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Wildlife & Nature
Emma is a highly experienced guest speaker on marine wildlife, especially cetaceans (whales, dolphins & porpoises) and seabirds. Throughout her career, Emma has recorded 43 species of cetacean and is very keen to add to this number! From 2006 to 2010, Emma worked as a wildlife officer and wildlife guide for MARINElife on the P&O ferry Pride of Bilbao as well as leading specific wildlife watching cruises on chartered cruise ships. Following this, Emma worked as a Marine Wildlife Surveyor for the Oil & Gas/Renewables industry and was a key surveyor in a long-term seabird survey in the North Sea as well as a government requested seabird and marine mammal survey off the Falkland Islands. Subsequently, she became a speaker for Essex Wildlife Trust, RSPB and also was invited to speak at the inaugural Suffolk Mammal Conference in 2012. Emma has traveled the World as a guest speaker for Swan Hellenic, Fred Olsen, and P&O Cruises.

Emma has been heavily involved with rescuing stranded cetaceans since 2004 and was a team member of the 2006 Thames Whale rescue as well as co-ordinator of successful Pilot Whale mass stranding rescues in 2012 and 2019 in Orkney. She is a trained marine mammal medic and carries out sampling for the Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme.

Emma is a very experienced and enthusiastic speaker with a wide range of subjects related to marine wildlife and the natural world and loves being able to share the experience of seeing whales & dolphins in the wild with passengers. Whilst onboard, she also carries out daily deck watches with passengers and is delighted to be able to point out the wildlife seen during sea days as well as during port calls.
1. Thar she blows! An Introduction to Spotting Marine Mammals at Sea
A cruise is a perfect opportunity to sight whales & dolphins in their natural environment. Emma will explain what species you can hopefully see during the cruise as well as lots of hints and tips on how to spot them.

2. The Seabird's Cry: A Guide to some of the little-known Ocean-going Seabirds of the World
Seabirds are a mystery to so many people. Emma will bring this often misunderstood group of birds to life and highlight what you might see during your voyage.

3. Stranded: Why do Whales & Dolphins Strand?
Whales and dolphins have been stranding since time immemorial, but why? Emma will discuss the current thinking on why whales and dolphins strand and highlight some of the recent strandings and reasons why they have occurred.

4. A Short History of Commercial Whaling
A difficult and emotive subject which will be brought up to date from the beginnings of commercial whaling right to the present day.

5. Seabirds of the Falkland Islands
In 2012, Emma spent 6 weeks carrying out a seabird and cetacean survey off the Falkland Islands. This presentation highlights some of the findings from that groundbreaking survey.

6. Whales & Dolphins of the UK
Think there is nothing in the seas around the UK? Emma will explain how rich our British oceans are and where you can go to see whales and dolphins in the UK.

7. The Magic of Migration: An Introduction to Migratory Birds
Why do birds migrate? How far do they travel? Where do they go? How do they find their way? All these questions are many more will be answered in this presentation.

8. Those Blue Planet Moments: Life as a Conservationist
Emma has spent 12 years working as a conservationist offshore and on land. This presentation highlights those once in a lifetime moments such as Orca chasing Sperm Whale, stopping 40 Pilot Whale from stranding, witnessing the Humpback Whale heat run, rescuing trapped seal pups and so much more.

9. Birdlife of the Amazon Region
A pictorial journey up the mighty Amazon River highlighting the birdlife seen along the river.

10. Boto – The Life of an Amazon River Dolphin.
An illustrated talk on the complex life of one of the World’s strangest recognised dolphins, the Amazon River Dolphin. Emma will talk about their biology, ecology, social structures, and threats.

11. The Walking Whales: How Cetaceans Made the Move from Land to Sea in Eight Million Years
An illustrated presentation on how marine mammals evolved from land mammals to the sea mammals we know and love.

12. Did you See? A pictorial round-up of the Sightings from the Voyage.
Emma will give a photographic round-up of the voyage highlighting sightings and showing photos that have been taken during the voyage.

13. A Year at 59 degrees North - Life as an Island Ranger
Emma will talk about what it is like living on a remote Scottish island and take passengers through a pictorial journey of a typical year.

Sea days will also feature a dedicated deck watch for passengers to join in where I meet them at a pre-designated meeting point and carry out an hour of guided wildlife watching during the voyage. This always proves very popular, especially if we get sightings! My companion and I are also on deck throughout the day and available for passengers to stop by at any time to ask questions, find out what we have been seeing and stand the chance of spotting wildlife for themselves.
Between 2006 and 2010, Emma worked as a full-time wildlife officer and passenger enrichment for the charity MARINElife on board P&O Ferries Pride of Bilbao. This involved passenger lectures, deck watches and sightings announcements on the voyage between Portsmouth, UK, and Bilbao, Spain. She also worked as a wildlife guide on three 'Ultimate Pelagics' voyages which ran dedicated wildlife cruise into the Bay of Biscay and southwest Ireland on chartered cruise ships (Marco Polo, Athena, Princess Danae) between 2006-2008.

Emma has traveled as a guest speaker for Swan Hellenic, P&O Cruises and Fred Olsen Cruiselines:

1. November 2008 - Naples, Italy to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2. November 2009 - Madeira, Portugal to Buenos Aires, Argentina
3. August 2010 - Dover, Uk to Dover, UK (Iceland Cruise)
4. January 2011 - Colomba, Sri Lanka to Singapore

5. August 2017 - Athens to Southampton (Ventura)
6. March 2018 - Southampton to Southampton - Western Mediterranean cruise (Oceana)

7. November 2018 - Southampton to Southampton - Canary Islands & Cape Verde (Braemar)
8. January 2019 - Barbados to Manaus - Amazon River Adventure (Braemar)
9. January 2020 - Bali to Sri Lanka - Indian Ocean segment of World Cruise (Boudicca)
10. April 2020 - Southampton to Southampton - Madeira, Canary Islands, Cape Verde (Boudicca)
The following recent Cruise History has been recorded for this candidate.
Viking Sky SK200221 Panama Canal & Central America 14 Miami, Florida Friday, February 21, 2020
Oceana E804 Portugal & Spain Cruise 12 Southampton Sunday, March 11, 2018
Ventura N721 Spain, Greece & Turkey Cruise 17 Southampton Tuesday, August 15, 2017