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After a long career working for the Royal Navy Terri's final post gave her the training in the art of producing and giving Power Point presentations. Part of her job was to visit Naval establishments and ships to give lectures and presentations on computer security.

After she retired she had the time to spend in her studio indulging in her hobby of painting items in the traditional style of the English canals known collectively as roses and castles. This led to requests for more information on the subject. Drawing on the expertise she had acquired during her working days she devised her first Power Point presentation on the history of the English canals, the people who lived on them and the art associated with them.

Finding that she really needed more than one string to her bow and that she enjoyed the challenge of doing the research for her first presentation she decided to extend her range to travelogues. Being a well travelled person she perfected the format of using her own photographic skills with information from the internet to produce travel talks that were an interesting mix of history, people, wildlife and scenery. She now has a port folio of twelve talks which is growing all the time.
This had led to her being in much demand as a speaker for clubs and organisations such as the Womans Institute, The University of the 3rd Age and many others. In 2017 she did over 50 talks in Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex.
1. Journey to Yellowstone
2. Alaska
3. A Taste of the Orient
4. An Australian Odyssey
5. The Hawaiian Islands
6. The Colours of Costa Rica
7.Canada by Rail
8.Unusual America part 1
9 Unusual America part 2
10 St Petersburg
11 The Caribbean Islands
12 The History of the English canals
13 English cathedrals
14 Cows and castles - a Channel Island history
15 The military history of Portsmouth

All talks are 45 minute Power Point presentations that are a mixture of the history, the people, the sights and, where appropriate the wild life of the area being shown.