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Phil calls his style "Destitainment" : combination of relevant information mixed with humor. Laugh and Learn!! Phil has extreme variety in his program offerings which total approximately 70 at this time, special interest and destination. (Even the best turkey gets old after a few days). They include all the hottest topics, such as, The Bermuda Triangle, Caribbean Pirates, Creatures of the Deep, History of the Mediterranean, The Historic Panama Canal, Spinoffs of NASA, and 6 talks on Alaska, plus many more. A complete and current list available on request. He even has a talk called Scratch and Sniff (about cats and dogs) and Voodoo for New Orleans. The perfect speaker for crossings!

Phil has traveled extensively, including Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Belgium, France, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, Denmark, The Mediterranean, and of course, the Caribbean and USA. He has talks available on most of these destinations.

Work experience includes Biosynthesis research, Pharmacy owner, Emergency Medical Technician, school board VP, graduate clown and of course public speaking.

Phil's goal is to Make Memorable Moments and he's very good at that. Accolades are MANY. Example: A couple on a two week cruise said they had been traveling around the world for over 30 years evaluating speakers and had heard none better.

Experience: 48 cruise contracts on 7 cruise lines + 20 research cruises. Let's do your guests a favor and add to the list!
Retired and available for last minute cancellations.
To be provided.
48 cruise contracts, Princess, Royal Caribbean, MSC, P&O, Carnival, Celebrity. Caribbean, Panama Canal, Alaska, Northern Europe and more. 70+ topics.
Destination and Special Interest. Clown School Graduate helps me be an entertainer as well as a speaker. Perfect for crossings offering the worlds hottest topics such as Bermuda Triangle, Creatures of the Deep, Titanic, Castles to Cardboard, Float your Boat (Watercraft history) , Wacky Weird and Wonderful annual events, Voodoo, Leonardo, Mediterranean History, many Australia topics.
Many stellar reviews such as a couple who have been traveling around the world evaluating speakers said they had heard NONE BETTER. For long sea crossings I teach hands on balloon twisting. I call what I do Destitainment. Destination talks mixed with humor. EXPERIENCE- LOTS OF IT.
British - I have sailed 8 times with P&O.