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Gid Pool is a veteran more than 17 years as an enrichment speaking on premium cruise lines. Jane Pauley, host of CBS Sunday Morning, said of Gid after interviewing him for the Today Show, "He could be the Pied Piper of the Baby Boomer generation." His life was highlighted at the AARP National Convention in New Orleans, where he spoke in front of 3,000 people about his journey into comedy at he age of sixty-one. Jane Pauley found out about Gid's story from a cover story in the Wall Street Journal about his drive to chase his comedy dream.

His seventeen years on a premium cruise line allowed him to become friends with many cruise directors who used him in capacities other than speaking. From events like Liar's Club to providing an afternoon comedy show when a scheduled port had to be skipped. He has also taught improv comedy to passengers with great success. The volunteers work with Gid and eventually put on a show for the other passenger.

Gid is an award winning comedian, having won three comedy festivals and been name ‘Best of the Night’ for his performance at “Edinburgh “Fringe” Festival in Scotland. He has also been a Comedy and IMPROV instructor at Venice (FL) Theater. The largest community theater in America.

He is the author of "Act Two & Beyond: Making the Rest of Your Life Spectacular" rated 5 stars on Amazon.

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History of Comedy in America
This is an in-depth look at the beginning of comedy in America beginning with the old Vaudeville days and the impact those comedians had on American television. It highlights some of the superstars who made television what is today. We introduce information that's the public probably does not know, such as Johnny Carson not being the first pick for the Tonight Show.

Robin Williams: A Genius Gone Too Soon.
This is a magical look at the life of the most famous comedians ever and his struggles the last two years of his life. It highlights his early beginnings in San Francisco and how he became Mork. The information was gathered from interviews with a friend of the family that played tennis with his mother and also booked many of his shows. I also interviewed his sound engineer for the last 14 years of his career.

Lucille Ball: The lady that changed television.
This is a look at the career of the most recognizable women in television beginning with her part as a Chesterfield Cigarette girl in New York to the owner of Desilu studios. This talk highlights her savy business nature and pinpoints how she changed television forever with many of her inventions being used today.

Women in Comedy: The Funnier Sex.
This is a look at the struggles female comedians have had in the world of comedy. He goes all the way back to the original female standup comedian Moms Mabley and her impact on comedians of today. We look at the struggles they faced been restricted from appearing on the famous Tonight Show or any of the major comedy clubs around the country, including one of the most famous that was owned by female. We show the transition from comedy of the 60s to today. There's a major emphasis on women comedians on television in sitcoms. Such as the Golden Girls.

Act Two and Beyond: Making the rest of your life spectacular.
This is based on my book of the same name that outlines how people can change their life as they grow older and avoid the traps they do not know exist. The book was written following my interview by Jane Pauley about my ideas that aired on the Today Show. It was her suggestion that I write my story for others to understand how they can do what I did. This is not a motivational book but inspirational, as is the talk.

How to Use Humor in Your Speeches in Presentations
This is designed to help people understand the value of humor in their speeches and their presentations. Not only does it explain how to use it, but emphasizes how not to use it. I use my background as a standup comedian to explain how to write humor that connects with your audience.

Bob Hope: Professional Boxer to Comedian
I worked with Bob Hope years ago and we had short talk about his life as a professional boxer and his attachment to the military. He was the UKs gift to America.

Well it is not a presentation I also teach improv classes on longer cruises with several sea days and use volunteers to do a afternoon show for the guests.
I have been an enrichment speaker on Celebrity Cruises for 17 years and more than 55 cruises. As a comedian cruise directors have used me to assist in other events, like Liar's Club and even do my comedy show when we had to skip a port due to weather.

My most recent cruises were April 26-May 7: Celebrity Summit. Miami-Bayone, NJ six sea days
August 18-27: Celebrity Equinox: Ft. Lauderdale R/T Four sea days
(Upcoming) September 16-24: Celebrity Equinox: Ft. Lauderdale R/T Four sea days (Repeat of August Cruise)