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Earth Sciences, Geology & Geography
Mike Bowman retired from BP in March 2011. He has an Honorary Professorial Chair in Geology at the University of Manchester. Until late 2017 he was also Chair of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University in Qatar. he has also lectured at a range of universities around the world from Princeton to Oxford. Mike is a geologist by training. At his retirement he was BP’s Global Head of Geoscience, widely recognized both internally and externally as one of the industry’s most experienced and expert geologists, sought widely to advise business, government and academia. In 2012 he was the President of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain, an eminent group with a membership of over 5500. He is also an active Fellow of the Geological Society and was recently co-editor of the latest 8th volume of the prestigious Petroleum Geology of NW Europe published in early 2018. In addition to his academic roles at Qatar and Manchester, Mike is a non-executive Director for Radioactive Waste Management UK PLC and Nu Oil PLC and a trustee for the River Holme Connections Charity in the UK.

Mike joined BP as a geologist after completing a PhD at the University of Sheffield and lecturing at the University of Wales. During his 30 years with BP he was involved in a wide range of roles and jobs from specialist geologist to senior manager with postings to the United States and Aberdeen and extended periods working in Egypt, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Mike is passionate about all aspects of geology and how they impact society today. He also advises and consults for a range of companies, teaching groups and investors as well as teaching external courses and giving lectures on a range of topics in Geology and the Energy Industry.
Overall Theme – Colliding Continents & Disappearing Oceans – our Dynamic Earth – Geology, Down to Earth and the Geology of our Ports and Passages

A series of illustrated talks covering the principles of Geology and how it impacts the world today and then talks focussed on a subset of the Ports and the Itinerary of the Cruise in question; other titles can be developed if there is specific interest or demand.


Part 1 - General Introduction to Geology (not itinerary specific) - 3-5 talks:
• The Present is the Key to the Past – or is it? The Science of Geology
• Rocks, Minerals and what they tell us
• Our Dynamic Earth – Continental Plates and Ocean margins – the Story of Plate Tectonics
• History of Life through Geological Time & Mass Extinctions
• Geology & Man – History, Evolution, Resources & the Environment

Part 2 – Port & Itinerary Adapted and Linked
• Unzipping Continents – how the Atlantic was formed
• From a Giant Continent to a Small island – the Geology of Britain & the North Sea
• The Geology of the Mediterranean - a Dust Bowl – an Ocean that disappeared and dried out
• The Ring of Fire – how the Pacific came to be
• The Geology of Madeira and the Canary Islands - Ocean Hot Spots and Mantle Plumes
• The Geology of the Caribbean - Hot Spots, Volcanoes, Microplates & reefs
• The Geology of Iceland - hot spots & ocean ridges
• The Geology of the North Sea - a failed ocean
• The Geology of the Baltic & Scandinavia - ancient rocks and glaciation
• The Geology of NE USA & Eastern Canada - from ancient rocks to drifting continents
• The Geology of North America – the shape of a continent
The Geology of Greenland

Experience to date - Mediterranean, Scandinavia & Baltic, Canaries, and Iceland - talks adapted to cruise itinerary on each - Fred Olsen, Saga & Viking
Possible Theme and Talks – this could be further developed and evolve to meet specific needs of an itinerary: A series of illustrated talks covering the principles of Geology and how it impacts the world today and then talks on some of the Ports and Itinerary of the Cruise in question; other titles could be developed if there was specific interest/requests.
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Viking Sky SK190620 Majestic Fjords & Vibrant Cities 11 Bergen Thursday, June 20, 2019
Viking Sky SK190608 Iceland's Majestic Landscapes 12 Reykjavik Saturday, June 8, 2019
Viking Star ST180728 Viking Homelands 14 Bergen Saturday, July 28, 2018
Viking Star ST180714 Into the Midnight Sun 14 Greenwich, London Saturday, July 14, 2018