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Rie Natalenko has a doctorate in writing, specialising in Screen and History. She has a Masters degree in Education and an Honours degree in Literature.

She has taught for most of her life—in schools, colleges at University, in corporate settings and in the community. Now she helps others with their business writing, travels Australia speaking on aspects of writing and family history, and is the Editor of one of the Artwear magazine titles—"Yarn".

She enjoys teaching arts and crafts—especially felting—and also teaches creative writing at the local writers centre. She loves enrichment speaking on cruises (and she has also had fun teaching felted jewellery on cruises as an arts and crafts instructor.)

Rie is an author, and teaches others to write their own books. Her books include two on family history and one on running arts and crafts workshops.

Much of her university and college teaching was in the areas of screenwriting, film-making and film studies. She was the 2003 recipient of the IF award for best unproduced screenplay in Australia and New Zealand—a historical screenplay that remains 'unproduced'! She has written and directed award-winning short films, has been commissioned to write historically-based scripts, and has written scripts for corporate and educational bodies.

Rie enjoys creating as well as writing. She is an accomplished felter, knitter, crocheter, spinner and weaver. She speaks at craft conventions introducing crafters to the historical aspects of their craft, as well as presenting new ideas and techniques.

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Felted Jewellery
My proposal is for making felted jewellery, in the style of South American, African and/or South East Asian jewellery.
The style would fit with the destinations and is a fun and easy skill to learn.

My proposal:
The project:
A South American, African or South-East Asian Style Necklace (depending on the itinerary.)
For those who finish their necklace, there would be earrings, bracelets and brooches in a matching design to complete if desired. The techniques could also be used for home décor for those who prefer not to make jewellery.

The organisation:
I would spend a short time demonstrating the basic techniques, then the participants would work around tables and I would circulate and help. Each table would require a small bowl of water and some soap.

The kit*:
The kit would cost £8 (10 US dollars) per person for (13-15) sessions.
The kit would consist of:
• Pure Australian merino roving (wool) in a variety of colours.
• Necklace clasps, earring findings, bracelet blanks, etc.
• Beads: both glass and wooden for decoration
• Chains for joining
I would also provide:
• jewellery working tools,
• felting equipment,
• sewing and beading equipment
• notes, illustrations and instructions.
*50 kits would also require an additional suitcase on the flight to meet the cruise.

About me:
• I have taught felting to many and various groups over the years.
• I have taught felted jewellery for Royal Caribbean on Radiance of the Seas and Explorer of the Seas.
• I teach felting in programs for the blind, for developmentally disabled adults, for refugees and for other disadvantaged groups through the local council.
• I’ve taught in schools, colleges and Universities all my life.
My doctorate is in Creative Arts, and I have my Diploma in Education.
I’m the editor of Yarn Magazine, and the author of a book titled Share Your Skills: The ultimate guide to running Art and Craft Workshops (among others.)

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Bannings and Burnings in History
Dr Rie looks at censorship through the ages from ancient times to the present day.

The Shocking Tales Behind Your Favourite Nursery Rhymes.
Nursery rhymes may seem innocent, but these twisted and bizarre stories show how harmless rhymes often had their origins in violence and scandal. Dr Rie will share these twisted and bizarre stories with you.

The Mysteries of Medieval Medicine
How did people cure themselves in the past? Dr Rie examines the good, the bad and they ugly of ancient cures—and what would happen if we used those cures today!

Scary Tales or Fairy Tales?
Did you know that some ‘fairy tales’ are 6000 years old—and would pass today as horror stories! Dr Rie reveals where fairy tales come from, what they were originally, and how drastically they’ve changed over the years.

Ocsar—Wilde or simply misunderstood?
Was his life a scandal or was he just born before his time? Dr Rie will share with you the calamitous life and witty writings of the infamous Oscar Wilde.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know
Byron and his friends were not the clean-cut “Romantics” we learned about in school. Dr Rie will reveal how their lives and writings were bawdy, and rife with rumour and scandal.

Going Undercover to Understand Underwear
You’d be surprised how men and women’s undergarments have changed since earliest times—from the sublime to the ridiculous. Dr Rie uncovers some fascinating facts and unveils what that tells us about our changing ideas of sexual attraction.

What’s Love got to do with it?
Your understanding of marriage will never be the same again! Dr Rie describes how marriage and partnership has changed from prehistory to the present day.

Gathering family stories.
Family history is a hot topic these days, and the stories that your aging relatives can tell are your heritage and your family legacy. Dr Rie looks at how important it is to capture these before it’s too late. Find out how rewarding and easy the process can be.

Back Stage Pass
Dr Rie will take you into the magic world of film to see the amazing number of elements necessary to put a film together. You’ll be both surprised and intrigued.

Easter—from pagan festival to bunnies
The strange origins of Easter, and the weird ways it is has been celebrated throughout the world

Christmas—Not just Santa Claus
The weird and the wonderful Christmas celebrations around the world


Legendary men of New Zealand
Edmund Hillary, the conqueror of Everest; Rutherford—The Atom Man, and Sir Peter Jackson—the Lord of the Rings.

Wonderful Women of New Zealand
The startling stories of Ettie Rout, the Guardian of the Anzacs; Nancy Wake, The White Mouse; Kate Sheppard, the first Suffragist; and Beatrice Tinsley, the Queen of the Cosmos.

Not Just Ned Kelly
The stories of some of Australia’s lesser known bushrangers—the murderers, madmen and outlaws of Australian History (or were they?)

Australians who changed the world
The inspiring stories of Fred Hollows, who gave eyes to the world; Elizabeth Kenny, who found the cure for polio; and Howard Florey who discovered penicillin.

Amazing Australian inventions
From prepaid postage to the refrigerator, from torpedoes to box kites, from the Hills hoist to the pacemaker. Australian inventions have been changing the world for centuries.
I have been an enrichment speaker on Royal Caribbean cruises since 2016 and have also worked as an Arts and Crafts Instructor on 2 cruises. My speciality is Social History and Literary History, but I also speak on famous people. Some popular topics include: “The Scandals behind Nursery Rhymes” and “Bannings and Burnings—The History of Censorship.” My talks include Famous Australians and New Zealanders (as well as other literary and historical figures) and aspects of history that are clandestine or mysterious—things that people would not generally have encountered.

As an arts and crafts instructor I have taught the unusual craft of felting (jewellery etc) but am happy to teach knitting or crochet or run "craft and chat" sessions for experienced crafters.
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