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The son of Jean Campbell and Charles Wales born in 1960. Don was educated at St.Peter’s Prep School in Seaford and Eastbourne College in Sussex. He left school at the age of 17 to work in photography, which is where he still earns his main income. He specialises in advertising, fashion and lifestyle work.

World record breaking is in his blood. He is the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell MBE and the nephew of Donald Campbell CBE the famous father and son World speed record breakers in their famous ‘Bluebird’ vehicles

Sir Malcolm broke 9 World Land Speed Records and 4 World Water Speed Records between 1924 and 1939. He was awarded the MBE for services to flying during the First World war, Knighted in 1932 for his Land Speed record achievements. The first man past 300mph on land in 1935. He passed away from natural causes at the age of 63.

His son, Donald, broke 7 World Water Speed Records and 1 World Land Speed Record. His finest achievement was to be the only man to break both Land and Water Speed Records in the same year, 1964. He was killed in 1967 on Coniston water, attempting to beat his own record and to be the first man pasted 300mph on water.

Don has also continued the family tradition of Record breaking! He started breaking records in 1998 with his first UK Land Speed Record for an Electric car in ‘Bluebird Electric’. He went on to break a further 7 UK records which he held for over 12 years.

Don was invited to be the test driver for the British Steam car Team by the owner Charles Burnett iii. In August 2009 Don was lucky enough to break the World Record on Edwards Airforce base in California.

In 2010 Don also broke the Guinness World Record for a ride on Lawn mower. On Pendine sands in South Wales, where his grandfather had raced in the 1920’s, Don achieved 87.83 mph.

It is Don's ambition to attempt the Land Speed record for an Electric car, but just needs to raise the £8 million required to build the car and to race it on the famous salt flats at Bonneville, Utah USA.

In the mean time there is another project 'brewing' that will need some attention in a year or two's time!!

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1. Sir Malcolm Campbell MBE
‘The birth of a dream’ The incredibly fascinating life of Sir Malcolm and his career in motor racing, land and water speed records. He was a pioneer, an adventurer with a desire to be the first, the fastest, the best at everything he touched.

2. Donald Campbell CBE
‘The Long Shadow’ Donald’s struggle with living in his father’s shadow and living in the wrong era. His Water Speed Records set him above all other record breakers. The unique double record of both records in one year still stands today.His tragic accident on Coniston water in 1967 is a defining moment in history

3. The British Steam Car Record
A ten year project from conception to completion with the World record in 2009. The team spent 10 weeks in the Mojorve Desert battling a heat wave and fighting a car that did not want to work!. True British spirit and great team work saw the World record broken. A BBC team made an excellent documentary ‘The fastest Steam car in the World.’

4. Bluebird Electric
The story of Don’s first attempts at breaking UK records for an Electric car. A harsh baptism into the world of record breaking ,the battles with sponsorship and inter team fighting. However, dogged determination saw the first record broken in 1998

5. Project Runningblade
Breaking records at the grass roots level with the World’s fastest ride on lawn mower! Invited to be the driver by close friend Steven Vokins from the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. Steve as a child had been seriously ill with a heart defect, which nearly killed him in 2008 and as he was recovering in hospital planned the attempt. A fun project but with a serious piece of engineering to achieve the record on the soft sands of Pendine.

6. The History of the Land Speed Record.
The first Land speed records were established in Electric Cars in the late 1890's. The race was on to be known as the World's fastest driver. The talk looks at the triumphs and disasters Don has written a book (To be published in March 2018). This talk can be split into two or kept as one depending on the cruise requirements

7. Searching for Pirate Treasure.
Pirates buried their treasure to keep it away from the authorities that searched them out and others in the hope that one day they would come back to claim their booty. However, it is believed that lots of sites are still waiting to be found. Don's grandfather, Sir Malcolm Campbell, went off on his own treasure hunt armed with a genuine map and clues! This talk looks at some interesting sites from around the World!

8. Daytona Beach, Florida and its role in the history of the Land Speed Record.
During the 1920s and 1930's Daytona Beach, Florida was used by some of the motoring racing greats to attempt the Land Speed Record, many tried, few succeeded and some paid the ultimate price in search of fame and glory. The beach saw the battles between the UK and USA, most notably between Sir Henry Segrave and Sir Malcolm Campbell. This eleven mile long stretch of sand holds an important part of the story in World Land Speed Records
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