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Steven has a very diverse and international background, of Scandinavian and English heritage, he was born in Greece, raised in Africa and educated in both the UK and United States. He now lives and works in New Zealand.

A keen Scuba Diver, he maintains a strong interesting in our oceans and their future. He is also a seasoned long distance bicycle tourist who has ridden through America, New Zealand and Europe, Most recently from the top of Norway to Budapest. He regularly presents at conferences on history and technology issues throughout the Asia Pacific. A licensed Rowing New Zealand Race Official and Board Member of Karapiro Rowing Inc, he competes at Masters Regattas and is on the Board of Karapiro Rowing Inc.

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There's an App for That
Why some technology start-ups succeed while others fail. This talk demystifies emerging technology trends and looks at some laughable failures as well as those that succeed

Social Media and Apps for Cruisers
Do you want to; easily create better cruise photos? know what happening in the next port of call or just have your cruise information at your fingertips? It's covered here!

A day in the life of a Rowing Umpire
From wooden boats to plastic fantastics. The never ending race for perfection and why there are no World Records in Rowing.


How Do We Know What We Think We Know
There are many professed theories on how and when the Pacific was settled that range from the mundane to the down-right bizarre. This talk covers the means and ways by which we develop and improve our understanding of the settlement of the Pacific.

Pacific Migrations
Australia was settled 50,000 years ago while New Zealand was inhabited just 800 years ago. This talk covers the migrations, the theories, counter theories and legends of how the Pacific was settled.

The Age of Exploration
Would you exchange the Island of Manhattan for a supply of Nutmeg? The Dutch did. Discover how Trade and Commence drove the early European exploration of the Pacific

Colonial Times in Oceania
From European convict arrivals in the Eighteenth Century to the Second World War, conflicts have spilled over into the Pacific. Steven Covers the history of Northern Hemisphere involvement and the dramatic changes that trade, colonialism and imperialism wrought on the Pacific Region.

The South Pacific Jigsaw
With thousands of islands, reefs and atolls and so many different clans and cultures, it’s easy to be confused about the South Pacific. Learn all about the fiery beginnings, the evolution and early history of this huge group of islands in the South Pacific and how it’s all put together.

Exploration and Colonization
Who were the European Explorers and what were the key drivers that that fueled their exploration of this part of the world? Find out more and judge for yourselves their impact on the region.

Separation, Isolation and Evolution
New Caledonia left the mainland of Gondwana 65 million years ago, travelling thousands of miles northward. Journey through time and learn about the unique eco system where the crows are super intelligent and the trees a prized product.

Noumea & New Caledonia
Penal colony beginnings, nickel and gold mining, to US military South Pacific headquarters, learn about Noumea’s mixed cultural heritage and many attractions.

Picturesque Lifou, Loyalty Islands
Steven shares the amazing details of Lifou. The caves, cliffs, lush forests, coral reefs, stunning beaches and the Kanak culture. Discover the history, secrets and charm of this Loyalty Island Coral atoll.

Beautiful, Relaxing Fiji
Find out how the American Civil War, Blackbirding, Tribal customs and the British changed the Fijian Society and their way of life but not their nature.

Tonga and the God Maui
The first settlers to the Pacific came from Asia, but the kumara and sweet potato came from South America. Understand the early history of the South Pacific, why Europe was so intent on discovering it and how Tonga shaped the other islands


Australia Discovered but by Whom
Aboriginal legend speaks of a people that settled the land in the Dreamtime. Do we really know when Australia was discovered and by whom? James Cook was a late arrival who didn’t make it to the first 30 list. Were the Dutch really the first and why did the Spanish avoid Australia.

In Search of the Great Australian Inland Sea
Countless Adventurers opened up the interior of Australia. Some gained fame while others died as virtual unknowns. This talk looks at those explorers with their success and failures

The Australia You Should Know
While Australia’s known rock art goes back 28,000 years we really only know about the last 400 years of history. Steven shares the convict past, culture & people who live in this vibrant country. You’ll also get to test your knowledge, complete with some unusual facts and myths of Australia.

