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Wendy Jennings Australian Naturalist and artist

Wendy Jennings is an award winning wildlife artist who has lived for over 30 years in some of Australia's great National Parks. Much of that time was in remote arid parks with lots of hands on experience with native animals. She is able to share her passion for nature as an enrichment speaker. Her area of interest is from Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea and Southern Indonesia. In the past she has conducted many watercolour classes on cruise ships and found passengers were really taken with her great hands on stories of living with wildlife.

1. All mammals are not soft and cuddly.
Join a wildlife artist sharing her experiences with some of Australia’s mammals.

2. Birds: The musicians, long haulers and house husbands.
Learn about Australia’s birdlife and the prize winners in drumming, endurance and bringing up the family.

3. The reptiles of Australia: Some dangerous, some amazing.
Learn about the deadliest reptiles and those which have gentle sides.

4. What scares you the most.
Look at the the dangerous Australian animals and compare them to world statistics.

5. Early wildlife art in Australia.
Wonder at the earliest wildlife art in Australia. A 60,000 year old canvas to modern day Aboriginal art.

6. Traditional Australian Aboriginal food.
See the variety of nature utilized by the Aboriginals for food and medicine in Australia.

7. Where Serpents tails see the light.
Learn about the creatures of the Coral sea and Indonesia. The beautiful and the dangerous.

8. The Wallace Line. Where monkey meets kangaroo.
Learn what a difference an imaginary line makes to the ecology of this part of the World, and who was Wallace.

9. Colour in Nature.
Discover how Northern Australian animals, birds, sea creatures and plants use it to their advantage.

10.The life of a wildlife artist.
Listen to tales of rescues, taxidermy, photography, and the art inspiration it provided.

11. From whales to desert frogs, they all need water.
Discover some Australian aquatic animals on this continent of extremes.

12. Living in the Outback of Australia.
Learn what it is like to live in remote National Parks in Australia.

13. Australian Bush Artists.
See how early Australian artists recorded the environmental changes in the landscape.

14. Sir Joseph Banks and the Florilegium.
See how an early botanist discovered and recorded plants never seen before.

15. Those small things you rarely see.
Discover the all important world of insects, beetles, worms and butterflies.

16. Life in the Great Southern Ocean.
Dive into the cold waters south of Australia and learn that from little things big things grow.

17. Behind the wildlife art.
Learn the thoughts behind designing a wildlife art piece.
Wildlife speaker:
Viking 2023, 2023, 2023, 2023, 2020, 2019
Royal Caribbean: 2017, 2016
Watercolour tutor:
Viking 2019, 2018, 2017
Celebrity 2015
Royal Caribbean 2016