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Dr Simon Poole is a Cambridge based physician, author, broadcaster and acclaimed international authority on the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle, explaining and celebrating the combination of wonderful ingredients in this beautiful cuisine which can add years to life.

He is a member of the Public Health Medicine Committee and General Practitioners Committee of the British Medical Association as well as a Council member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, and has held a teaching position at Cambridge University. He is a member of Council of the highly influential US based True Health Initiative.

Simon has regularly published on the subject of nutrition and lifestyle and public health in scientific journals including Nutrition and Food Science and the International Journal of Clinical Practice in addition to regular articles in the Guardian, magazines such as Cook Vegetarian and Body Language and local, as well as international, radio and television appearances.

Simon has addressed and chaired landmark international conferences, including the most recent “Food Values” conference at the Vatican, and has worked with chefs of international repute.

His new book, the award winning Olive Oil Diet takes a fresh and exciting look at diet, foods, cooking and health, on a gastronomic journey which tells the story of ingredients from around the Mediterranean – from different olive oils, mountain herbs and near eastern spices to regional vegetables and fruits, cheeses and wine. Unlocking the secrets of this most healthy of diets.

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1. The Mediterranean Diet An Overview – Adding Healthy Years to Life
2. The Countries, Foods and Wines of the Mediterranean
3. Fats,Dieting and Health,
4. Mediterranean Regional Specialities – Local Secrets for Wellbeing
5. Olive Oil Tasting – A Practical Guide to the World’s Healthiest Oils
6. Olive Oil – How to Produce the Best
7. Wine for Health in the Mediterranean Diet
8. Taking the Mediterranean Diet Home – Recipes for Life.

Examples of more detailed talk summaries as follows;

1. Living a Mediterranean Lifestyle – Ten Steps to Health and Well being

Introducing the most healthy lifestyle in the World, this lecture begins to unlock the secrets of the Mediterranean diet and way of life. Now acknowledged as the gold standard diet, we can apply modern scientific understanding to explain the extraordinarily protective effects of the way of preparing and enjoying the wonderful ingredients of the Mediterranean – nature’s gift for vitality. “Diet” derives from the Greek word “diaita” meaning “way of life” – it is a celebration of positive changes to achieve wellness.

2. Sea Routes and Spices – the Story of Mediterranean Cuisine

Learn about regional Mediterranean Cuisine, the common themes, the health-giving ingredients, and how history and trade shaped those living in the shade of the ancient olive tree. We take a “virtual journey” around the Mediterranean, looking at the special foods which add health and taste to dishes and explore the origins and properties of exotic herbs and spices.

3. Olive Oil – Old Stories, Modern Myths

Exploring nature’s original superfood, this talk will describe what it is to be extra virgin, when it is safe to cook with olive oil and how to choose the best oils. Is it true that two tablespoons of olive oil a day can halve your risk of heart disease and help sustain weight loss? Can olive oil kill cancer cells, fight Alzheimer's Disease, revive a failing heart and even turn off bad genes? Recent studies have shown that a diet based around olive oil will significantly improve your health, well-being and vitality.

4. Wine, Bread and Oil – How Agriculture, Terroir and Production Affect Health (Plus Optional Tutored Olive Oil Tasting)

Tasting the difference. The way food is grown and produced can have significant effects on sensory qualities and health properties. From naturally low gluten ancient grains to maximizing the antioxidants in wine, finally we explore the best olive oils in the world, and learn to taste the anti-inflammatory compounds in those oils nurtured for their health giving qualities.

5. Taking the Mediterranean Diet Home – a Practical Guide to a Long and Healthy Life

Learn how to prepare simple, ultra-healthy Mediterranean meals. How to plan to choose and cook the best ingredients and to put together great tasting dishes which maximize nutritional benefits. Secrets of the great chefs are revealed in this talk with a focus on how to mix and match the best foods, how to plan a weekly shop and incorporate the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid into everyday life for health, well being and longevity. We say good bye to restrictive diets and welcome recipes for life.

In addition, I would be delighted to advise on organising and leading excursions to places of interest which relate to my area of expertise, for example centers of culinary interest, olive oil museums, mills etc
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