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Health, Medicine & Wellbeing
A medical professional with more than three decades of experience working as a family Doctor, providing cradle to grave care, senior partner in a long established practiced in West Sussex on the South Coast of England.

Tim has been a teacher and appraiser of GP colleagues for many years, and has worked at a senior level in the NHS as clinical director of the Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group, responsible for the healthcare of 0.5 million people. He was made a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2015.

Most recently his work has been cited by the Nuffield Trust as being in the vanguard of the development of modern primary care in the UK.

His experience gives him the two perspectives of healthcare – care of the individual vs health of the population, and how these can come into conflict.

Tim is married to a former senior NHS executive, Jane, has two grown up children (with one of whom he currently shares his job) and two grandchildren.

Now semi-retired, outside work, Tim spends much of his spare time cycling on the South downs in the UK or around the mountain ranges of Europe, covering 5000 miles per annum in the saddle.
Tim and Jane own a property in Spain, their bolt hole away from the British winter, where they can spend time improving their golf handicaps!

Tim and Jane love to travel, experienced on cruises, skiing and driving holidays.
Tim has many years of experience of amateur theatre having appeared in and produced countless musicals and plays in the south of England.

He has a wide experience of public speaking.

Tim’s passion is the empowerment of his patients to make informed choices about their healthcare.
His series of lectures encompass a completely up to date and evidence-based appraisal of the most common medical conditions, debunking the myths and misconceptions often created by modern media.

The topics covered in the series include:

Weight loss - Is there a secret?
Why do so many people fail? Why do people go through cycles of yo-yo dieting.

Diabetes – what is it?
What is the difference between type 1 and 2? Can I avoid it? Can I reverse it? Which drugs are best

Cancer – is it a death sentence?
What can I do to reduce my risk? What symptoms should I report? What is the future of cancer treatment?

Cardiovascular disease – which drugs should I take?
Are statins good or bad? Should I have PCI or CABG?

Blood pressure – can I reduce my risk of stroke?
Are the drugs safe? How should I take a reading?

Commonly used drugs and supplements – is my vitamin d level important?
Does glucosamine work? Should I take aspirin?

Smoking – facts and figures based on all the evidence.
Tips on the best methods of quitting.

Diet – can diet affect my life expectancy?
Can modifying my diet help me to avoid disease? Which foods should I avoid?

Alcohol – is there a safe limit?
Am I at risk of addiction? Which drinks are safest? What are the health risks? Are there health benefits to alcohol?

Are health checks a good idea?
Should I have a whole-body scan? Which blood tests are worth having? Does my PSA matter?

A history of public health including the vaccination question
The story of how clean water and efficient sewers made more difference to health than any pills or tests.

Tim’s talks are intended to be interactive, enabling the audience to question the evidence presented. The topics listed can be adapted into a series of between 1 and 5 talks as required. A single talk is attached for reference as a guide to style.
All the presentations are delivered with a healthy does of humour and pragmatism, the power-point slides designed to engage and amuse.