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Bill has had a very interesting career. He spent a half dozen years in the US Navy climbing the enlisted ranks and making the jump to the officer ranks where he served as a Surface Warfare, Communications and Intelligence Officer, holding a Top Secret clearance during the peak of the Cold War. While aboard ship, in the Navy, he sailed enough nautical miles to circumnavigate the globe.

After his military time, Bill spent nearly 20 years in the Far East – Japan, China, Russia and India where he taught university and created and grew his own language school throughout Japan and Far East Russia.

After a much ballyhooed one-on-one debate with the senior professor of communism and Marxist/Lenin theory at the Moscow Higher Party School of Communism, a week later Bill watched the Berlin Walls being torn down from within the Soviet Union. It might have been his fault.

During his career in marketing as a professional blogger based in Silicon Valley and within walking distance of the tech titans - Google, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn and the like, Bill was asked to present to audiences of all sizes from Cape Town to Bangkok to Shanghai to San Francisco to New York and many places in between.

At one point his personal network had more than 40,000 individuals who followed him in the Silicon Valley Bay Area alone to learn about Social Media/inbound/content marketing. He was a weekly guest on the Social Network Station broadcast to 90+ countries from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

More than 90,000,000 people had viewed over 150,000,000 pages in his network of sites.

Bill retired to co-author books with his then 11-yo daughter. Their series of books has been downloaded 1,000s of times and has ranked number one in several categories on Amazon.

Bill is represented by multiple cruise ship agencies that have sent him, literally, anywhere and everywhere in the world.

How the Cold War Ended - It’s not what you think.
In this humorous retelling, Bill dives deep into how the crumbling of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union might have been his fault.

Winston Churchill - Reykjavik- The Cold War Connection - Discover the master orator and the English champion's connection to Iceland and the Cold War.

Ronald Reagan - Reykjavik- The Cold War Connection - Warm up to the master communicator's part and sit fireside with him during his visit to Iceland to meet the with his Russian counterpart at the beginning of the end of the Cold War.

Mikhail Gorbachev - Reykjavik- The Cold War Connection - Finally a Soviet leader who openly communicated with the people of his country which was there when he became General Secretary and gone when he stepped down.

History of the World (part 1) - It’s probably not what you’ve been told
How and when did people as we know them begin to populate our world? What the 'scientists' say vs what the ancient religions - Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Babylonians say.

History of the World (part 2) - It’s not what you’ve been told
Discover how Chinese Characters confirm the origin of mankind as told by Muslims, Jews, Christians and other ancient religions.

The Migration of Humans - You can’t get here from there. Or can you?
Start from the beginning and trace the migration of humans from the cradle of civilization to the Far East, North Europe/Asia and North West Europe and finally the North and South American Continents.

The Founding of Iceland - Where did the Icelanders come from? What are their roots? Can we make a best guess?

Marco Polo and the Silk Road - His priceless contribution to world travel
Retravel the ancient highway with Marco Polo, see what he saw, hear what he heard and listen to him tell his version. Weigh in on his influence to explore the world.

Crossing Christopher Columbus - Go west! And he did.
He certainly did not leave the world the way he found it.

Forever Ferdinand Magellan - He really was the first.
Completing the greatest navigation feat in history, he proved one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt. And that was?

Join James Cook - He did what nobody else could do
In the age of explorers, Cook set the bar higher than anyone. He stopped in Hawaii, but it wasn’t the perfect setting that kept him there.

1. Introduction to Social Media - Dive into why people get involved in social media, what they hope to accomplish and how they can take the lead or just follow.

2. Silicon Valley —Social Media’s Birthplace. Learn how online networking platforms—where the wildest of dreams have come true—got their

3. Unicorns in the Valley —Social Media Giants Reach Mythical Status.” Discover just how far these behemoths have traveled to pursue their dreams and change the world.

4. Facebook —Bringing the World Closer Together. Meet a social media platform that is so large it has made the world a smaller place.

5. LinkedIn —No Bad Timing for a Good Idea. Connect your expertise with global professionals so the world can run more smoothly.

6. Google —Audacious Dream of Organizing the World’s Information.” Uncover secrets, unearth treasures and make that information universally accessible and useful.

7. Twitter —All the World Is Listening; What Do You Have to Say? Create and share your ideas and information instantly on this social media platform without barriers.

8. Yahoo —Gateway to Previously Unknown Worlds. Gain access to passionate communities and acquire knowledge from around the globe through one door.

9. YouTube —All That Information; Something Must Be Worth Watching. Upload your story, song or know-how easily and as frequently as you like
for your homegrown audience.

10. WordPress —The King of Social Media Does What None Others Can. Share your story, product or services freely with this tool.

11. Reddit —When People Are Free to Do Anything, Beware of Tolls. Create, share and learn about the global community in a no-holds-barred social media.

12. Nextdoor —Taking Social Media Off-Line & Meeting at the Fence. Find out how technology can make neighborhoods stronger, safer places to call home.
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Bill has lived in Silicon Valley since the turn of the millennium. Just a 15 minute drive or less to Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, LinkedIn and more.
He is an international in-demand speaker - Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Manila, San Miguel, Cape Town ...
He is regularly called on to hold university and graduate school level courses in Social Media.
Bill has a local SF Bay Area following of 48000+ members who gather weekly to learn about Social Media and Social Networking.
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