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Jim Clement is a retired US diplomat who has lived in 13 countries and has given Destination and Maritime Lectures on more than 120 different cruises around the world. Jim served in US Embassies as Commercial Attaché assisting USA businessmen to sell their products in foreign markets and negotiated International treaties. He is ready to give Destination presentations for the ports on our itinerary. He has lived and worked in Panama and has transited the Panama Canal 30 times where he gave the ship’s bridge commentary about the history of the Canal.

He graduated from the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. and served in Submarines in the Mediterranean and in Asia. After earning an MBA from University of Chicago, he lived and worked in Europe, Latin America, and Asia as an International Executive for Carrier Refrigeration, Mack Trucks, and British Oxygen.

After retiring from the Diplomatic service, he was a University Professor teaching History, Geography, Logistics, International Marketing, and Cultural Differences. He speaks Spanish.

He has given Destination and Special Interest Viking lectures on 10 cruises along Western Norway. He has given Destination lectures and Special Interest lectures on Penguins, Whales, Glaciers, and the War in the Falkland Islands 10 times around Cape Horn in South America.

Jim has delivered Special Interest lectures on the West Coast of South America on: Pizarro and the Conquest of the inca Empire, History of Pre-Inca and Inca controlled South America.

He has an extensive suite of lectures on Pacific Islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, Easter Island, Australia and New Zealand.

He has delivered Naturalist lectures on 30 Alaska cruises and has given Special Interest lectures on the Klondike Gold Rush, Indigenous Indians and Inuit cultures. He routinely gives the bridge commentary as the ship visits Hubbard and Sawyer Glaciers.

Jim has been a lecturer on 11 Cuba cruises speaking about Cuban History, Cuban Customs & Traditions, Cuban Economy, and destination lectures on the cities of Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba

Jim was raised in the family of a US Navy Captain. He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida and loves to dance and travel.

On a PANAMA CANAL transit I presented:

1. The Panama Canal, the Greatest Engineering Feat of the 20th century.
The USA experience building the lock system and the water route over the top of the Isthmus of Panama.

2. President Teddy Roosevelt
The guiding force behind the Panama Canal and the formation of Panama as a nation..

3. Costa Rica, Nature’s Garden of Eden
A fascinating land of volcanoes, jungle, splendid beaches, handicrafts and a wondrous array of animals and birds.

4. Lima and Macchu Picchu
Visit the great colonial Peruvian Capital of Lima with a side trip to Machu Picchu ancient ruins.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean
Relive the Golden Age of Piracy along the Spanish Main. Galleons full of Aztec and Inca treasures lured the Pirates.

6. Magellan’s circumnavigation of the World
The first man to circumnavigate the world. He discovered the Magellan Strait at the bottom of the world in South America, the Philippines, and a new route to the fabulous spice islands of the Orient.

7. Captain Cook and his three voyages of discovery to the South Seas
The discoverer of Hawaii was the first to chart the vast Pacific Ocean.

As a NATURALIST I presented the following during 22 Alaska cruises:

1. Glaciers of Alaska. Massive “Rivers of Ice” that can be seen from Space are carving valleys and fjords. The Hubbard Glacier is 300 ft. high, 6 miles wide and 76 miles long... This is an awe inspiring trip along the face of this glacier where it meets the sea and crashes “Calves” great chucks into the ocean in front of our eyes.

2. The Inside Passage is a 500 mile protected waterway starting in Ketchikan-Fishing Capital and cruising through Tracy Arm then on to Juneau, the State Capital. Lined with towering evergreen trees and snow covered mountains, this great waterway is the heart of our cruise adventure.

3. Alaska Wildlife. The rich diversity of animals includes the Polar Bear of the Icy North, great herds of migrating Caribou, giant Moose, animals and birds that change color to blend into the snow or tundra.

4. Whales, Dolphins, & Porpoises. There are 81 species in the world. Many feed in the rich Arctic waters throughout the summer. Photos, behavior, and descriptions of the most often viewed whales.

As DESTINATION Speaker on a New England/Canada cruise I presented:

1. The Story of French Canada-New France & the English Conquest - Join Historian, Jim Clement as he tells the story of how two great nations fought 7 years for control of all land east of the Mississippi River and North of New England.

