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Sidney Wartel is an attorney and a registered Professional Engineer with engineering and management degrees. He was an Adjunct Professor for over 20 years, a Law School Lecturer, and a frequent guest speaker worldwide; speaking at such diverse venues as the World Trade institute, Chinese education centers, a Turkish University and an Israeli Engineering Society conference as well as U.S. professional and social venues. 

Primarily a transactional attorney handling international matters or those involving technology, he also litigated cases in state and federal courts as well as before domestic and international arbitral tribunals and sits as an arbitrator, having decided cases as diverse as international and domestic technical matters and currently, maters from Florida (AG) State Lemon Law to Financial disputes dealing with the Stock Exchanges (FINRA). As an engineer, his work involved missiles, and nuclear and fossil fuel power plants. Sidney also served on the Massachusetts Governor’s advisory panel on disposal of hazardous waste at the laboratory level.

Sidney regularly contributes legal articles to a community newspaper and also lectures on various historical/legal issues.
** Panama and Canal.
From Panama to the Canal Zone and Back.
A discussion of how the canal came to be: considering law, treaties and engineering.
The who, what and how.

** Regional/ Destination oriented: Development of legal systems from code law of old to modern civil law and how it got here.
What is the constitutional law (if any) of (Destination) and how does it compare to other constitutions.

** From UR to eternity: Historical development of law. The code of civil law of the Kingdom of UR (c. 3500BCE) is thought to be the earliest body of laws defining obligations and rights. How did we progress to modern Code Law and Common Law. The what and where.

** The old golden rule of business was he who had the gold ruled. The new golden rule will be “he who has the technology (or know-how) will rule.” However, technology leads the law, i.e. new ideas or products are released into the world and what can law do to control it; e.g. artificial intelligence or robots: A discussion of past, present and future laws regarding science and technology.

In similar format as above:

* History of laws and treaties for destination

* Legal system for destination location.

Is your car a Lemon? What does that really mean? All states and the Federal government have consumer protection laws in the event that your car is a “lemon.” How do the laws work?

Do you own stock or bonds? Than you should understand FINRA, its purpose and remedies available to the public if your broker or financial adviser acts wrongly. “The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is an independent regulator securities firms doing business in the United States. Securities are financial instruments, such as stocks or bonds that can be traded freely on the open market.”
Lectured for NCL on business formation and international business practices. Sometimes I combined this with aspects of the other fields noted.