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Michael Hick is born and educated in England. As a young school-boy he is taken all over Europe with his parents who are on post-war business in the war-torn continent. He sees the great paintings as they arrive back at the famous galleries from their wartime secure hiding places. Later, as a student, he assists at many of Europe’s archeology digs; tramples the grapes at wine harvest to earn a few francs; and hikes over many of Europe’s ancient historic battlefields to understand the strategies of classical generals.

Michael graduates in History, Geography and English Literature; he leads winning debating team tours to United States colleges and universities. He joins the Royal Navy and serves throughout the Mediterranean, the Baltic and the West Indies. Then, during a long career at Lloyd’s of London, he travels world-wide doing day-to-day business in most countries, including some places people would rather not visit. During this time he has practical experience of the world of culture differences, connecting his love of history and geography with the beliefs, attitudes and interactions of people and countries.

After a successful and fascinating global business career Michael becomes a Professional Speaker for business audiences and wins numerous speaking awards. He is regarded as an expert on doing business internationally, particularly involving cross-culture management skills. He presents standing ovation keynotes, room-packed seminars and oversubscribed management retreats. He is hired to provide management education to senior executives; his favorite audience is educated adults.

He writes a business best-seller for the convention market Global Deals – Marketing & Managing Across Cultural Frontiers. He receives scores of testimonials from audience participants and is regarded as one of the most sought-after speakers in the business-speaker role. He takes courses in Geopolitics which becomes another study and substantial interest, and is encouraged to link this specialty with commentary on briefings on world affairs to international business operatives. He initiates Mission projects amongst the HIV in East Africa and the Mayan people of Central America which still continue.

Michael then discovers cruise ship speaking when he takes a cruise in 2005. Since then he has worked with almost every cruise line numerous times a year specializing in destination talks. His lectures are filled with humorous anecdotes and stories to do with the ship’s itinerary. He explains history and geography essentials in a fascinating way where his audiences of educated and interested people tell him ‘if only they had a history teacher like him’! He travels anywhere, his knowledge is global, his research is extensive, and he can almost talk about any location in the world – some places he needs some notice!

The published testimonial of a respected and well known Cruise Director says, "A wonderful destination speaker with a plethora of knowledge that is delivered in a clever and humorous way!” Michael constantly receives scores of complements from on-board guests who love his lectures and the entertaining, interesting way in which he holds their attention. As word spreads throughout the ship his talks become standing room only and he builds a world-wide ‘fan-club’ who wish to follow him, which ever cruise line he works with!

Michael and his wife Bernice live in Texas – keeping up with ten grandchildren.

The Mediterranean (particularly the Classic area. Aegean, Adriatic, Greece, Balkans, Israel, Egypt)

Black Sea (Dardanelles, Bosporus, Byzantine Empire, Crimea, Ukraine/Russia)

Suez Canal (The Building, ownership and conflicts)

Italy (Roman Empire, Renaissance)

Spain/Portugal (Age of Exploration, Spanish Empire, Portuguese Empire)

Central America (The Age of Conquest, Independence and Modern History)

South America (Colonization, Modern History, Politics and Geopolitics)

North Sea (UK/European continent history and relationships)

British Isles (UK, Ireland, English History)

The Baltic (Russia, Baltic Republics, Scandinavia)

Norway, Denmark, Iceland (The Vikings, The Age of Explorers, Nansen, Modern History)

North Atlantic (WWII history)

St. Lawrence (French Canada, Arcadia)

Panama Canal (The French Canal, The American Canal, The Panamanian Canal)

The Amazon (Explorers Orellana, Fawcett, Roosevelt, Commercialization)

Pacific (Voyages of Discovery, Cook, Bering, Humboldt, Vancouver)

Asia (Regional History, Culture and Current Affairs; Japan; History, Culture and Current Affairs)

China (The Imperial Dynasties, The Yangtze, China's Culture Variety, China's Geopolitical View of the World)

South East Asia (Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam; History, Colonization, Current Affairs and Geopolitics)

Australia/New Zealand (Discovery by Europeans/Exploration, First Fleet, Colonization)

North Polar area (Northwest Passage, Northeast Passage, Polar discovery)

Antarctic (Exploration, Amundsen, Scott, Shackleton, Mawson)

The Arctic ( The North Pole, Nansen and The Fram, Amundsen, Who reached the Pole first?)

Indian Ocean (History of Discovery, Spice Trade, British Raj, East and South Africa, Singapore, Malacca Straits)

Ocean Geopolitics (Pacific issues; The Indian Ocean Geopolitics; Transatlantic Counterflows)

Global Cultures (The Way People Think and Act; Understanding National Culture: Empathizing with Local People)

Country Briefings (Geography, History, Culture, Current Affairs, Economy and Geopolitics)
15 years Cruise line Enrichment Speaker (History, Geopolitics). Consistent top rated by Staff and Guests, international fan following. Worked with Azamara, Oceania, Viking, Holland America, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, NCL. High energy, no notes, no podium, impact PowerPoint visuals. Interactive speaker with all-seats-filled auditorium. Long time Professional Speaker on Global Business. Born educated UK. Dual Citizen UK/US
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Viking Star ST240113 Grand Hawaii & Polynesia 32 Los Angeles, California Saturday, January 13, 2024
Viking Saturn SA230913 Iceland, British Isles & Iberia 14 Reykjavik Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Viking Orion OR220801 Alaska & the Inside Passage 10 Seward (Anchorage), Alaska Monday, August 1, 2022
Viking Orion OR220722 Alaska & the Inside Passage 10 Vancouver Friday, July 22, 2022
Viking Star ST220310 World Horizons Cruise 2022 Sector B 17 Valletta Thursday, March 10, 2022
Viking Orion OR211103 West Indies Treasures 14 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Viking Orion OR211020 West Indies Treasures 14 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Viking Orion OR210803 Bermuda Escape 7 Hamilton Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Viking Orion OR210727 Bermuda Escape 7 Hamilton Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Viking Star ST200122 In Search of the Northern Lights 12 Bergen Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Viking Star ST200110 In Search of the Northern Lights 12 Tilbury Friday, January 10, 2020
Viking Sun SU190831 World Cruise 2019 - 2020 Sector 1 14 Greenwich, London Saturday, August 31, 2019
Viking Sea SE181127 From the Caribbean to the Amazon 21 San Juan Tuesday, November 27, 2018