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Criminology & Law Enforcement
History - General
Former Detective Chief Inspector-New Scotland Yard
Private Investigator
Rod Repton retired from the police service in August 1999 having served 34 years. In that time, he progressed through the ranks to finish as a Detective Chief Inspector. During his service he specialised in Criminal Investigations including Murder, Armed Robbery, Major Drug Importation Conspiracies and Kidnapping, being nationally trained as a hostage negotiator, as well as serving in the Special Branch and National Drugs Squad.

He set up the Drug Profit Confiscation Unit for the force and worked as an Investigator and Supervisor. Rod was also seconded to the Regional Crime Squad and was also the first officer to be posted to New Scotland Yard in the Central Drugs Intelligence Unit.

Rod worked with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Vancouver on a murder investigation. He also visited and studied policing methods with the Narcotics Squad in the New York Police Department and the Italian Police in Northern Italy. In 1999 he set up his own Investigations Company, which has a sister company in New York.

Born out of his experiences comes a unique view on life. Whilst clearly there’s a serious side, he’s never short of an anecdote or humorous tale on his experiences in both the public and private sector. He has 6 years’ experience as a cruise enrichment lecturer, having presented for many companies.
My Presentations would be suitable for the following cruise destinations:


DRUGS- A PERNICIOUS EVIL. (International Cocaine trafficking & money laundering in the Caribbean)

MURDER IN PARADISE. (The murder of the Prime Minister & Police Chief in Bermuda)

MURDER ON THE QUEENS PLAYGROUND. (The murder of a millionaire in the Caribbean. Was the Duke of Windsor involved?)

DEATH IN THE RAINFOREST. (South American indigenous Indians fight for survival along the Amazon)

SHRUNKEN HEADS (Did the Victorians encourage murder in the Amazon Jungle to satisfy a macabre public?)

HERE BE PYRATES. (The real pirates of the Caribbean)

HERE BE PIRATES. (Modern Day piracy in South America & The Caribbean)


THEY ALWAYS GET THEIR MAN (The history and famous cases of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

MURDER MOST FOUL. (Working with the Mounties to detect the Murder of two Hitchhikers using Forensic Science)

THE MURDER OF AN INNOCENT ABROAD (A teenage female Canadian tourist is murdered in Paradise. Why has her killer never brought to justice, was there corruption at a high level?)

DRUGS- A PERNICIOUS EVIL. (Working with the Narcotics Squad on the streets of New York)

GUMSHOE THE PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR. (How I identified that the boyfriend of actress Anne Hathaway was connected with the “Mob” as a result he was convicted of fraud in the U.S.A)

THE UNTOUCHABLES. (Eliot Ness was an American agent, famous for his efforts to bring down Al Capone and enforce Prohibition)

HERE BE PIRATES. (Modern Day piracy in Mexico)

PILLAGING & PLUNDERING. (Did the Vikings discover America?)


PILLAGING AND PLUNDERING (How the Great Heathen Army of Vikings invaded Great Britain to avenge the death of their leader in AD 816)

THE VIKINGS ABROAD (The Viking invasion from Scandinavia to Europe & America)

AN OFFICER AND GENTLEMAN. (How I smashed an international drug smuggling ring leading to the arrest of a Guards Officer in Sweden)

DEATH IN ICE VALLEY. (The Isdal woman found dead in Norway nearly 50 years ago. Who is she, was she a spy?)

THE PLAZA WOMAN (A woman is found dead in Oslo 25 years on she is still unidentified is it connected with the Isdal woman?)

THE REYKJAVIK CONFESSIONS. (The bodies of two missing Icelanders were never found. Were they victims of foul play?)


UNHAPPY VALLEY (The murder of Lord Errol in Kenya. Was it a cover up by the jet setting Ex Pat community?)

