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Photography & Cinematography
Travel & Destinations
International award winning photographer and Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society, Tony has spoken at such venues as The Barbican, St David’s Hall and in the USA.

These events happened since he retired from his own investment brokering business at the early age of 50.

He has had and been offered commissions with Dorling Kindersley and The National Geographic as well as running photographic workshops in America.
After travelling and photographing all the States in America, he was, in 2014 offered a 2 year contract to be one of the official photographers of America’s national parks.

He has no particular specialist photographic subject as variety and having fun taking photos is the first requirement, but over the past 10 years, rodeos and the American western life style has gained him high regard in many of the top rodeos, their staff, the cowboys and international photographic exhibitions.

Tony has vast experience with photographic equipment and techniques. The equipment he has used over the years varies from large format to mobile phones with 35mm, medium format, point and shoot, I pads pods and tablets in between.

His presentations are designed for anybody who just wants to learn how to take better photos regardless of experience or photo equipment. Photography is not “Rocket Science”.

He has over 20 different presentations from which he will select those that suit the particular cruise and destinations.

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1. Basic 1 - Produce much better photos by understanding some simple rules of composition “Photography is not Rocket Science”
2. Basic2 - Know your equipment, understand and use its features to produce even better photos.
3. Basic 3 - Good and interesting photographs can be found anywhere, how to look and see better images
4. How to DRAMATICALLY improve your photographs with the BASICS of Photoshop ELEMENTS The introduction of image manipulation
5. Setting a simple project works wonders
6. A Mile from home
7. Photographing friends and family, one of the most photographed subjects which is given little thought to
8. Flowers , trees and Fauna
9. Town and Cityscape photography
10. First photo assessment and improvement if necessary
11. Architectural Photography Exteriors and how to improve what we have taken
12. Architectural Photography Interiors
13. Landscapes, Its not necessary to go to exotic locations
14. Panoramic Photography
15. Most images can be improved, its knowing how, a practical demonstration!
16. Movement How best to photograph subjects that move
17. Practical session, using the ships dancers ( Hopefully)
18. Photo assessment where and how and improvements can be made if necessary
19. 3 D photos created with the simplest of cameras
20. Abstract Photography, having fun with the camera, such as Making Stationary subjects appear to be moving.
21. The second practical session on what the audience require
22. A presentation of THEIR images to see how differently we see the same places
23. A presentation of my work over the past 40 years
Cruised and lectured with Saga and Fred Olsen but more recently had 2 cruises with C&MV both well received and commented on.
1 cruise of 14 nights the later cruise 41 nights with ;
A total of 10 Lectures
Minimum number of passengers at any lecture 115
Maximum “ “ “ " “ 188
A minimum of 4 hours every day at sea,( INCLUDING those days of lecturing at sea) for individual mini workshops
Arranging and presenting an evening photo quiz on “ How well do you know The Marco Polo” 22 teams entered
Organising a fun “Photo Competition “ with 168 entries from 74 guests , which took over 15 hours to prepare
Escorted 5 trips
I do many lectures to Camera Clubs over the UK, here are just a few of the comments recieved

Hello Tony,
just a quick message to thank you on behalf of the members and myself for a great presentation at Lichfield Camera Club . We can't apologise enough for the problem with our projector screen,for which we have had to get a new part and is now working. Your professionalism in adapting and carrying on regardless really shone through.
Annette - programme secretary at Lichfield Camera Club

Good Morning Tony
thank you very much for a super evening last night - we all agreed that it was a very good night - your images are just incredible -
we hope to see you at Kidderminster again in the not too distant future.
Suzanne Hancox - Programme Secretary Kidderminster Camera Club

Dear Tony,
Just a note to thank you again for the most enjoyable evening you gave us last night. Beautiful images and, if you'll take praise from someone who taught in higher education for most of his life, a great presentation style. We have a few members who usually doze off during presentations but not last night!
A fantastic evening and thanks again
Peter E Holt
Prog Sec Backwell Camera Club
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Columbus C705 Iceland & Northern Isles 12 Tilbury Thursday, June 29, 2017