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You can expect Bette to fully engage with her audience, giving them an experience that they will cherish. Her talks and workshops go well beyond the allotted scheduled slot, with extra time spent with "Meet Me Later" sessions where discussions and selfies are the norm. Her large following on Social Media comes from her natural ability to interact well with others. As a writer she has an audience of over 2 million readers.

From her earliest days, Bette has been creating crafts, writing stories, and generally entertaining the neighbourhood. Her enthusiastic joy of life and desire to help others are her most innate qualities. Education and training led her to her Ph.D. in Management of Computing Science and Engineering, all the while working her own business. Dr. Daoust is now a retired University professor. Bette wrote a book series, "Blueprints for Success", which are now translated into 7 languages across the world. In addition, she put on a video series that taught authors to write and market their work.

Bette acquired her affinity for Arts & Crafts from her family. Her own mother, her aunts, her grandmother, all were writers, photographers, Craft Makers, and she passed it on to her daughters. She absolutely loves nature and thus became a professional travel photographer. Combining all her passions with Travel has led her to her starting an online craft store which features arts and crafts from all over the world. Due to researching and learning about many cultures and their history, Bette is an ideal guest speaker. Bette has a new book series in the planning stages, named "Ports of Call".

As a cruise ship lecturer, presenter, and hands-on craft facilitator, Bette is one of the best in the business. On a previous engagement, one videographer exclaimed that they had never seen such a great presentation before, that it was well researched and delivered. Her speaking experience goes well beyond the classroom. She has belonged to the National Speakers Association with a speaking career as a key-note speaker and subject matter expert. She has presented to companies such as Telus (formerly BC Tel), Cisco Systems, Peet's Coffee & Tea, and Accenture, just to name a few. Bette has also spoken to organizations such as Rotary Clubs, networking events, Chambers of Commerce, and more.

Destinations & Ports/History - Arts & Culture
As Dr. Daoust has traveled extensively, she has tailored each of these talks include the highlights of the history of the ports visited, what is considered a must see, local cuisine, and the best shopping. All talks tie into the excursions offered on a sailing by sailing basis.

North America - Eastern Seaboard, US and Canada - North America - West Coast, Canada, USA, Mexico
North America - Alaska
North America - The Great Lakes
Caribbean - East
Caribbean - West including Mexico
Caribbean - South
Australia - East Coast
Europe - North
Europe - Spain
Europe - France
Europe - Belgium
Europe - The Netherlands
United Kingdom

Arts & Crafts
All of the following are offered as workshops or demonstrations. The workshops are designed to give guests a hands-on experience with crafts which are part of the cultures being visited on the sailing. This is not an exhaustive list.

Bead working
Card Making
Cloth Painting
Decorating with Paint
Lace Making
Paper Crafts
Paper Lace
Paper Mosaics
Photography (Smartphonography)
T-Shirt Design

How to Write a Book in 40 days or less, starting with your cruise experience
Planning your book - hands-on workshop to get you started

Photography (Smartphonography)
Tips and Tricks for your cruise - Become a better photographer using your smart phone

Specialty History
Pirates - History of Pirates in the Caribbean
The Privateers - Beyond the Caribbean, the Privateers were pirates and marauders
Women Pirates - The most famous women pirates and their stories
Treasures of the Sea - the stories of lost treasures
Cultural Madness - tales of "norms" that rarely make sense
Oral Traditions - what cultures pass down from each generation
I am a university professor and internationally published author with speaking experience on cruises (Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Victory Cruise lines) and other platforms. I have spoken on History (Pirates, Destination history), Destinations in Europe and the Caribbean. I am also a former member of the National Speakers Association.
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