a bridge player, instructor, and director. In bridge, Tom is a Diamond Life Master with over 5,700 master points and numerous regional and sectional wins. He and his wife have taken 30 cruises as passengers and 2 as bridge instructor/director. Tom was bridge instructor/director on 4 other cruises, which were cancelled due to COVID.

Tom attended the US Naval Academy, graduating with a BS in engineering. During his 21-year career as a Naval Officer, Tom served on three ships, obtained an MS degree, and managed development and systems acquisition programs. During his Naval career, Tom sailed most of the world’s oceans and circum-navigated the globe. Tom retired from the Navy as a Commander.

Commander Musso then worked for Lockheed Martin as program manager for 23 years. During this period, he spent free time improving and advancing in bridge. After retiring from Lockheed Martin, Tom and his wife moved to Charleston, SC where he is a member of the Charleston Bridge Center and obtained certification as bridge director and accreditation as bridge instructor. Tom is on the ACBL Unit 160 Board of Directors and is a member of the American Bridge Teacher’s Association (ABTA).

Tom is delighted to take his bridge and teaching experience on-board cruise ships to enhance the vacation experience of passengers who would like to learn, play or improve their bridge skills.
Beginning Lesson 1 – Bridge Basics
Introduce the game of bridge, including the deal, sorting hands, bidding and card play.

Intermediate Lesson 1 – Overview of Bidding and Card Play
Review of general bidding concepts and declarer play techniques.

Beginning Lesson 2 – Bidding Basics
Explain basic concepts of bidding, the objectives of bidding and opening bids.

Intermediate Lesson 2 – Pre-empts, Weak Two Bids, and Overcalls
Explain pre-emptive bids, incl weak two bids, and responses. Discuss simple and jump overcalls.

Beginning Lesson 3 – Scoring and Bonuses
Discuss scoring and bonuses to enable understanding of the underlying logic of bidding.

Intermediate Lesson 3 – Jacoby Transfers
Review Stayman convention. Explain Jacoby Transfers in response to partner’s NT opening.

Beginning Lesson 4 – Bidding Continued
Discuss responses to opening bids, 8-card fits, and bidding to the appropriate level.

Intermediate Lesson 4 – Jacoby 2NT & Splinter Bids
Explain the use of artificial game forcing raises of Major Suit openings to refine slam bidding.

Beginning Lesson 5 – Declarer Play
Introduce to card play techniques and planning to increase winners and decrease losers.

Intermediate Lesson 5 – Advanced Declarer Play & Opening Leads
Explain principles of opening leads. Explain and demo advanced declarer play techniques.

Beginning Lesson 6 – Bidding Review and Practice Session
Review of bidding concepts discussed in lessons 2 and 4 and practice session.

Intermediate Lesson 6 – Takeout and Negative Doubles
Explain the use of Takeout and Negative Doubles in competitive auctions.

Beginning Lesson 7 – Bidding Strong 1NT and Stayman
Explain bidding with balanced hands and NT openings and responses, including Stayman.

Intermediate Lesson 7 – Michaels and Unusual NT
Explain the use of 2-suited bids (Michaels and Unusual NT) to compete with 5-5 hands.

Beginning Lesson 8 – Pre-empts and Weak Two Bids
Explain all forms of pre-emptive bids, including weak two openings, and responses to pre-empts.

Intermediate Lesson 8 – New Minor Forcing & 4th Suit Forcing
Explain the use of the New Minor Forcing convention after 1NT rebids and 4th Suit Forcing.