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Born is Cyprus but raised in Melbourne, Australia, Frosa has a wealth of experience in the field of medical research, is passionate about her Greek Cypriot culture - the food, wedding rituals, music and the history of a small country that has been quite turbulent.

Her love of the Greek culture has inspired her to share the wonderful family life experiences and to share the joy of the Mediterranean.

Frosa also has a wealth of experience in many crafts, and loves sharing her knowledge. She is also the author of 3 E-books on the subjects she teaches. All students learn at different rates and workshops cater for all skills. Her encouragement and support has enabled thousands of students to achieve their goal, whether that be a new craft or a new business. With over 8000 students have attended her hands-on craft sessions and has established a large online following with her ZOOM classes helping everyone to stay connected.



Over the past 9 years, over 8000 students have enjoyed classes through our craft business Events Victoria. We pride ourselves on intorducing people to new crafts and ensure that all classes offer hands on experience so that students learn techniques that will help them in a range of crafts.We run sessions for individuals, groups and corporate team building events. We develop, plan and run workshops for people of all ages and have run classes for up to 90 - 100 people.

1/ Macrame - learn the art of knot tying by making a lanyard you can use for your cruise ID
2/ Scrap booking - record your memories in your scrap booking classes
3/ Barefoot Sandals - make your very own pair of barefoot sandals using our jewellery techniques
4/ Card making
5/ Paper roses
6/ Make your own massage oil
7/ paper tole - 3D cards
8/ Air drying clay - jewellery making
9/ Raffia Hats
10/ Gift boxes made with recylcled menus and scrap book paper
11/ Simple origami

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The Wedding Rituals of Greek / Cypriot Culture Intro Video
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Itís a lovely wedding tradition but itís not terribly adventurous, WHEN COMPARED TO other cultures.
It doesnít matter whether you are Australian, Greek, Italian or Indian. We all have our traditions and when we look deeper into other rituals, we may find that there are similarities.
The one thing we do have in common is that weddings are a celebration of not only bringing two people together but also their families.
Western weddings, while just as wonderful as those taking place in other parts of the world, feel fairly straightforward compared to the wedding traditions of other cultures where throwing plates( A GREEK THING, NOT CYPRIOT), pinning money on the couple ( YES, CYPRIOT) and stomping on glasses are expected. These ceremonies contain some lovely symbolism. And, yes, we do stand on our partners foot to see who the boss of the house will be. The only problem is, if it is done in Greek you can miss it. My husband tells me he stood on my foot during our ceremony, but I totally dispute that and have done so for the past 36 years. I know who the boss is!

10/ Archibishop Markarios - Saint or Sinner Video Intro Link
The man who shaped modern Cyprus. As a Archbishop he was revered by most, as a politician he divided the country. From being expelled to the Seychelles to returning triumphantly to become the President of the Republic of Cyprus. Enosis - union with Greece was his aim, but in the end it brought despair and a divided country. We'll follow the life of this interesting man and the impact he had on Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

11/ RHODES is the largest of the twelve Dodecanese island in the Aegean eastern edge.
Pretty beaches, famous archeological ruins, the most famous the Colossus of Rhodes, a statue of the Greek God of the Sun Helios ( Helios is Greek for sun) which was destroyed by an earthquake.
The Old Town itself feels like it is sealed in a time capsule with high stone walls and a deep moat. Like Cyprus, itís architecture and history, food and people are influenced by the many cultures that occupied it Ė Classical, medieval, Ottoman ad Italian.
Cobble stone paths lead you may ways but all with an exciting end.

12/ MYKNOS A party island or is there more to it?
Most people know Mykonos as a party island but it does have alternatives. Move away form the bars, discos and night clubs and you will discover the real island life.
Uncover the myths and legends of ancient Greece. Discover monuments like the Temple Of Apollo. The island was named after itís first ruler Mykonos, the grandson of Apollo. The island is said to have been the site for a great battle between Zeus and the Titans and where Hercules killed the invincible giants. The region is known for itís food and like other Greek island the sound of itís music.

13/ ATHENS - How The Parthenon Lost It's Marbles
Athens is at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire. The city is still dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings like the Parthenon temple.
The Elgin Marbles are sculptures from the Parthenon, a temple on the Acropolis, Greece, built in 447Ė432 BC and dedicated to the goddess Athena.
The sculptures were purchased from Lord Elgin in 1816 but the Greek Government disputes their ownership and wants them back.