2. Halifax, Nova Scotia has Lobsters, Mining, Lumber, Tourism & Canada’s largest Navy Base – In this presentation, History & Culture Guest Speaker, Jim Clement will discuss the museum dedicated to the history of the great number of immigrants who entered through Halifax Pier 21. He will also provide an interesting look at the imposing Citadel that protected this great harbor in both World Wars.

3. Down East coastal cities of Bar Harbor, Maine & St. John, New Brunswick - Join History & Culture Guest Speaker, Jim Clement for a fascinating look at the gorgeous light houses and spectacular coasts and high tides that provide breathtaking photo opportunities.

4. Boston, cradle of the Revolutionary War, the Boston Tea Party, & Paul Revere’s ride to warn of British Invasion – Join Historian, Jim Clement for an interesting look at Boston’s rich history and a walk down the famous “Freedom Trail” to see colonial architecture mixed with ultramodern office buildings.

5. Secrets of the Titanic – Historian, Jim Clement discusses her construction, opulent public rooms, and her fateful collision with an iceberg.

VIKING and Scandinavia Subjects:

1. The Story of Norway.
This Gateway to the Arctic has a colorful history dating from the days of the Vikings to its current prominence as Scandinavia’s Oil King.

2. Norway’s Magnificent Fjord Country
Magnificent fjords cut into the mountains from the sea and are ringed by picturesque waterfalls, quaint farms, snow-capped peaks, and majestic glaciers.

3. Viking Sea Raiders
Vikings in their famous long ships were mighty warriors who raided Northern Europe, colonized Russia, and traded as far away as Constantinople and Greenland.

4. Glaciers-Rivers of Ice
Norway has 1,600 glaciers and ice fields left over from previous ice ages-time capsules of our environment that date back 900,000 years. We’ll see how they advance and retreat over time.

5. Norwegian Voyages of Exploration
How the Vikings beat Columbus to North America. In their magnificent seafaring tradition, Norwegians were the first to explore the New World-and the North and South Poles.

6. Viking Navigation: Sailing by the Sun and the Stars
How did the Vikings sail on voyages of discovery and trade without the magnetic compass? Learn how they navigated the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

For Transatlantic cruises there are the following MARITIME HISTORY Lectures:

1. RMS Titanic
Her construction and disastrous collision with an iceberg in the North Atlantic.

2 ,Captain Cook
Captain Cook and his three voyages of Discovery to the Pacific Ocean

3. Magellan’s Circumnavigation
Magellan and his historic Circumnavigation of the World which opened the trade routes to the Far East.

4. Voyages of Columbus.
Columbus and his 4 voyages of Discovery to the New World. Who were the first people to discover the New World?

5. Mutiny on the Bounty
An account of the infamous revolt at sea and the settling of Pitcairn Island.

6. Defeat in the English Channel
The Armada and the defeat of Spanish Galleons by English Admirals in the English Channel.

7. Pirates of the World
The largest fleet of 400 ships was ruled by a Chinese lady pirate.

8. Whaling, The Chase for the Mighty Leviathan
The American Whaling History, 17th & 18th century

9. Steam Ships conquer the Atlantic
How Iron ships and steam engines revolutionized North Atlantic travel.

10. SS France
The wonder of French cross-Atlantic travel and her conversion to cruising as SS Norway.

11. Floating Palaces
Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth setting impeccable luxury standards for 1930s trans-Atlantic travel.

12. 100 year history of US Navy Submarines. Presented by ex-US Navy Submariner Jim Clement

I have prepared:
135 Destination lectures for most of the World's Cruise Ports.
15 Maritime History lectures
10 Naturalist lectures including Wildlife, Glaciers, Marine Mammals, Jungles

2018 RCI Empress of the seas on Cuba
2018 RCI Majesty of the Seas on Cuba
2018 RCI Radiance of the Seas on 4 cruises in Alaska

2017 Windstar Breeze on Panama Canal subjects
2017 Celebrity Infinity on West Coast of South America and Panama Canal
2017 RCI Serenade of the Seas on Caribbean Isles

Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line:
2016 Radiance of the Seas Alaska 20 May Two cruises back to back
2016 Radiance of the Seas Alaska 1 July Two cruises back to back
2016 Grandeur of the Seas New England/Canada 4 August
2016 Grandeur of the Seas New England/Canada 13 October
2016 Grandeur of the Seas Caribbean 22 Dec
Experienced Lecturer with over 120 lecture cruises in all parts of the World. Lectured on Cunard, Crystal. Seaborne, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Oceania. Regent, NCl, Princess.
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