THE PORTHOLE MURDER. (A true story of scandal, lies and murder on a cruise liner off Cape town)

HERE BE PIRATES. (Modern Day piracy off Somalia and Nigeria)

NED KELLY MOST WANTED (Edward (Ned)Kelly was an Australian bushranger, outlaw, gang leader and convicted police murderer)

HOOLIGAN X (The former Disc Jockey and the drug deal in the Lebanon that cost him his life)


Rod will describe the Norse Age in Scotland and the Isles, and address the question were the Vikings pillaging and plundering or honest settlers? Setting the scene prior to their invasion and their legacy.

Rod in his forensic detective role will look at the man who was born raised and educated in Edinburgh. His best-known creation was “The man who never lived but will never die” Sherlock Holmes a detective before his time.

The Scottish partners in crime not only dug up corpses they created their own as the first “Serial killers” in order to sell to unscrupulous physicians. Rod will look at their lives and crimes.

Rod will tell the story of the great Scottish National Bard and Ploughman poet. How he fitted a lot into his 37 years. He is remembered throughout the World in January each year 300 years after his death.


A DETECTIVES TALE. (How I rose through the ranks to becoming a Senior Detective at Scotland Yard)

MURDER MOST FOUL. (Working with the Mounties to detect the Murder of two Hitchhikers using Forensic Science)

THE SILENT WITNESS. (Forensic Investigation. CSI - the use of DNA throughout the World in murder investigation)

DRUGS- A PERNICIOUS EVIL. (International Cocaine trafficking & money laundering)

GUNS, GANGS AND NEGOTIATION. (Hostage negotiations on an International Level)

SKULLDUGGERY & EXECUTION. (How old murders come forward to a present-day execution in the Dark Peak)

DOCTOR DEATH (Doctor Harold Shipman was convicted of 15 murders but did he kill over 200 people?)

LINE OF DUTY (Who polices the police and roots out corrupt officers?)

THE BLACK MUSEUM (Evidence gathered by Scotland Yard over 150 years of policing)

GUMSHOE THE PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR. (How I identified that the boyfriend of actress Anne Hathaway was connected with the “Mob” and convicted of fraud in the U.S.A)

THE SCHEMING MIND. (The audience are sworn in and are given the facts of a true unsolved murder. They then decide “Whodunnit”)

THE PEARTREE CONSPIRACY. (The plot by suffragettes to murder the Prime Minister by poisoning in the Great War)

ROBIN HOOD- FACT OR FICTION. (With his Merry Men in Sherwood Forest)

THE FAB FOUR (The Beatles-warts & all)

ELEMENTARY MY DEAR WATSON. (Sherlock Holmes, the man that never lived and will never die)

RUTH ELLIS. (British model and nightclub hostess. She was the last woman to be hanged in the United Kingdom

DO YOU REMEMBER NOSTALGIA? (A trip down memory lane. It is better to look back on memories than forward with dreams
Rod has considerable cruising experience with Princess, Celebrity, CMV, Royal Caribbean, Saga and Fred Olsen and has lectured on 11 cruises in the past 6 years.
He has glowing testimonials, the last from the cruise director from his last cruise with Fred Olsen in February 2018
Score :4 out of 5
Feedback : Rod had a great series of talks on crime, murder and even did a 'whodunnit' murder investigation as his last talk, he could be utilised on any cruise.
I have a Seaman's Discharge Book and had Yellow Fever injections for working in the Amazon and South America. Also full public liability insurance for working on cruise ships.

