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Ron Largent is a retired businessman, corporate management consultant - trainer, professional speaker, college professor, active cruise line lecturer (destinations and special subjects), and an enthusiastic traveler having worked, lived, or traveled in over 60 countries. Following college graduation (University of California) he was an officer in the Air Force retiring as a Reserve Colonel; attended graduate school at the Air War College (International Relations); was a development manager for an international agency; and led “business to business” trips to China. He makes regular presentations at civic clubs, travel interest groups, and colleges on the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Australia, China, and Asia.

Note: While in international work, Ron worked and lived in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, and traveled extensively throughout Malaysia and southern Asia, subsequently teaching Asia Pacific Relations at Los Angeles State College.


Ron Largent has been involved in music performance since 1955 when he played trombone in the initial Disneyland Band. During college years on scholarship, he played in three major college bands, graduating as a studio musician with a master’s in jazz studies. Following college, he was an Air Force officer serving in England, Europe, and the US. He has owned and operated a Yamaha Music School franchise, a national real estate brokerage and consulting company, and has been a music convention speaker. He has taught college courses in music appreciation, music education, music history, history of jazz, and music production.

Currently, he is a professional musician, having performed with major orchestras and bands in Washington DC, Columbus, OH, Phoenix, AZ, and San Francisco. He tours with a professional Brass group, and is a professional speaker, motivational speaker (travel and music) and an international music travel consultant-advisor to music interest groups, having attended the major international Music Festivals for over 20 years.

Ron graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara in Music; attended the Air Command & Staff College and the Air War University in international relations, retiring as a reserve Colonel. He completed post-graduate work at Pepperdine University Law School and is a certified business mediator. He has been licensed as a real estate investment-business consultant in California, Virginia, Ohio, Arizona, and Texas.

“The Caribbean...…Much More Than Just Pirates”

Lecture #1 - Why Should I Cruise the Caribbean?”
Join Travel Expert Ron Largent as he introduces you to these gorgeous tropical islands. You will learn of the exciting history, the fascinating stories about Pirates, Christopher Columbus, the Slave Trade, and discover why it is numbered among the most unique shopping areas in the world.

Lecture #2 - Princess Cays Island.
As if you “own the island”, it’s yours to enjoy. Hear about “a private island”, and how it happened, and the choices awaiting you: beach areas, the BBQ just for you, sporting activities, shopping, and how you can just lay back, relax, drink rum, and “have fun.”

Lecture #3 - St. Thomas Island.
Pirates, slaves, money, and a spectacular natural harbor will fascinate you in this “one of a kind” place. The exciting history, culture, and music will come to life as we look back at island survival, prosperity, and how it has become one of today’s world trade, financial, high tech, and fashion centers.

Lecture #4 - St. Martin Island. (Sint Maarten)
Two countries on One Island…what happened? Columbus started it all…then the Dutch and the French. Ron will “show and tell” this fascinating history of political upheaval, great cultural and social changes, and why it is a worldwide shopping mecca, and all duty free.

Lecture #5 - Grand Turk.
You will find sparkling white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, a 19th Century light house, and pastel painted colonial rustic buildings in quaint and pretty Cockburn Town. Visit the NASA Exhibit, Flow Rider, and the Cruise Ship Center for a most memorable and fun day.

Lecture #6 - Georgetown-Cayman Islands.
This is a diver’s dream. Among the gorgeous coral reefs, in shimmering clear turquoise waters, scuba-snorkeling is great. Hear the history of Georgetown, now the hub of worldwide tax-free shopping. Harbour Drive is a must see. You won’t want to leave.

Lecture #7 - Saint Lucia.
Castries is the colorful and energetic capital. This beautiful island known for the dramatically tapered mountains, the Pitons, the Rain Forest, volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites, antique fishing village, and local handicraft will be an unforgettable day.

Lecture #8 - St. Kitts and Nevis.
Exciting steel drums and reggae music welcomes you to this vibrant “island of smile.” The ancient shipwreck, the fresh fish, tropical fruits, Caribbean cuisine, unique Scenic Railway, rain forest and dormant volcano island will capture your heart. Just let it.

Lecture #9 - Amber Cove.
This “fun place in the sun” with gorgeous beaches, swimming pools, cabanas, a zip line, dolphin center, many places to eat and drink, along with the quaint local culture town of Puerto Plata nearby, makes this day a wonderful “highlight” day.

