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Philip Hurst is a popular shipboard lecturer on world affairs, geopolitics and modern history, based in Spain. After several decades practising in the stratospheric regions of international law, his focus is now history, with a particular interest in modern states in transition, from colony to independence and from dictatorship to democracy, Imperial history, and the geopolitics of the First World War.

Formerly Deputy Director of The Australian Institute of International Affairs in Canberra, and Counsel at The World Bank in Washington DC, Philip is a distinguished Anglo-Australian international and constitutional lawyer. In the course of his diverse career he practised in New York, Washington DC, and London, having been an English solicitor, a member of the New York and California Bars, and a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of Australia. As a partner and Director of International and Public Law at Ashursts (Ashurst Morris Crisp), a leading London-based global law firm, Philip was cited by the leading guides to the legal profession as the UK’s pre-eminent lawyer in his field and is noted for his work in “difficult” political and legal environments, especially, India, Pakistan, Iran and Zambia. For 10 years he was a visiting lecturer at Imperial College, University of London.

Born in England and educated in Australia at the University of Sydney and the Australian National University, he completed post-graduate studies in law and international relations in the United States at the University of Virginia. Philip has worked in many of the world’s most remote and exotic countries, having visited well over 100 nations. Philip also advised governments, multilateral organisations, NGOs and private sector clients on infrastructure and resources projects – especially for gold, copper and diamonds. He has been consulted frequently by governments on regional security issues.

Since retiring from legal practice, Philip devotes his time to lecturing at sea, historical research and writing; he also lectures in Spain on sherry and other Spanish wines. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London (F.R.G.S.), and now lives in Zahara de la Sierra, near Seville, Spain.
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