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Dr Robb Robinson is based at the Maritime Historical Studies Centre at the University of Hull and from a family which has been engaged in the business of seafaring for generations.

He has contributed to many TV history programmes including: The Worst Jobs in History; The Real History Show; Inside Out, as well as Who Do You Think You Are?; Find My Past; Great British Railway Journeys, the BBC 4 Sea Fever Series and Heston's Great British Food. During the last few years he worked on the BBC's 'Our Place in the Great War' project and participated in many Great War radio and TV programmes and took part in some of the BBC World War One at Home roadshows. He has contributed to the recent Channel 4's Time Crashers and Britain at Low Tide series.

Robb is a Trustee of the British Commission for Maritime History and has spoken at many international conferences as well as at the British Academy, National Maritime Museum and the National Archives. He is the author of four books and numerous articles for publications which include The Oxford Encyclopaedia of Maritime History; Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, the Journal of Transport History, The Marinerís Mirror; and The International Journal of Maritime History and Reviews in American History as well as a centre page piece for the BBC History Magazine.

His book, 'Far Horizons' is a unique blend of global and local history containing biographies that encompass the world and are linked by the sea. His new book, 'Viola' is a twentieth century story of the North Sea and long Atlantic Ocean. He has also recently researched and written about some remarkable seventeenth century people from the English Civil War and Restoration eras.

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1. The Lore and Legends of Lighthouses

2. The Lore and Legends of Whaling

3. Fish and Ships or Fish and Chips; the story of a national dish and the fishermen who provide it

4. A Forgotten Navy and the Great War at Sea

5. Pirates of the Caribbean and Atlantic in Fact and Fiction

6. In the Wake of the Mediterranean Corsairs

7. The Mediterranean: its people and the Sea.

8. The Great War: some extraordinary stories of ordinary people

9. Mutiny on the Bounty and the story of the Bethia from Blaydes House

10. A Ghost Ship of Grytviken and Some Twentieth Century Stories of the Sea

11. Far Horizons and Some Epic Stories of Sea and Land.

12. The Russian Navy and the Dogger Bank Incident

13. In the Wake of the Vikings

14. Seafarers and Polar Exploration

15. Northward Ho! Some Epic Tales of Sea and Ice in the Northern Oceans

16. The Victorian Workhouse in Fact and Fiction

17. The Workshop of the World: what made Britain the first industrial nation

18. The World We Have Lost: how our ancestors lived in the eighteenth century.
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