From priceless Minoan sculptures to homegrown musicians playing the LYRA is taverns, this island has developed itís own way of living and showing it to all the world through the arts.
Dance is so important form the slow ďSyrtosĒ to the ďsousta a bouncy courtship dance. Dancers take great pride in their skill with weddings being the best place place to watch dancers in action.
Fine Arts Ė Hammered bronze was a technique perfected here with itís influence spreading to other parts of Greece.
Artists such as Dominikos Theokopoulos or as he was known El Greco was a famous artist during the Renaissance period.

15/ Italian Food is delicious but is it as good because of the Greek Influence
Itís a subject that has gripped generations of scholars: which was the greater civilisation, ancient Greece or Rome? These days, does it matter and does it really make any difference?

16/ Eastern Mediterranean Vs Western Mediterranean Food & Culture
Itís hard to go wrong with either.
Whether you love art, history, natural wonders, fine cuisine, or all of the above, the Mediterranean lets you experience something amazing at every stop.

17/ Kusadasi to Ephesus
Ephesus Ancient city, Ephesus which was established as a port, played a great role in ancient times and was once the trade centre of the ancient world. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site a religious centre of the early Christianity and today, Ephesus is an important tourism centre in Turkey.

18/ Messina - Sicily
When travelling to the Island of Sicily, most people will first dock at the port of Messina. The city's main resources are its seaports, cruise tourism, commerce, and agriculture (wine production and cultivating lemons, oranges, mandarin oranges, and olives).This city which was Founded by Greek colonists in the 8th century BC, is located on the north eastern side of Sicily and lies in close proximity to the mainland of Italy. From the first step ashore, there is plenty to see in and do in Messina whether it is the cathedral, the bell tower or the Piazza. If you want to step out a little further then try Torre Faro, a 30 minute drive, a lovely coastal village situated on the easternmost promontory of land.

19/ The Earthquake that destroyed Santorini
On the 9th of July 1956 the largest earthquake of the 20th century in Europe took place. The epicentre of the earthquake was in the fault located in the sea basin south of Amorgos. 7.5 on the Richter scale devastated the whole southern Aegean, almost flattening Santorini. The destruction was completed by the 6.9 Richter aftershock that followed 12 minutes later.
Damage was severe, particularly on Santorini. The earthquake demolished 529 houses and left many others damaged.[2] Fifty-three people were killed as a result of the earthquake, with another three killed by the associated tsunami.

20/ AYIA SOPHIA - A History through the ages.
Ayia Sophia is an enormous architectural marvel in Istanbul, that was originally built as a Christian basilica nearly 1,500 years ago. Much like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Parthenon in Athens, the Hagia Sophia is a long-enduring symbol of the cosmopolitan city. However, as notable as the structure is itself, its role in the history of Istanbulóand, for that matter, the worldóis also significant and touches upon matters related to international politics, religion, art and architecture.

21/ The First Greek Australians - The identity of the first Greek to set foot in Australia is shrouded in obscurity.
7 Greek pirates sentenced and sent to Australia. The real story of the first Greek settlers begins on a summerís day in 1827 when a small ship manned by nine young Greek sailors from Ydra robbed a British ship bound for Malta
to Alexandria, but let it proceed otherwise unharmed. Two days later a suspicious British warship on anti-piracy patrol gave chase and captured the Greek vessel and took it to Malta, where the Greek crew were clapped in jail.
Royal Princes - Feb 2nd, 2019 Craft class presenter - macrame, papercraft, jewellery, paper tole, escort on shorex tours, assisted with crew craft classes. Events Company owner with over 25 years experience

Guest presenter - Emerald Princess June 2019 How has Greek food influenced Italian food, the western Mediterranean and the Eastern Mediterranean , French Women donít get Fat.

Craft teacher - Sea Princess July 2019 - Onboard craft teacher.Craft class presenter - macrame, papercraft, jewellery, paper tole, escort on shorex tours, assisted with crew craft.
Qualifications" Bachelor of Applied Science - Chemistry
Wedding planner
Decluttering specialist
Travel Agent training
Safety Onboard Training
Risk Assessment
Candle & Soap Maker
Learning Spanish

Business owner - Events Victoria P/L
Over 8000 students taught in craft classes
Greek cooking
Fluent in Greek

Seaman's book current - issued Feb 2019
Business Insurance to cover teaching worldwide
OHS experience
Fire warden trained
Health and Safety Rep
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