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Emmy award-winning writer, producer, and voice director, David Wiemers had a grand career in Hollywood spanning more than 3 decades. In 1984, he was the first writer/producer hired by new CEO Michael Eisner; he wrote and produced Disney’s first-ever animated series, “The Wuzzles.” The following year Wiemers created “DuckTales” which became one of the most successful animated series in history. For adults, Wiemers wrote and produced hit situation comedies such as “Coach,” (starring Craig T. Nelson), “Major Dad,” (starring Gerald McRaney) and “Harry and the Hendersons” (starring Bruce Davison). Over the years, he was nominated for 5 Emmy awards and won in 1988 for writing “Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies.” He was also nominated for the prestigious Humanitas Award, given to the writer who most uplifts the human condition. For this honor, he met Pope John Paul II and was invited to the White House to meet President George Bush, Sr. Oh, yes, there are stories to tell!

As a professional member of the National Speakers Association and Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest honor given by the organization, Wiemers has regaled audiences throughout the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe. As a comedy writer, he knows how to engage and entertain an audience. Wiemers’ career gave him the opportunity to travel the world. Now audiences get to see the world and it’s unique destinations through the eyes of a Hollywood professional: What is the destination’s story? What is its character? What makes it tick?

Learning can be educational, entertaining and fun. It’s what Wiemers’ career has been about.
So book him today!


Tales of Hollywood
Emmy award-winning writer and producer David Wiemers shares stories about the making of hit television comedies. Covering a span of 30 years, Wiemers’ lecture will shed light on Hollywood as it transitioned from the old boss studio system to corporate run companies. Names will be dropped, secrets revealed, but mostly - laughs a plenty!

Thanks for the Memories
With a career spanning 3 decades, Wiemers met and worked with many legends who are no longer with us. He attended Bob Hope’s 90
birthday party; had a surprise luncheon with Cary Grant; George Burns gave him invaluable advise! On the other end of the spectrum, he worked with many children who later became today’s top stars: Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, among others. Don’t miss these fun and heart-warming stories!

The Struggle Years
A follow-up to “Tales of Hollywood”. Yes, David Wiemers achieved success in Hollywood, but what about the “struggle years”? To help pay the rent, Wiemers was hired as “The Fighting Couple.” He and an actress were hired to attend posh, elegant parties and then they bickered, fought, and created chaos. Who hired them? What was the purpose? How did Jack Lemmon and Sylvester Stallone end up in these fights? The results were hilarious and make for an entertaining program.

Adventures at the Walt Disney Company
Wiemers was the writer and producer of Disney’s first network animated series, “The Wuzzles.” From there he created “DuckTales,” one of the most successful animated shows ever. As a founder of the Disney Television Animation Studio, this Emmy award-winner will share his stories of working in animation. Why do Hollywood Stars yearn to do animation? What is involved in getting an idea to am animated show? Wiemers tells all – in an animated and entertaining way!

The Flop and Failures
It takes as much work to create a flop as it does a hit. But sometimes failures are the seeds of future hits. Wiemers exhumes the television programs that he was involved with that ended up in the situation-comedy junkyard. It’s a fun look at forgotten shows that often had illustrious casts but were ignored by the audience. Failure has never been this much fun.

When Hollywood Sails, It Sells!
As we sail across the Atlantic, let’s reminisce about some of the movies that have focused on the sea. Where were some of your favorite maritime movies filmed? What were the challenges presented to the filmmakers? How have movies and television programs influenced the cruise industry? Take this fun, but soggy, journey down memory lane with Hollywood writer and producer, David Wiemers.


Tales of New York and Ellis Island
As a Hollywood writer, Wiemers tells the story of Annie Moore, a 15 year old Irish Girl, who was the first person processed at Ellis Island. Through her eyes, we learn the history of Ellis Island and entry into the United States. It’s a tale many of our forefathers lived.

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give an Amsterdam!
As we head to Amsterdam, we learn about the things to do while in port and tips and pointers for getting around the ring of canals. But what makes Amsterdam and the Netherlands so interesting is its history of dikes and dams. With his Hollywood wit and whimsy, Wiemers tells a dam fine story.

Put a Cork in It!
As we head to Cork (Cobh), Ireland, we learn lots of fun, interesting, and bizarre facts about this charming Irish city. Did you know Cork was the Titantic’s last port of call? Why did Henry Ford build cars there? Grab your lucky charms and attend this lecture!

London?? Let’s go to the Cotswolds instead
As we head to Southampton, most passengers disembark and go to London. Wiemers asks them to consider going to the Cotswolds, a mere 90 miles from London. The regions is considered to be one of the most charming areas in the world. Wiemers knows the story well, he lived in the Cotswolds for 7 years. A personal and insightful tale about the region known to “Downton Abbey” fans.

Bollywood vs. Hollywood
Western audiences know Hollywood films, but what do they know about Bollywood? How is it different? What do Indian audiences expect from a film vs. what Westerns want in a good film? The differences may surprise you. Hollywood insider, David Wiemers delivers a fun program, looking at this huge industry known as Bollywood.

Hollywood Looks at Barcelona and Rome
You would assume that the film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” was shot in Barcelona. But what about “2001: A Space Odessey.” Did you know that was filmed in Spain, too? Other film classics, such as “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” and “Lawrence of Arabia,” were also filmed in Spain. Wiemers will also reminisce about favorite movies made in Rome, such as “Roman Holiday,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” and “Three Coins in a Fountain.” A fun and interactive session for movie buffs and curious cruisers.

UAE: You Say Hello, I Say Dubai
The United Arab Emirates is home to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, two cities that have suddenly sprung before our eyes. What is the story of this country? How is it showing the world what is possible? It’s an interesting, fun, and educational look at this small country that is boasting the biggest and the best of everything that architecture and cultural centers have to offer.

Gateway to India: Mumbai and the Taj Mahal
As we approach India’s magnificent city, let’s learn more about its culture, history, and ways to it take in. We also learn about one of the Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal. Built as a loving tribute, the Taj Mahal is an incredible edifice and you’ll learn what is has gone through and endured over many decades.

How the Panama Canal Put San Diego on the Map
A fascinating look at the recent centennial celebration of the Panama Canal and how why it was so important to a little unknown town called San Diego.

Singing the Praises of Singapore
Singapore has been a writers paradise for over a century. Let’s learn about the artists who took up residence at the Raffles Hotel. There are many tales to be told from the Writers Bar – home of the Singapore Sling. This is a nostalgic look at Singapore and the literature that sprang from this Asian city – including a tiger or two!
Nov 2018 Crown Princess, Transatlantic
Sep/Oct 2018 Celebrity Infinity, Panama Canal
Sept 2018 Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas, Transatlantic
May 2018, Norwegian Jewel, Transpacific
April 2018, Norwegian Breakaway, Transatlantic
March 2018, Celebrity Millenial, President’s Cruise to India
Feb 2018, Celebrity Constellation, Southeast Asia
Nov 2017, Celebrity Silhouette, Caribbean
Oct 2017, Celebrity Reflection, Transatlantic
July 2017, Windstar Starbreeze, Adriatic
April 2017, Celebrity Reflection, Transatlantic
Feb 2017, Celebrity Infinity, Antarctica
Dec 2016, Oceania Mariner, Brazil and Argentina
Nov 2016, Coral Princess, Panama Canal
Sept 2016, Crown Princess, Mexico
April 2016, Star Princess, Hawaii