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Claudia Puma's life pursuit has been in the arts and crafts field, her love of color and design took many forms over the past 40 years. For over 38 years she participated in some of the best art fairs in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. She won awards for her designs in Quilting and in jewelry design, Creative Designs was a very appropriate name for her business. Claudia Promotions was her arts show development business, for over 25 she organized successful art and craft shows throughout the Midwest. She also had a successful boutique in her city of Brighton, it consisted of artists and craftsman for the local area.

In 1986 Claudia began teaching on cruise ships, totally by accident. During a conversation with a cruise ship personnel about her art, she was invited to teach classes on future cruises. This began a new love, teaching on cruise ships. She has taught on Costa, Celebrity, Cunard, and Carnival, and has traveled extensively in the Mediterranean, Central American, Caribbean, and USA. Traveling the world is a passion for Claudia, teaching classes on cruise brings her two passions together.

Three years ago she decided to retire from the art shows and now is enjoying the life of traveling and catching up on all those "things" she never had time for. Presently she sells her jewelry online and at boutiques in Florida, and teaches classes at her Florida home. Living 6 months in Michigan and 6 months in Florida has turned out to be a perfect match. Claudia is available to teach on cruises of any length.

Below are some examples of her crafts:

Claudia offers a wide variety of classes, our destination is kept in mind, as well as length of class, and size of class.

Packable art and crafts, such as luggage tags, cards, and jewelry, are just a few of her classes. In February, a cruise class might be a Mardi Gras mask, or something related to Valentines Day, in December, ornaments, snowflakes, Calendars, if we are in Italy, Venetian glass bead earrings or bracelets, a picture frame mat with shells for the Caribbean, and one of the favorites are charms with a photo, the charm can be added to a bracelet, or used on a necklace. Decorated sun visors are also a hit, we glam them up, sparkles and beading, cruisers can get as decorative as they wish. Key fobs, to add to the key rings, these attach to your purse so your key is easy to find, we use plastic canvas, you can make your initials, and any design you wish, or even add your new charm you made. On extended voyages, we can teach classes that may take more than one day to complete, twisted wire jewelry, for instance, or a quilted iPad cover.

Our classes are based on the time we have available, destinations if desired, how advanced the participates are, more difficult classes are usually taught towards the end of the cruise.

Importantly, we have fun, not only do the cruisers take home a great souvenir but have a wonderful memory of classes. We laugh, compare our creation, get new ideas, and maybe take home a new love for a craft or art. I love to see the finished products and the smile on cruisers faces. Detailed classes are provided upon request.
I have taught on cruise ships for over 30 years, Costa, Cunard, Celebrity, and Carnival. I have traveled extensively in Europe, US and the Caribbean. My crafts include : jewelry, needlework, paper crafts, print, and much more. I do try to connect my crafts with the ports of call, so cruisers can have a great craft to return home with. I participated in Art and Craft Shows for over 40 years, I organized shows in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, Claudia Promotions was my business name. I also had a store in Brighton, Michigan until 2002 named Creative Designs, it consisted of arts and craftsmen from our Michigan area. I retired in 2012, now I can travel most anytime of the year. I taught classes up to 100 on Cunard and Costa, we try to have fun classes, I was always asked back to teach again and the cruisers loved our classes. I also taught with Cruise Crafts and I think the name I worked for years ago was Expert Lecturers. Both companies have now closed.