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Author, publisher and newsman, Ken Rossignol has appeared on dozens of ships in the Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean, and the Caribbean discussing the stories of the history of the Panama Canal, the heroes of the Titanic, the explorations of the new world voyagers, the Bermuda Triangle and the history of piracy, among other maritime history topics.

Rossignol appears at the Titanic Museum Attractions in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and Branson, Missouri for book signings and to talk with visitors about the RMS Titanic.

Appearing at the International Book Fair 2016 in Panama as one of the United States Delegation authors and entertainers Rossignol enjoyed telling the stories of the History of the Panama Canal, Piracy and of the heroes of the Titanic.
Rossignol has appeared live on Good Morning America, and in news productions in ABC 20/20; ABC World News Tonight and in a 2012 production of Discovery Channel Investigation Motives & Murders Series, A Body in the Bay.

In 2018, Rossignol was selected for the Serenbe Fellows program as a guest speaker on the voyage of RMS Titanic prior to their spectacular Serenbe Playhouse presentation of Titanic the Musical.

Rossignolís landmark First Amendment case, represented by Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz re: United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Rossignol v Voorhaar, 2003, spelled out that public officials cannot retaliate against a publisher for criticism of their official acts.

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Topic #1 Title The first news reporting of the sinking of the RMS Titanic
Topic #1 Summary
Exploring some of the oddest headlines and stories of the confusion surrounding false reports that all were saved and the Titanic was under two to Halifax after hitting an iceberg.

Topic #2 Summary
Fact or Myth? Over the centuries, ships of all sizes and aircraft of many types have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle, along with thousands of lives in one of the world's longest-running mysteries. Just a ghost story or sea saga that never ends? Join this investigation and examine the evidence to decide for yourself.

Topic #3 Title Pirate Trials
Topic #3 Summary
Highlights of actual trials in the colonial era in Canada, United States and England. Stories of the dastardly deeds of the most famous pirates of the seven seas and what happened to those who were caught and put on trial.

Topic #4 Title Presidential Travel
Topic #4 Summary
Presidents and First Ladies of the 20th Century at sea, air and on land, some in ways never publicized.

Topic #5 Title Panama Canal History and Controversies
Topic #5 Summary
A trip through history and the canal with controversies told through news reports and editorial cartoons of days leading up to the decision to take over the failed French effort, the challenges of vicious wild jungles and disease; and bring the project to completion

Heroes in Titanic history, including the Unsinkable Molly Brown and Rigel the Hero Dog

Topic #7 - Wreck of the Whale Ship Essex
The story of the real attack on a whaling ship that inspired the book, Moby Dick.

Topic # 8 CUBA - Transformation from Spanish Colony to Independence to Soviet Satellite to Joining World Community
Summary: From the Spanish-American War taking Cuba from colony to United States Territory to Independent Nation, Cuba has been an island of turmoil as told through news reports of the era.
Ken Rossignol has spun great tales of maritime history, including the trials of actual pirates, examination of the controversies from news coverage of the time to explain the Titanic disaster and the building and completion of the Panama Canal. Presidents & First Ladies travel in America and overseas and great crime stories of the 20th Century on ships of Celebrity, Holland America, Royal Caribbean and Regency Seven Seas around the world.
Rossignol's experience in covering true crime as well as extensive writing allows for an 'inside the story' viewpoint of the anatomy of a crime as well as tracking down the clues that police and prosecutors use to solve major crimes.

With a best-selling book, TITANIC 1912, for seven years, running at Amazon, Rossignol's expertise on all things Titanic can keep an audience entertained and provide information many do not have prior to attending.

Rossignol approaches important events in history from the perspective of the news coverage of the era and provides the story of the Panama Canal in such a unique way that he was invited to be a member of the United States Delegation of Authors for the International Book Fair celebrating the expansion of the Panama Canal in 2016.

With a motto of 'never let them go to sleep during a talk', Rossignol works hard to keep presentations fun, lively, and informative with loads of video clips, great cartoons, and spiffy PowerPoint usage.