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History - Art & Culture
Felicity Herring began lecturing on the life of Admiral Lord Nelson in 2004 and did her first cruise the following year.
Her talk is illustrated with copies of paintings of him, his battles and Emma.
She also has a separate talk on the Battle of Trafalgar giving more detail of the battle and the death of Nelson.

She became a lecturer for NADFAS (now renamed the Arts Society) in 2007 for which she has ten talks.

Her Marine Painting talk shows ships and the sea in all conditions from battle scenes to the tranquil calm of harbours.

Her talk about David Roberts features his journey up the Nile and into the Holy Land in 1838, illustrated with copies of his paintings of the great temples and historic sites he saw on that journey.

Felicity's talk about 19th century Rural Britain features idyllic views of the countryside and in contrast illustrations of the hardship of rural life and introduces historic information about health, education and working conditions of the time.

Lady Butler was a gentile Victorian lady who chose to paint battle pictures of the Peninsula Wars in Spain, Waterloo, Crimea, Afghanistan, the Boer War up to and including WWI, this talk shows her pictures and gives the audience details of the battles as well as the story of her life married to an army officer.

On a lighter note her talk ‘Fun and Games - the Victorians at Leisure’ follows what people in the 19th century were doing in their leisure time from tennis to football to sailing, all illustrated with paintings of the time.
1. The Life and Loves of Admiral Lord Nelson
2. The Battle of Trafalgar
3. 19th Century British Marine Painting
4. A Journey to Egypt and the Holy Land with David Roberts
5. Lady Butler: battle artist
6. An Artist's View of 19th Century Rural Britain
7. Fun and Games - the Victorians at Leisure
8. Sir David Wilkie: painter of everyday countryfolk
9. A Journey to Itally with the 19th Century British Artist
10. W L Wyllie - Marine Artist 1851 - 1931
Lectured from 2005 to 2011 - stopped when my husband was diagnosed with leukaemia.
Lectured on Saga, Fred Olsen and Discovery cruises