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Jean was born and raised within the sound of Bow Bellís in East London where her family have been for almost two hundred years.

She is a qualified District and Queen's nurse who has spent most of her working life in the East End of London, first as a Sister in charge of a team, and then as a District Nurse tutor. She started writing ten years ago after she attended a National Health Service stress management course. To pursue her writing career she left her high-pressured job as a senior lecturer in a London University and now writes fulltime.

Jean enjoys all eras of history but is fascinated by the 18th and 19th century and many of her books have been set in this period. She is also passionate about historical accuracy and enjoys the research almost as much as weaving the story.

She has written thirteen books all set in East London and since 2008 Jean has been a guest speaker to over 200 organisation including the Women Institute, Rotary and Probus Clubs, University of the Third Age along with Literary and Arts Festivals. She has also taught creative writing at numerous writersí Conferences including Winchester and York.

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Jean's Books:

Award-winning Victorian East London Series:
- No Cure for Love
- A Glimpse at Happiness
- Perhaps Tomorrow
- Hold on to Hope.

Best-selling East London Nurse Series:
following a group of district nurse and midwife in Post-War East London
- Wedding Bells for Nurse Connie
- Call Nurse Millie
- Christmas with Nurse Millie
- All Change for Nurse Millie
- Easter with Nurse Millie
- Fetch Nurse Connie.

Current, Chart-topping WW2 East London Series
A Pocketful of Dreams
A Ration Book Christmas
A Ration Book Childhood

1. Inside the Writerís Mind: My journey from dyslexic NHS manager to Award-Winning Author.

2. The Publishing Industry-
Everything you wanted to know the multimillion pound industry but were afraid to ask. (PowerPoint)

3. A Walk on the Wild Side. Let me take you on a virtual stroll down the crowded highways and notorious alleyways of Victorian East London.

4. Trust me Iím a Victorian Doctor. Let me guide you through the bizarre and sometime outright dangerous ways in which illness and infirmity were dealt with by doctors and medics in the 19th century (PowerPoint)

5. What Didnít Kill You.. With infant mortality in some areas of London as high as 60% for most children in the 19th century just reaching double figures was an achievement and Iíll bring to life the precarious journey to adulthood for the 19th century child vividly to life.

6. Hello, Hello, Hello, Whatís all this Then? Long before the Krays were a household name East London was synonymous with organised crime and horrific murders. It was where the first police force was founded and the last pirate hung. Using police records and contemporary sources Iíll explore this notorious side of Victorian East London life.

7. District Nursing before the NHS. Most of us have never known life without the NHS but using my experiences as a registered district nurse and extensive research into my profession Iíll show you just how very different life was before the introduction of the Welfare State in 1948.

8. The Brunel's Building of the First Tunnel Under the Thames in 1825. We all know Isambard Kingdom Brunel's many engineering fetes but many forget his father Marc was also an engineer and built the first passenger tunnel under the Thames, which is still has the London Dockland Light Railway.

9. Put that Light Out: Britain's WW2 Civil Defence. It wasn't just Dad's Army: how they were set up and what they did.

10: What your Granny really did in the Blackout: WW2 the golden age of crime, scams and scandals.

11. The Irish in East London. Ireland greatest exports is it's people and this is a story of just a few who settled in East London.

12 The Jacobite Rebellion. Perhaps we've heard of Bonny Prince Charlie, Flora MacDonald and Culloden but what is the real story and people behind the last battle fought on British soil.

13. Workshops I can also undertake either a standalone session or a series of creative writing classes for those who want to write for pleasure or publication.

Write your own Story- Bringing Family History to life.
Stay In Control Ė Getting the story out of your head and onto the page.
Characters- We canít do without them
The Devil is in the Detail Ė Get your facts right.
Narrative Voice Ė Whoís telling the story?
Pace, Action and Excitement- No soggy middles allowed.
Show Donít Tell- Grabbing the Reader on the First Page.
From Critique to Publication- Inside and out of the Publishing Industry.
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