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Sue Stockdale is an adventurer, author, and inspirational speaker who has undertaken more challenges than most people do in a lifetime. In her presentations she shares her adventures from all over the world, and includes relevant life lessons. As a result, passengers leave feeling inspired, as well as informed and entertained.

Sue's adventures began in 1988 when she travelled to Africa for a three month expedition. Having been inspired by this experience, she subsequently sought other opportunities to challenge herself. In 1996 she became the first British woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole, having survived temperatures cold enough to freeze your flesh in seconds, and dragging a 60kg sledge for 12 hours a day. She has travelled to over 70 countries in the world, and been involved in major expeditions to Chile, Antarctica, Geographical North Pole and Greenland. In 2003 Sue was recognised as a Pioneer of the Nation by HRH the Queen.

As an athlete Sue has also represented Scotland in athletics (3000m and cross-country events) where she learned about the importance of determination, focus and never giving up. She finished runner up on Channel 4’s Superhuman, participating in some of the toughest tests ever seen on TV including escaping from a helicopter submerged under water.

Sue has also had an exciting career in business, which included working for a period with the United Nations in a war zone. Nowadays she helps senior executives worldwide to lead more effectively and deliver improved business results through consulting and executive coaching. Clients include International Red Cross, UBS, Said Business School, Imperial College, UCL, Barclays, BBC, Capita, Hays, KPMG and Dropbox. She regularly speaks at corporate events and leading international business schools on motivation and leadership.

Sue has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and MSc in Quality Management, and was awarded a Global Coaching Leadership Award in Mumbai in 2014. As a successful author, she has seven business books to her name including Risk: All that Matters, Kickstart your Motivation, Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs, Cope with Change at Work, Motivating People, The Growth Story and The Personality Workbook.

In her spare time, she enjoys walking with her dog, and cooking delicious food.

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1. Starting a life of adventure - Travels in Kenya
Sue Stockdale, First British woman to ski to the North Pole, talks about her first ever expedition spending three months travelling through Northern Kenya.

2. From the Armchair to the Arctic: How to be a polar explorer
Find out what happened to adventurer Sue Stockdale on her expedition to become the 1st British woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole. She had never been further north than Scotland, nor done any cross-country skiing so it was a completely new experience!

3. One Step Beyond: Expedition to Antarctica
If you thought your holiday was difficult to organize, imagine taking 35 young people on an expedition to Antarctica. Some had never seen snow, others did not speak English, but what they all had was a passion for adventure.

4. Chile: An ever changing landscape
Chile is a land of contrasts: from desert in the North to icecap in the South. Sue Stockdale spent 4 months there getting to grips with the weather, language and logistics whilst leading 120 people on an adventure of a lifetime.

5. Skiing across the Greenland Ice Cap
Four adventurers from UK, Norway and Germany had 4 days to get to know one another and prepare to survive in one of the worlds most inhospitable environments. Find out how they got on whilst they battled extreme winds, cold temperatures and pulling sledges weighing over 60kg each.

6. Greenland: The unknown island
Greenland is the largest island in the world yet one of the least populated countries. It contains 1/8 of the world’s ice mass, and plays an increasing role in the world’s weather and search for mineral resources. Yet few people know much about this fascinating country. Join Sue to learn more about Greenland, its landscape and its people.

7. Early Female Explorers
People have explored since the dawn of time. Where they went and what they achieved has changed the very nature of our society. We would not be what we are today if it weren’t for these restless wanderers, who brought news of far off lands to Europeans. Sue Stockdale profiles two early women explorers, Austrian-born Ida Pfeiffer, and Isabella Bird Bishop, from Yorkshire.

8. Are you tough enough to be a Superhuman?
In 2005, Channel 4 set out to find Britain’s most extraordinary man and woman. Contestants were subjected to sleep deprivation, extreme g-force and a simulated helicopter crash into water. Find out how Sue Stockdale fared in this toughest of physical and mental environments.

9. Life in the Freezer: what you always wanted to know about explorers and were afraid to ask
We have all read dramatic accounts of explorers overcoming extreme difficulties in their quest for success. But what about the practical issues? What happens when you meet a polar bear? Does your toothpaste freeze? Come equipped with your questions and be prepared to learn about what life is really like in the Arctic.

10. Inside the mind of the explorer
It is interesting that less is understood about how explorers deal mentally with the challenges they face, compared to the physical ordeals they overcome. In this lecture, Sue Stockdale provides a unique insight into what drives them to do what they do. What are the characteristics of those who put themselves into situations that most people would avoid? What motivates them to keep going when others would probably give up? Is normal life dull for explorers? Learn more about what goes on inside the mind of the explorer.

11. Exploring extreme environments with dogs
In 2016, Sue Stockdale embarked on a dog sledding adventure to remote parts of East Greenland. She explains the realities of travelling on sea ice with a team of 13 dogs and local Greenlandic hunters, and how the stark simplicity of survival is put into sharp focus.
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