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Dr Paul Brown is a maritime history author and speaker, and maritime photographer, whose books include ‘Britain’s Historic Ships’ (Conway), 'Historic Sail' (History Press), ‘Historic Ships: The Survivors’ (Amberley), ‘Maritime Portsmouth’ (History Press) and 'The Portsmouth Dockyard Story' (History Press), as well as articles in leading maritime magazines. He has recently worked as a consultant to National Historic Ships, the UK’s authority on the preservation of historic ships and boats. A member of the Society for Nautical Research and the Britannia Naval Research Association, he was previously a university lecturer and senior university manager, and has also lectured at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Since 2011 he has lectured on board cruise ships of many different companies, adopting an entertaining and informative style.

Paul’s talk titles are as follows:

1 The Spanish Armada – Retells the drama in the English Channel when a mighty armada of Spanish ships attempted to invade England. Accounts of the battles, shipwrecks and the deprivation of the crews combine to create an epic saga of adventure, bravery and misfortune.

2 The Vasa Story – The extraordinary story of the magnificent 17th Century Swedish warship which was raised after 333 years on the seabed and is now exhibited in the Vasa Museum at Stockholm.

3 Nelson and the Battle of Copenhagen – The life and loves of Britain’s most famous sailor, and the story of one of the most unusual battles of the age of sail. This talk is also offered to cover other regions where Nelson served instead of Copenhagen - Caribbean, Mediterranean, Spain/Portugal, Tenerife.

4 Life Aboard Titanic – A fascinating insight into life on the great liner as she sailed from Southampton on her maiden voyage, describing the layout of the ship, the public and private accommodation for passengers in the different classes, the menus, and the on board leisure activities.

5 Cutty Sark Rises from the Ashes. A history of the famous tea clipper and how she has been rebuilt since the disastrous fire, leading to her re-opening to the public at Greenwich, London. Includes consideration of the controversial way she is now suspended above her dry dock.

6 Britain’s Historic Ships – The Ships that Built a Nation. A look at the many historic ships that have been preserved in Britain, ranging from the mighty HMS Victory, and the innovative SS Great Britain, to humble paddle steamers and sailing barges, and encompassing the restrained splendour of the Royal Yacht Britannia and the mysterious submarines of the Cold War.

8 Baltic Heroes – How the Royal Navy took on the Red Russians. The story of the Royal Navy’s role in supporting the White Russians during the Russian Revolution, including the sinking of a Russian cruiser and the daring raid on the naval base at Kronstadt near St Petersburg.

9 Titanic’s Maiden Voyage: Recalling Titanic’s tragic transatlantic crossing, an account of her maiden voyage, what went wrong and why, and how the ship’s design and construction may have contributed to her loss.

10 Elizabeth’s Navy – Still a Force to Reckon With? A review of the history and role of the Royal Navy over the last 60 years. Analyses changes to the size and composition of the fleet as well as its role in the conflicts in Korea, the Falklands, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq.

11 Christopher Columbus, Genius or Villain? – The story of the world’s most famous navigator: how he devised his daring plan to sail into the unknown, and the triumphs and tribulations that he encountered in the Caribbean.

12 Cradle of the Navigators – In the 15th century Portuguese seamen led the way in exploring sea routes to the east. They helped create an empire for their country and their names, including Vasco da Gama, Bartolemeu Dias and Pedro Cabral, entered the history books.

13 Admiral Nelson : His Life and Loves - The life of the greatest British admiral ever, a colourful and courageous character, whose famous battles at the Nile, Copenhagen and Trafalgar were to secure for Britain the supremacy of the waves for over a century.

14 A Century of Sail – The story of the tall ship, from the development of fast clipper ships in the mid 19th century to the end of ocean trading under sail in the 1930s, and the legacy of sail training ships which still grace our seas today.

15 The Lusitania Story – The compelling story of how one of the world’s fastest and largest liners became the target for a German U-boat in World War I, in an incident that was to affect the course of the war, and whether one of the most famous maritime disasters could have been avoided.

16 Malta Convoys and the Siege of Malta – In the early years of World War II the beleaguered island of Malta was at the centre of a drama as Hitler sought to control his supply lines to North Africa and the tiny island was pounded to virtual oblivion, whilst Allied convoys battled to get through to prevent the islanders starving.

17 The attack on the German battleship Tirpitz in a Norwegian fjord: In 1943 British midget submarines carried out a courageous attack on the mighty German battleship putting her out of action and removing a major threat to the Arctic convoys.

18 Battle of the North Cape: The powerful German battlecruiser Scharnhorst posed a major threat to the Arctic convoys which supplied Russia during World War II, and in December 1943 she met with British forces off Norway’s North Cape in a battle for survival.

19 Madeira and the Sea: The history of Madeira’s association with the sea - from the earliest Portuguese settlers and Columbus to the era of the great liners and the present day.

20 Viking Seafarers: The remarkable sailing and navigation skills of the Vikings, with a special emphasis on their extensive raiding activities, the ships they used and their exploration to Iceland, Greenland and North America.

21 The Battle of the River Plate: Faced with an inferior force of British cruisers in December 1939, the German battleship Admiral Graf Spee was nevertheless engaged and forced to retreat to be interned at Montevideo where she was scuttled.

22 Commodore Anson Rounds Cape Horn: In 1741, during his epic voyage of circumnavigation, Anson's squadron of six ships was beset by terrible winds and only three ships successfully rounded the cape. He went on to capture a heavily laden Spanish treasure ship and return to a hero's welcome.

23 Re-taking the Falklands: In 1982 Argentina invaded the British overseas territory of the Falkland Islands. A task force was hurriedly prepared and despatched from the UK to sail 8,000 miles to re-capture the islands, which was successfully achieved after a dramatic conflict.

24 Cape Horn adventures: The passage around the wind-battered Cape Horn was a perilous journey for the many sailing ships which had to endure the high seas and freezing temperatures of these high latitudes. Their ordeal is vividly described here.

25 Magellan Rounds South America: Leading the first expedition to circumnavigate the globe, Ferdinand Magellan transited the strait which is named after him and became the first ship to enter the Pacific from the east. The talk recounts this extraordinary voyage.

26 Francis Drake the Marauder: During his epic circumnavigation (only the second expedition to encircle the globe and the first commander to complete the full voyage) Drake attacked Spanish ships and pillaged ports on South America's west coast, capturing a treasure ship.

27 The Battle of the Atlantic: Wreaking havoc with transatlantic trade during WW2, the U-boats had to be defeated by the Allies.
5 years enrichment cruise speaking with Fred Olsen, Saga, P & O, Cunard, Holland America, Viking and Royal Caribbean.
Prefers UK sailings as this suits Paul’s subject matter.
However he would consider FLY CRUISES especially if his wife’s air fare is covered.
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