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Robert Wallace, an intelligence historian and consultant is a retired senior intelligence officer, with 33 years service in the Central Intelligence Agency. Following retirement from CIA, Wallace co-authored the best selling SPYCRAFT: The Secret History of the CIA’s Spytechs from Communism to al- Qaeda (2008) and founded Artemus Consulting Group, an international network of intelligence and security professionals.

Wallace’s CIA assignments included case officer, Chief of Station and executive of multi-million dollar technical and operational programs. He retired in 2003 with multiple awards including recognition for superior managerial performance by the Agency’s Inspector General, the Intelligence Medal of Merit, the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and two Clandestine Service Donovan Awards.

Wallace holds a BA in History from Ottawa (Kansas) University and an MA in Political Science from the University of Kansas. After graduation, he served in the U.S. Army from 1968-1970 and led long-range reconnaissance teams of Company E, 75th Rangers in Vietnam. In 2002 he co- authored Nine from the Ninth, a memoir of the Vietnam War based on the authors’ combat experiences. He is the recipient of the Ottawa University Alumni Association Outstanding Achievement Award.

Wallace speaks and writes on intelligence, leadership and management topics. His other books include The Official CIA Manual of Deception and Trickery (2009), Spy Sites of New York City(2012), Spy Sites of Philadelphia (2013), Spy Sites of Washington (2017).

Wallace lives with his wife, Mary Margaret, in Northern Virginia, and is a member of the McLean Baptist Church.

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The presentations encompass multiple elements of the intelligence profession such as the history of espionage in the United States, personality of spies, equipment designed for and used by spies, recruitment, and handling of spies, techniques of tradecraft, the ethics of intelligence, and management of spy operations in short sentences and clever phrases.

Presentations are richly illustrated by images of equipment, video, animation, and dialogue, much of which is rarely seen by the public. Talks are tailored to available time and include relevant contemporary illustrations as well as flashes of spy humor.

Examples of topics:

-- WHO WANTS TO BE A SPY? Describes and compares the character and behavior of real spies with fictional--novel, film, television--depictions. Motivations to become a spy, the recruitment process, and security surrounding an espionage operation are presented.

-- NOTHING IS AT IT SEEMS explores the fundamentals of spycraft--assessment, development, recruitment, cover and the magic of disguise and concealments.

-- COOL GADGETS FROM Q'S LAB describes with image and audio the real James Bondish gadgets and devices. When properly used, these provide security for a spy or, when misused, lead to compromise and death.

-- 4000 YEARS OF SPYING IN 40 MINUTES is a fast-paced history of spying from the Old Testament eavesdropping of Rachael and Jacob to 21st century of international hacking. We meet the great men and women of espionage and uncover the remarkable, unforeseen role technology has now assumed in spy operations.

-- ETHICS AND ESPIONAGE examines actual spy cases to describe and wrestle with ethical questions faced by a spy handler. Deciding right from wrong, moral vs immoral in espionage's "wilderness of mirrors" challenges any intelligence professional who attempts to live by Judeo-Christian ethics.

WHO’S SPYING ON ME? describes three centuries of evolution of surveillance technology from tapping telegraph wires to hyperspectral sensors and computer network monitoring.

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? examines how spies and espionage operations won wars, made kings, toppled empires and altered the course of history,

THEY DID WHAT THERE? is a virtual adventure sights and sounds tour of the buildings, offices, businesses, and fields in New York and Washington that are have been the unexpected playgrounds for spies.

FACT AND FANTASY OF ESPIONAGE explore the myths and reality of spies, clandestine operations and spymasters in Spy TY and Spy Movies from Casablanca to the latest James Bond film.

CRADLE OF AMERICAN ESPIONAGE describes how the British taught the Patriots the "art of intelligence." and lost a war

BIBLICAL ESPIONAGE reveals where every fundamental of espionage is depicted in stories of spies and deception that shaped biblical history.

THE ART OF ESPIONAGE examines paintings, sculpture, buildings, patches, medallions of intelligence services.

MAGIC AND ESPIONAGE—KINDRED SPIRITS is the little-known story of the role magic and the conjure’s skill is used to steal secrets and deceive the adversary.