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Architecture & its History
History - General
Daniel Rossall Valentine (born in England in 1975) is an expert communicator, an experienced, imaginative and humorous speaker and a published historian with a focus on local history, who is experienced in talking to diverse groups about local history, cultural history, and architecture.

Daniel studied at the Universities of Oxford, St. Andrews, and King’s College London. Daniel’s communication career began when he served with the reserve forces in the Royal Corps of Signals, the combat arm that provides communications throughout the command system of the British Army. Since then Daniel has worked for, and consulted with, some of the world’s leading organisations. Daniel is a qualified educator, with a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) from Edge Hill University. He is a Member of the Royal Historical Society and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Daniel’s talks are carefully designed to engage with all levels of audience understanding and motivation, to ensure that they satisfy those seeking intellectual stimulation and those who like to be entertained. His presentations are rich with visual and intellectual stimuli and Daniel’s method of audience engagement allows him to quickly adapt to different audiences.

Architecture 1 - Architecture and beauty: The secret rules of architectural beauty
Why do we find some buildings more beautiful than others? Why do some buildings leave us cold whilst others energise and inspire us? This talk will show the secret rules of design that make some buildings special and will identify the most beautiful buildings in the world.

Architecture 2 - Architecture and style.
What is the difference between Baroque, Rococo, Classical, Gothic and Modern? Where did these styles come from and which buildings exemplify each style? This talk will show how different architectural styles developed and where you can find the finest examples of each style.

Architecture 3 - Architecture and culture
Our buildings simultaneously reflect and influence culture. This talk will demonstrate how buildings demonstrate major cultural beliefs such as the value of exercise and health, gender roles, the place of education and the importance of social unity and will show how architecture draws on collective cultural rituals and understandings

Architecture 4 - Architecture and religion
Religion has always been one of the main inspirations for great architecture. This talk will unlock religious buildings and show the elements of design which contribute to their function and beauty. This talk will demonstrate how religious buildings demonstrate major beliefs such as life after death, the way of salvation and the value of worship. After this talk religious buildings will never be the same!

Architecture 5 - Architecture and symbolism
Many of our most well-known buildings contain dozens of symbols. This talk is an introduction to “symbology”, the knowledge of signs and symbols. The talk will open up both secular and religious symbols and give you a new appreciation for the value and power of symbols.

Architecture 6- Architecture and government
This talk will explore some of the world's greatest governmental and parliamentary buildings.

Architecture 7- Architecture and Gardens
Our gardens are extensions of our houses. From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, to the gardens of Versailles, landscaped gardens have the power to inspire and relax. This talk will explain the art of landscaping and introduce the elements of garden design. After experiencing this talk tou will understand garden history and garden design and you will leave with plenty of new ideas for your own garden.

What the Greeks and Romans did for us – key achievements of the Greek and Roman empires.
The Greeks were known for their sophisticated culture and stunning architecture. Greek culture influenced the Roman Empire and many other civilizations, and both the Greek and Roman empires continue to influence modern cultures today. This talk uncovers many surprising achievements of these two great empires.

In addition to the special interest talks above, many destination talks covering history, culture and key attractions are available
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