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Edu-tainment is the best way to describe Geoff’s speaking style, providing educational, entertaining and authoritative presentations whilst also injecting humor and personal experiences documenting his time at sea.

Geoff joined the Royal Australian Navy at the age of 15 and for some time was the youngest person serving in the Australian Defence Forces. It was here that he first developed a fascination with naval and maritime history as well as the explorers and adventurers of the sea.

Geoff is an Australian Tourism Ambassador (honorary), has provided assistance and advice to a range of national and international sporting teams and has presented at corporate, sporting, government, tourism and naval functions as well as aboard cruise vessels.

Recently retired, Geoff and his wife Leanne have purchased a boat in the UK, cruised across the English Channel and now spend much of each year cruising the rivers, canals, and coastlines of Europe, creating their own adventures.
The World’s Greatest Living Adventurer.
Who is currently the greatest adventurer in the world? Could it be a humble 67-year-old Russian Orthodox Priest and artist that most of the world has yet to hear of? Much of this talk deals with Geoff's personal, behind the scenes interactions with this remarkable hero.

Mutiny on the Batavia
In 1628 the great flagship of the Dutch East India Company, the Batavia set sail on her maiden voyage to the Spice Islands of the Far East. Mutiny, murder, sexual slavery, outstanding seamanship, revenge and historical firsts are all part of this amazing true story that makes the Bounty Mutiny look like a fairytale.

The Voyage of Lapérouse.
Perhaps second only to Captain James Cook as the greatest maritime explorer of all time. The exploits of the famed naval commander and explorer Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse.

The Lost Franklin Expedition.
In 1845 two ships under the command of Captain Sir John Franklin set off on the best resourced and scientifically advanced mission to find and conquer the famous North-West Passage. Franklin and his 128 men were never heard from again. What happened?

The Dutch East India Company.
The largest, richest, most powerful and most ruthless company in history the VOC dominated world trade, started wars, opened up new frontiers and destroyed whole populations. the history, the huge successes and the failures of the world’s first multinational company.

Circumnavigation of the World.
Who was the first person to circumnavigate the world by sail, who holds the records for fastest circumnavigation and first man-powered circumnavigation, which was the first mechanically powered ship to complete the voyage and who did it first via the air?

Ghost Ships.
Phantom ships that have terrified sailors for centuries including the Flying Dutchman, the romantic but tragic story of the Lady Lovibond, Sayo a modern Ghost Ship from 2016 and work together as we solve the mystery of the Mary Celeste once and for all.

The Famous Kon Tiki Expedition.
In 1947 seven intrepid Scandinavian adventurers set out to prove the theory that the islands of the South Pacific could have been populated by peoples from pre-Columbus South America. The story of the men, the mission and one of the great modern voyages of adventure.

Beyond Endurance.
In 1914 Sir Ernest Shackleton set out to be the first to cross Antarctica from sea to sea via the South Pole. Disaster struck when their ship, Endurance was stuck in ice and broke up. This started an amazing story of courage, endurance, leadership and survival that has never been surpassed.

Shipwrecked and Castaway.
Five stories of shipwrecks that changed history. The shipwreck that saved America and established a Caribbean country, one that had a dramatic influence on Abraham Lincoln’s thoughts on slavery, another that changed the French navy forever, the most successful pirate in history and the real Robinson Crusoe.

The Privateers.
They sailed the seas as “legal” pirates attacking the enemies of their country. Stories about some of the great privateers including Francis Drake, Jean Lafitte, Henry Morgan and Michiel de Ruyter.

America’s Cup.
Learn about the history of America’s Cup, some of its characters and controversies from the creation of the race until today. The fascinating story of one of the world’s great races.

Devil’s Island.
The notorious French penal colony in French Guiana, South America where the worst criminals and political prisoners were sent to rot. Only a few escaped from this hell including the famous Papillon who went on to have a controversial career in Hollywood. Learn what it takes to “Escape from Devil’s Island”.

European Discovery of Tahiti.
The great Spanish explorer Juan Fernandez first sighted this beautiful land but later both the British under Samuel Wallis and the French under the famous soldier and explorer Louis-Antoine, Comte de Bougainville claimed this jewel of the Pacific. Learn about their voyages including the first woman to circumnavigate the earth (disguised as a man).

Unknown Heroes.
Douglas Mawson – An amazing story of survival against all the odds, alone on the ice after his two companions died hundreds of miles from salvation. George Nares - the man who “stole” the Suez Canal and literally wrote the book on seamanship. Lord Cochrane the British naval hero upon whom the Horatio Hornblower and Master and Commander books and films are based.

The Man Who Named Australia.
As the British and French raced to the Pacific to claim the great southern land, Matthew Flinders became the first man to circumnavigate Australia and while imprisoned in Mauritius, was the first to advocate the use of the name Australia. Tragically this heroic navigator died the day before his great work was published.
Celebrity Constellation - 19 February 2017 - 5 March 2017 - South-East Asia Cruise.
Celebrity Constellation - 5 March 2917 - 19 March 2017 - South-East Asia Cruise.
Radiance of the Seas - 1 March 2018 - 18 March 2018 - Australia/New Zealand Cruise.
Explorer of the Seas - 22 April 2014 - 14 May 2018 - Trans-Pacific Cruise.
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Viking Sun SU190316 World Cruise 2019 Sector 4 28 Sydney Saturday, March 16, 2019
Viking Sun SU190212 World Cruise 2019 Sector 3 31 Valparaiso (for Santiago) Tuesday, February 12, 2019