Cultural Melbourne
A laid-back city with endless choices. From must shop markets to foodie heaven, there’s so much to do. Count down on top 10 experiences you can have while we are there.

All About Tasmania and Hobart
From World Heritage to the cleanest air in the world, learn about Tasmania, its convict past and what to see and do in Hobart

Vibrant Sydney
Steven shares the convict past, culture & people who live in this vibrant city. Explore the beaches, bridges & test your knowledge about this beautiful harbor city along with kooky facts about Australia


Surreal New Zealand
Kupe, the great Navigator,  discovered New Zealand in 925, paving the way for Maori to came here in their great seafaring canoes just 800 years ago. From the first Maori settlements to its European explorers, Steven  covers New Zealand’s early history from its myths and legends through to the coming of the whale hunters.

Flax, Mokomokai and Guns
The shocking history of early New Zealand

Whales, Muskets and Old Scores
The first meetings between European Explorers and Maori were marred with violence. This gave way to a commercial pragmatism as the Sealers and Whalers traded with the Maori, but sparking the Musket Wars.

Stunning Fiordland
Rudyard Kipling’s called Milford Sound the “8th Wonder of the World”. Maori legend says it was carved out by the demigod Tu-te-raki-Whanoa and showcases his finest work. It is a World Heritage area of  14 fiords with a rich history and breathtaking scenery. Captain Cook stayed in Dusky Sound for 5 weeks in 1773. His accounts of the area were to radically change New Zealand.

The Sights and Sound of Dunedin
How Gold, Religion and a fondness for the homeland turned a muddy swamp into New Zealand's biggest and brightest city of the 1870s that is full of firsts, like the first Botanical Gardens, first University and steepest street - just to name a few

The Sights, Sounds and Cities of the South Island
Tomorrow we enter Rudyard Kipling’s “Eight Wonder of the World” Learn about the 3 majestic sounds we’ll be visiting. Then is off to enjoy the rich history of the South Island Cities before we reach New Zealand Capital

Gateways to Adventure
Adventure Playground, Middle Earth or Maori Culture or just spectacular scenery? Why decide when you can have all three. Auckland and Tauranga cover them all!

Cosmopolitan Auckland
A bustling metropolitan city. Auckland has a vibrant city style that’s surrounded by spectacular landscapes. Count down on the 10 experiences you can have while there.


The Vikings – Historical Facts vs Hollywood Fiction
The rich sagas and history of the Vikings is more than just fighting and intrigue. They were great trader, explorers with a highly refined culture. Discover the other side of the Vikings

From Swamp to Imperial Capital
After Peter the Great wrestled the land and River Neva from the Swedish, he turned the swamp into the cosmopolitan Capital city of Saint Petersburg with its distinctly European flavour. Steven covers the highs and lows of this beautiful cities’ legacy

Shifting Baltic Borders
For centuries the borders between the Scandinavian, Baltic and Russian Counties have moved and shifted often involving other powers. The Crimean War was fought in Finland with the first three Victoria Crosses being awarded for action in Aland on the Russian border.

Birger Jarl’s Town
From its 13th century beginnings under Birger Jarl, Stockholm grew swiftly, surviving Danish Bloodbaths and the plague. It was the centre of the aggressive 17th century Swedish Empire, but has now maintained neutrality since 1834.
I have been presenting on Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara since 2014 on technology, history, sport and port/destinations through out Oceania and the Pacific. This includes Bridge Commentaries for New Zealand and Australia.

Topics have been on Destinations, Pacific and European History and Technology.
Except Video of a recent presentation on New Zealand is at

Recent History and Port/Destination Cruises
January 2020 - Azamara Journey - French Polynesia - New Zealand
December 2019 - Queen Elizabeth - Australia - New Zealand
March 2019 - Ovation of the Seas: Sydney - Vanuatu - New Caledonia - Sydney
February 2019 - Azamara Quest: Sydney - Auckland
January 2019 - Azamara Quest: Auckland - Sydney
November 2018 - Celebrity Solstice: Sydney - Auckland
January 2018 - Radiance of the Seas: Australia, New Caledonia, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand
January 2017 - Australia - New Caledonia - Australia
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