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Science - General
Simon is fascinated by the decisive role of energy in every person’s life, from personal comfort up to society’s economic development and world spanning environmental effects.
He graduated in power generation and subsequently spent over 40 years in major energy related companies.

As a Navy officer, he educated naval cadets of the Royal Dutch Navy in different aspects of ship’s propulsion, which lead to the position of engineering manager for propulsion systems of a major European shipyard.

Via business positions in global energy industries he became Director of Energy at a leading European engineering / contracting company.

He ran his own company Flexogen in the operation of large combined power&heat plants.
Now he is a consultant in sustainable energy. In one of his talks, he will demonstrate cruising being a most sustainable way to holiday.

Simon is an outgoing personality, who loves to become acquainted with new people. Next to Dutch, he is fluent in English and German, speaks French and some Spanish.
Simon is engaged in activating fellow citizens to participate in the energy transition process in the Netherlands, in a sensible way.

In his career, he enjoyed being a regular speaker at professional seminars, known for his unconventional approach and humor to arouse and hold the interest of the audience. He is actively engaging his audience, speaking freely without notes.

After introducing the impact energy in all its forms has on every person in the audience, some basics will be highlighted, including their impact in daily life. For example, on cooling your house, or on availability of supply.

The incredible sheer size of daily global energy consumption will be indicated, to illustrate the impact of any issues (supply – environmental) associated.
Given this impact, in every country in the world politics come into play, even leading to war from time to time. But also, in all sorts of policies or regulations. Is that a good or a bad thing?

On this trip, we will have a look at the … (British - actual destination) situation, and compare this to the ... (country of origin of a majority of guests, if any) situation. What follows from such comparison, in terms of local power cost, sustainability etc.?

Favourable characteristics of electricity are illustrated – convenience of safe use in a wide range of applications (from your phone to your refrigerator to your electric vehicle), large-scale cost-effective production, readily transportable.

Without any worries, we use it every day, everywhere and everyone.

Required are reliability, availability and low cost. Some effort is required to achieve this. To illustrate the reliability aspect – black outs cost billions of dollars, and even lives!

Itinerary focus - local fuel mix for power generation, cost level, sustainability etc.

Do you realise that our ship for all daily utilities concerned is an island, without any physical connections to the outside world?
This includes electricity (for lighting, radio and tv, shaving, cooling), heating incl. hot water, flushing water, food refrigeration, etc. etc.
And what about propulsion, to bring us to our next destination?

All relevant ship systems will be illustrated, with actual examples of our lovely m.s. … (actual ship to be indicated).
In case you are interested, a roundtrip with explanation along readily reachable systems on board will be organised.

Also, we will consider cruising being a very sustainable way to holiday, when compared to other means to reach interesting hot spots of this cruise.

Itinerary focus - about the ship we are living on (on this trip)!

• NOTE: if preferred, here promotional material of the Cruise Line and/or ship involved can be included, as well as its environmental mission statement.

When producing all this useful energy, environmental effects cannot be avoided. These will be illustrated, in association with the different forms of primary energy that are applied. Relative pro’s and cons will be considered.

Human activity has an impact on our climate. This will be illustrated.
Men are constantly on the look out to restrain this impact, and not without success (the ozone layer, for example).

Is there a ‘silver bullet’, i.e. one answer to all issues concerned?

Itinerary focus - sustainability (all various aspects) in destination country.
New application.

Presentations are in Power Point format, with numerous illustrations incl. video clips.
They are delivered standing without reference to notes.
Interactive speaker.