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Dr. James Teslow is an educator who also practiced aerospace engineering for 30 years. He obtained his undergraduate aerospace engineering degree at the University of Washington, and two Masters degrees and a PhD at the University of Colorado. He holds a degree in Basic Science/Astronomy, and is a member of the American Astronomical Society. His engineering work included rocket propulsion analysis and design, launch support, new technology research, and business development. He became interested in education, obtained a teaching certificate, and taught secondary science and mathematics for the U.S. Department of Defense Dependents Schools in Germany and Japan.

After earning a doctorate in Instructional Technology, he developed training materials for the U.S. National Weather Service, Air Force, and Navy. He has taught several courses in educational technology, research methods, and instructional design as an adjunct professor. He now enjoys teaching on ships, and long-distance walking.

In addition to the lectures below, Dr. Teslow is delighted to offer stargazing sessions during the voyage, weather permitting and if approved. Stargazing sessions on several ships have included his expert use of onboard telescopes and planetariums. On deck, the use of a planisphere and stargazing cell phone apps for both iPhone and Android are demonstrated, as well as traditional astronomer tricks for finding stars/constellations, and even how to use your fist to find your latitude. Dr. Teslow can be found on deck at 10:00 PM on all clear nights of every cruise, and when appropriate, coordinates with the Bridge to minimize light pollution.

Also, please note that cruise-specific events related to topics such as Northern Lights, eclipses, meteor showers, comets, tides, satellite and space station sightings, rocket launch viewing, and engineering projects (Panama Canal, Venice flood control, etc.) will be incorporated into lecture and deck sessions.

Dr. Teslow welcomes the opportunity to serve as a shore excursion escort.

As a special complimentary service, Dr. Teslow, a Cambridge University certified (CELTA) English teacher, would be happy to mentor crew members on their English grammar and pronunciation.

Entertaining and informational presentations to choose from:

1. The Northern Lights - Join Dr. Jim Teslow for a discussion of the science and lore of the magnificent Aurora Borealis.

2. Our Future in Space - Join Dr. Jim Teslow as he describes current missions and plans for future space exploration.

3. The Race to the Moon - Join Aerospace Engineer, Dr Jim Teslow, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first manned moon landing.

4. Amazing Astronomy - Join Dr. Jim Teslow for a fascinating look into the science of astronomy including the Big Bang, constellations, our Solar System, and galaxies. He will discuss the Hubble Space Telescope and plans for future space-based observation platforms.

5. Stars and Black Holes - Join Dr. Jim Teslow for a continuation of astronomy topics, including the birth and death of stars, pulsars, and Black Holes. He will discuss current theories and areas of research.

6. The History of Rockets - Join Aerospace Engineer, Dr. Jim Teslow, as he takes us on a journey through the history of rockets and how they work, from the earliest rockets to modern reliable rockets.

7. It Is Rocket Science: Life as an Aerospace Engineer - In this presentation Dr. Jim Teslow will provide an interesting look at his 30-year career working on U.S. Air Force and NASA space projects.

8. Why Your Car is so well-engineered: Six-sigma Quality - Join Aerospace Engineer, Dr. Jim Teslow, as he describes modern manufacturing quality control. The audience will help improve a common household problem using Six-sigma techniques.

9. Three-two-one ... Liftoff: Space Program Successes and Disasters - Join Aerospace Engineer, Dr. Jim Teslow, as he chronicles the highs and lows of mankind's space adventures.

10. Rocket Development - Join Aerospace Engineer, Dr. Jim Teslow, as he describes past and future rocket designs.

11. Relativity Simplified - Join Dr. Jim Teslow for a discussion of this complex topic in understandable language.

12. Long Distance Walking: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It - Join Dr. Jim Teslow for a Q&A session with tips for walking from village to village in Europe along way-marked trails.
I have presented talks and conducted stargazing/planetarium sessions on these ships:

RCCL Navigator of the Seas, November 2016, Guest Speaker
RCCL Freedom of the Seas, May 2017, Guest Speaker
RCCL Navigator of the Seas, November 2017, Guest Speaker
RCCL Navigator of the Seas, April 2018, Guest Speaker
Viking Ocean Orion, September 2018, Viking Resident Astronomer
Viking Ocean Orion, October 2018, Viking Resident Astronomer
Viking Ocean Sky, February 2019, Astronomer
Viking Ocean Sky, February-March 2019, Astronomer
Viking Ocean Orion, July 2019, Viking Resident Astronomer
Viking Ocean Orion, July 2019, Viking Resident Astronomer
Viking Ocean Jupiter, September 2019, Viking Resident Astronomer
Viking Ocean Jupiter, September-October 2019, Viking Resident Astronomer
Viking Ocean Jupiter, October 2019, Viking Resident Astronomer

Viking Sky Cruise Director Comments: Jim was a super star for both of his 2 cruises with us. Good feedback from guests. "Making a very complicated subject easier to understand for normal people. This was the sentiment I received from many guests. They liked the fact that he did not talk over their heads. Nor did he dumb it down to insult their intelligence.

Viking Jupiter Cruise Director Comments: Dr. Teslow is an excellent example of everything we want in a VRA. He is knowledgeable, personable, our own rocket scientist, and an excellent and engaging speaker. He goes above and beyond and is an excellent ambassador for the brand. He gets people excited and does a brilliant job with the dome and star gazing.
The following recent Cruise History has been recorded for this candidate.
Viking Jupiter JU191020 Mediterranean Odyssey 12 Barcelona Sunday, October 20, 2019
Viking Jupiter JU191006 Trade Routes of the Middle Ages 14 Bergen Sunday, October 6, 2019
Viking Jupiter JU190922 Viking Homelands 14 Stockholm Sunday, September 22, 2019
Viking Orion OR190715 Alaska & the Inside Passage 10 Seward (Anchorage), Alaska Monday, July 15, 2019
Viking Orion OR190705 Alaska & the Inside Passage 10 Vancouver Friday, July 5, 2019
Viking Sky SK190218 In Search of the Northern Lights 12 Bergen Monday, February 18, 2019
Viking Sky SK190206 In Search of the Northern Lights 12 Tilbury Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Viking Orion OR181007 Far East Discovery 14 Hong Kong Sunday, October 7, 2018
Viking Orion OR180923 Southeast Asia & Hong Kong 14 Bangkok (from Laem Chabang) Sunday, September 23, 2018