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History - Maritime
History - Naval
Stephen served with the Royal Navy in nuclear powered submarines during the Cold War, and surfaced through ice at the North Pole in 1980s. As a senior officer he later represented the UK at NATO headquarters in Brussels, with particular responsibility for peacekeeping operations and for NATO’s relations with Russia. He subsequently commanded Gibraltar naval base before serving as a UK defence diplomat in South America. His final naval appointment was as commander of UK’s naval reserve forces.

With the benefit of his submarine expertise and knowledge of Russian submarine technology he represented the UK for 5 years on a working group of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which was tasked with assessing the environmental impact from spent Russian nuclear submarine reactors dumped in the Arctic Ocean.

Stephen is an experienced speaker from time spent as a principal lecturer at the Royal Naval College Greenwich, and in retirement is a popular guest speaker on Naval and Maritime History within travelling distance of his home in the New Forest. He gave a presentation on Admiral Arthur Phillip RN, founder of modern Australia, to the Governor of New South Wales during her official visit to UK in July 2014, and was interviewed by BBC television afterwards. He is a member of the Captain Cook Society.

Stephen is a versatile and flexible speaker who can adapt his repertoire of talks and prepare new ones to suit the audience and cruise itinerary. He and his wife Rosemary enjoy travelling, with Australia a favoured destination to visit grandchildren.

He was honoured with the award of the OBE in 1997 and has an entry in Who’s Who.
1. Ocean Navigation and the quest for Longitude

2. Naval Submarines - from wooden barrel to underwater battleship

3. The North-West (& East) Passage - linking the Pacific & Atlantic through the Arctic

4. Darwin, Fitzroy and the world voyage of HMS Beagle

5. Christopher Columbus: hero or villain?

6. Golden Age of Piracy - pirates, buccaneers & privateers in the Caribbean and beyond.

7. Panama Canal, wonder of the modern world

8. Kota Mama Expedition: in a reed boat through the Amazon to the Atlantic

9. Battle of the River Plate - WWII drama at sea and in Montevideo

10. Heroic failure: Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition

11. European Exploration of the Pacific - from Magellan to Cook

12. Captain James Cook - the man and his voyages (up to 3 talks depending upon itinerary)

13. Captain Arthur Phillip, Commander of the First Fleet & founder of modern Australia

14. Bligh, Christian and the Mutiny on the Bounty (1 or 2 talks depending on itinerary)

15. Captain Matthew Flinders: first to circumnavigate and name Australia

16. New Hollanders - first European explorers of the Australian coastline

17. The Honourable East Indies Company, founder of the British Empire

18. Suez Canal - a ditch through the desert

19. Rock of Gibraltar, a naval history

20. Admiral Horatio Nelson, his loves and his battles

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