Lecture #10 - Barbados.
This all white sand azure water beach island is the “birthplace of rum” and the Turtle Capital. You will hear about all of it, including the Rum Visitor Center and factory, the historic sugar plantation, and the great hiking caves. Plus, Bajan cuisine is breathtaking.

Lecture #11 – Antigua.
So much to do and eat and not enough time. Enjoy one of the 365 beaches before visiting the Nelson Dockyard Museum. From Shirley Heights view the gorgeous hills; St John’s has it all; take that Catamaran boat around the island. What a fun day.

Lecture #12 - Cozumel.
Known by the Mayan myth, “home to the Gods”, this dazzling white-sand beach area of ruined Mayan temples that you can climb, exotic jungle wildlife, and a spectacular coral reef, was home to pirates, freebooters, and more recently, tourists. You will see why.

Lecture #13 – Belize.
A country of dense rain forest and Mayan ruins, this Yucatan peninsula port offers a wealth of exciting and impressive attractions for you to enjoy. You can go Zip lining or cave tubing and then enjoy the 29-acre zoo, and motorboat the jungle on the Old Belize River. Why not?

Lecture #14 – Roatan, Honduras
An island of pristine coral reefs, lush tropical foliage, and a 40-acre botanical reserve, this was home for pirates and traders, today offering unexcelled hiking, the famous Iguana Farm with 2000 free roaming Iguanas, and then visit quaint Coxen Hole town. Bring your camera.

Lecture #15 - Fort Lauderdale.
Embraced by the Atlantic Ocean, New River and a myriad of scenic inland waterways, this city is our "Venice of America." The beach area offers wonderful opportunities; do the “waterways bar crawl.”; stroll the picturesque Riverwalk; and browse Las Olas Boulevard; classy, upscale, high fashion, fine dining and entertainment.


Lecture #1 - Panama Canal…. What, Where, Why, When, and Who Did It?
Completed in 1914, after years of treaties, the 48-mile Canal cut through the mountainous Panama Isthmus and immediately changed world sea transport. The shortcut linked Europe and Asia; became a new world wonder; today allowing 13,000 ships a year connect with 1700 ports.

Lecture #2 – Three Historic Civilizations in Central and South America.
This lecture is about three amazing civilizations in three geographical areas. Leaving thousands of remarkable artifacts and characterized by ancient architecture, mystery, intrigue, and splendor, Machu Picchu, the Mayans, and the Aztecs give us an unforgettable history story.

Lecture #3 – There is more to Brazil than the Bossa Nova.
The lecture presents the culture, history, and diverse society with ethnic heritage going back to colonial Portugal. Known to produce great coffee, the vibrant economy, where every city has its own soccer stadium, hosts the world greatest carnival, and contains 60% of the Amazon forest.

Lecture #4- South America… To Cruise or Not to Cruise?
It’s a world of its own. All the ports, the culture, the history, and magnificent natural beauty. Explore its exotic ports of call; visit spectacular and romantic Buenos Aires, Uruguay's charming capital, Montevideo, vibrant Rio de Janeiro, the remote Falkland Islands, and scenic Cape Horn.

(45 minutes each)

1. Frank Sinatra Songbook….
From Hoboken to Hollywood…. a look at how Frank got there, and what he did when he got there.

2. Tony Bennett Sings….
Is his heart still in San Francisco? His life, his loves, and his “thing” with Lady Gaga.

3. Beethoven to the Beatles….
hat were the changes and why? Who were the Beatles before Ed Sullivan?

4. History of Jazz….
Did Louie Armstrong start the movement? Is Jazz still around?

5. Music in Europe….
How did it begin? Bach, Mozart, or the piano guys?

6. It’s a Small World….
When it comes to music. The worldwide language.

7. Barry, Barbara, Katy, Lady Gaga, and the Gershwin’s
5 styles and 5 winners? (Manilow, Streisand, Perry, Lady Gaga, and the Gershwin’s’)
Over 20 cruises as a passenger, but not as a Speaker due to career obligations. International traveler having lived, worked, or visited over 60 countries over 50 years Professional speaker, motivator,trainer, and college professor speaking experiences,