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An indigenous and historical archaeologist, actively involved in research in the Atacama region of Chile.

Christopher Carter is an archaeologist with over 25 years’ experience leading tours to Central and South America, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Greece and Ireland as well as within Australia. He is particularly interested in human interaction within landscapes and the formative period of cultural development.

Chris has a BA(Hons), MA and PhD from the Australian National University (ANU). He has worked as a tutor at the ANU and lectured at both the ANU and University of Sydney Centres for Continuing Education. When not leading tours, Chris works as an archaeological consultant and heritage advisor.

Chris’ research interests cover both Indigenous and Australian historical archaeology. He is also actively involved in research in the Atacama region of northern Chile and involved in a number of studies investigating the early settlement of this region. He has had a number of academic papers published in international journals.

As a teacher, Chris has always declared that archaeology cannot be learned in the classroom. Such statements resulted in him taking a group to South America in 1995. He has continued to lead several tours a year ever since. The areas visited have expanded to other regions of the world that reflect the subjects he teaches.

Chris is regularly called upon to give public lectures at a range of venues including the University of the Third Age, Art Gallery of NSW, Friends of the National Botanic Gardens and the Australian Museum. He has also been lecturing on cruise ships as he transitions toward retirement.

Chris has appeared on three ABC TV episodes of the Catalyst program. A sample of these can be seen at:

Sahul: The Making of Australia

The First Australians

Lake Mungo: a Treasure of Australian Prehistory

Australia's Mining History

A Rough & Ragged Lot: The History of Whaling & Sealing in Australia & New Zealand

Mission X: The US Army Small Ships Division in Australia & New Zealand 1942-1945

Search for the Missing Link: Homo erectus in Indonesia

The Prehistory of New Zealand

Colonization of the Pacific

Rapa Nui: The Prehistory of Easter Island

A Celtic Myth: The Prehistory of Ireland

Search for Doggerland: Neolithic Britain & Its Northern Islands

Charles Darwin in Patagonia.

The Prehistory of Patagonia

The World's Oldest Mummies (and they're not in Egypt)

Roman Spain

Islamic Spain

A History of Andalucia: Cordoba, Sevilla & Granada

The First Americans

Cortes in Mexico

Pizarro in Peru

Machu Picchu: Its Place in Inkan History

Walking the Inka Trails

The Lords of Sipan: Prehistory in Northern Peru

Potosi: Spanish Silver in South America

The Atacama Desert: The Driest Place on Earth

Captain Duniam's mummy: A Peruvian mummy in Sydney

The Archaeology of the Andes: Much more than the Inka

In Search of the Maya: Catherwood & Stephens

Pyramids, Temple & Tombs: Pre-Columbian Architecture of the New World

Ritual Death and Violence in Central American Prehistory

Prehistory of the Caribbean Islands

Sugar & Slaves: An economic history of the Caribbean

The Voyages of Columbus
I have been engaged by Viking (3), Royal Caribbean (3) and Crystal (1) for Australia/Pacific cruises out of Sydney over the past five years. I have taught extra mural courses in archaeology and history for over 25 years at the Australian National University and University of Sydney. I have been involved with the ABC television show 'Catalyst' in three episodes. Have led cultural tours around the world for over 25 years. My area of specialisation is South and Central America but I have worked throughout Australia, Europe and north Africa. Looking forward to retirement in 2021 and doing more cruises - would like to focus on South America, the Mediterranean and Australia/Pacific.
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