Here is feedback from his most recent cruises:
1." 1. wanted to thank you so much for engaging Mr. Rod Repton as a speaker on our cruise. He had such a fascinating way of relating events from his experience that we were not only entertained but educated about the workings of law enforcement".
2. "We have just returned from a wonderful CELEBRITY British Isles Cruise which was all the more delightful having met Roderick Repton. His lectures on crime were fascinating due to his personal field experience and his great delivery of all of the facts. As you may know, North Americans are very loyal followers of all the Law and Order and CSI television shows, so to meet the "real deal was very enthralling."
Best Regards, Elaine Leiter
3 "Dear Rod, It was a pleasure to meet you, and I think it was obvious that MaryAnn and I both enjoyed your talks a great deal. In fact, I noted the lecturers as a trip highlight on my Cruise-evaluation, and mentioned you by name."
4 "To Whom it may concern: My wife Cristin George & I recently joined Princess Cruises on a 33 day adventure from Los Angeles Ca. to Venice, Italy via the Panama Canal. We were thoroughly entertained by retired DCI Roderick Repton in his Police & Crime lecture series on our sea days from Ft. Lauderdale to the end of our trip. We enjoyed his lectures and actually worked our ship schedules to make sure we did not miss any of his lectures.
I retired in 2008 after working 29 years with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the last six as a homicide Detective Sergeant. DCI Repton is the real deal, having met with him after some of the lectures and sharing a meal or two. His world class life experience as a detective cannot be substituted by someone who has not worked the streets. His lectures were factual with the British humor keeping the audience interested and entertained as he presented a multitude of cases over his career from a young policeman to his senior management position.Michael Thompson & Cristin George, 7221 Deer Springs Way, Las Vegas NV 89131-3507
6.My wife & I are Elite members with Princess, and have therefore been on quite a few cruises, and listened to many guest speakers in our time.
We have just been to the Canaries on Emerald Princess and felt I must write re Rod Repton, the guest speaker.
It takes a good speaker to fill the Princess Theatre, and even better one to fill it for every one of their presentations. Rod Repton was exceptional. Not only did he fill the Theatre every time, his presentations were informative, entertaining, humorous when appropriate and serious when needed.
I was initially not sure about the topic of "Policing" when I read the details in the Princess Patter, but I like many others were delighted with the content and delivery of the presentations.
I would be delighted if I was on a cruise and read that Rod was again to be the guest speaker!
Regards Graham Harvey
7. The reason for this email really is to say how much we enjoyed the Lectures given by the ex policeman Rod Repton, never before have I seen the theatre at full capacity for a lecture, and boy, was he good
Yours sincerely,
J. Barry Standing
8. From Philippe and Ingrid G.
One of our favorite activities on the Emerald Princess was attending the enrichment lectures of Detective Rod Repton. He selected interesting cases to present, and has a lovely and warm stage presence. We were cruising with 2 young kids, and while most of the activities on board were geared towards adults, Mr Repton was kind enough to answer our children’s questions and speak with them at length outside of the lectures, making them feel special and included. We found that he was a jovial presence on the ship, and enjoyed his company outside of the lectures for a drink. He seemed to be an ambassador of he ship!
9.Afternoon Rod
I just wanted to thank you for the lectures you gave aboard The Emerald Princess whilst on our recent Canary Island cruise, I really found them very interesting and attended every one!
You will be pleased to know when completing the Princess find back survey I informed Princess how much I had enjoyed your lectures.
Regards Grace Anson
10."As regular cruisers we are always looking for new ways to be entertained on board so when we read in the daily itinenary about Rod's presentations we were thought we'd give them a go. The presentations were intriguing and informative and left us wanting to know more! The Wallace murder case especially got us really thinking and we love nothing more than a 'whodunnit'! Rod has a great way of portraying the stories and has a great sense of humour - after all we didn't want something too heavy whilst on holiday!"... Sam and Lee Arnold Doncaster.
11.Every cruise needs a murder, a bit of organised crime and a knife-edge hostage situation.
Thankfully, former Detective Chief Inspector Rod Repton provides it all in the comfort of the on-board lecture theatre.
A dyed-in-the-wool old-time copper who's dealt with everything from drunks in Derbyshire to a spell with the New York drug squad battling to win back the streets of Manhattan, Rod has the audience enthralled in morbid fascination and plenty of laughs.
The Richardsons,Yorkshire.
12.September 2016.
Our Entertainment Directors monitor all presentations and I am happy to advise you of the following comment:
Rod engages the crowd really well - He involves them in his presentations and everyone can see he enjoys what he is doing - His final presentation is very good
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