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Major John Kimak BA MBA PMP DTM Nobel Peace Prize
Home Victoria British Columbia Canada .

Major John Kimak is an accomplished cruise presenter and an avid historian with in depth knowledge of many world destinations. He is an international keynote speaker and guest lecturer at various universities and conferences.

A Royal Canadian Air Force Senior Officer Major Kimak served on assignment with NORAD in North America, NATO in Europe and as a Nobel Peace Prize winning United Nations Peacekeeper in the Middle East. He was the Senior Administrator of the National Defence College of Canada where he planned and conducted worldwide cultural excursions for national and international senior level military and civilian candidates.

Major Kimak has been travelling the world from a young age. He first cruised with family at the age of 4 from Montreal Canada to Southampton England. As a military Air Force Officer he travelled and lived worldwide.

Major John has cruised as a guest presenter for Holland America and Celebrity. He has presented on destination topics/famous people and specialty talks as requested by individual cruise directors. Johnís audiences love his enthusiastic and engaging style, great storytelling and keen sense of humour.

1. Kamehameha Legacy
The story of Hawaiian Royalty and transformation from kingdom to US state
2. Barrack Obama the first black US President started his life in beautiful Hawaii
Learn more about his incredible life to date.
3. Jack Lord was top cop on the hit TV show Hawaii 5-0.
His show helped put Hawaii on the map and attracted numerous other shows that continue to show case the beautiful island of Oahu
4. Capt Cook was one of first explorers to sight Bora Bora.
He played a key role in discovering the South Pacific from Hawaii to French Polynesia. Learn more about Cooks adventures and life exploring this area of the world that has become a world class tourist destination
5. Sir Edmund Hilary is New Zealandís most famous mountaineer
Hilary conquered mountains but was also known for humanitarian and environmental pursuits
6. Peter Jackson introduced the beauty of New Zealand to the world through Lord of the Rings.
Learn more about this incredible filmmaker who took NZ to the world stage through his films
7. Lt Fletcher and the Mutiny on the HMS Bounty of 28 April 1789
What happened after Lt Fletcher Christian seized control of the Bounty from Capt William Bly?

1. Ian Fleming the Man behind 007 James Bond
Learn more about his life and the infamous Australian Double Agent in You only Live Twice
2. Mother Theresa the Modern Day Saint
She went on a mission to Australia to help the Aboriginals in their quest for better health care
3. Steve Irwin-The story of the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin and how he brought the Australian outback into the homes of millions of people around the world Fred Hollows and other famous Aussie
4. Fortune Hunters of Australia(1850s)
Like Alaska there was a gold rush in Melbourne and it transformed it into one of the wealthiest and largest cities in the world.
5. From Convict to Citizen learn how the Convict Colonies shaped Australia
A closer look at a different method of colonization or was it just a method to cut costs in Britainís corrections system.
6. Who discovered Tasmania and why does Lonely Planet describe it as the gateway to Antarctica
Learn more about this inspiring island state and why people say you must visit it.

1. On location in Shanghai China - Discover highlights of the shimmering city chosen for key action sequences by the film makers of James Bondís Skyfall and Mission Impossible III.

2. Taiwan from Awesome Temples to Leading Edge Technology - Find out what to see and do in this friendly, fascinating and food loving paradise.

3. The resilience of the South Vietnamese people and their and ability to change and grow has led to an economic upturn and a host of amazing sites to visit and experience.

4. Bangkok Thailand the former kingdom of Siam and Venice of the East. Join John as he shares the story of a family visit to Thailand revealing some of the sights to see and things to do to enhance your visit to this vibrant country.

5. Singapore is a very well organized city state with interesting places to visit and sights to see. They showcase their multicultural background with a first class Chinatown and a very authentic Little India.

1. Highway to the North Pole - Johnís family adventure on the Alaska Highway.

2. Discover Scenic and Supernatural British Columbia.
3. Tails of the Gold Rush in the Yukon and Alaska

FAMOUS PEOPLE (examples)
1.Taiwan Oscar winning film director Ang Lee Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - introduced us to this part of the world with this epic film.

2.The Caribbean is the Birthplace of 007 James Bond- Learn more about Ian Fleming the man behind this world famous Spy.

3.A Pope a Revolutionary and a Spy - What do Pope Francis, Che Guevera and James Bond have to do with South America?
4.Captain Morgan and other Heroes of the Caribbean - Tales of Adventure in the Caribbean Sea.

6. The First Lady, the General and the Soccer Star -Find out more about three famous History Makers of South America.

7. A Modern Day Saint - The incredible life of Mother Teresa.

8. A Different path to freedom - The world impact of Gandhiís non-violent revolution.

9. The Father of Indian Aviation - Learn more about JRD Tata and other interesting facts about India

10.. From Rags to Riches the story of Mr. Honda
11.Sir Edmund Hilary is New Zealandís most famous mountaineer- Hilary conquered mountains but was also known for humanitarian and environmental pursuits
12. Peter Jackson and Lord of the Rings Ė Jackson introduced the world to the beauty of New Zealand through his iconic films

1. Gaucho Knives versus Cowboy Guns - Learn the differences between South American Gauchos and North American Cowboys.

2. Making the most of your Caribbean Adventure - The islands on this tropical Cruise will tantalize your senses and rejuvenate your spirit

3. Pearl of the Orient /Fragrance or Spice Harbor/Cosmopolitan City and Tropical Paradise. Find out why Hong Kong is such a mysterious and fascinating city.

4. From war-torn nation to tourist destination. Discover the beauty and warmth of Vietnam and its people .Find out what choices for adventure the cities of Vietnam offer you.
I have spoken on board Holland America and Celebrity Cruise ships sailing to Alaska,Caribbean, South America, Scandinavia/Russia, New England,India and Japan and South East Asia since 2016.
My topics are usually preaprroved by cruise director and are destination/region related and can cover specifics of area culture and history and famous people from the region.