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Jennifer is a social historian with a special interest in telling forgotten or less well-known stories, such as those of ordinary Ė and extraordinary - women, working communities, children and diverse ethnic groups.

Born in the Caribbean of British and Irish heritage, Jennifer grew up just outside London, then lived and worked in Sydney, Australia, for five years after graduating from university. Returning to the UK, Jennifer taught in secondary schools before leaving teaching to pursue a successful freelance career as a Museum and Heritage Learning Specialist.

Jenniferís work includes developing and delivering study days and workshops for students in museums and at heritage sites, giving talks to adult audiences, producing educational materials and managing the delivery of educational projects. Her clients include the Museum of London, the Young V&A, Historic Royal Palaces, the Mayor of London, the National Trust and English Heritage.

Jennifer lives in Berkshire with her husband, Neil, a zoologist. Between them, they have lived and worked on four different continents and enjoy travelling to new places whenever possible.

1. Behind the scenes
Set against the social history of the time, this talk goes behind the scenes of the real Downton Abbeys to give a fascinating insight into the life of servants in Britain and Ireland in the past, from those in the vast Royal Household to maids of all work.

2. Long to Reign over us
Find out how the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was a combination of ancient tradition, adaptation, and innovation and how some of the milestones of her sovereignty were celebrated. Explore some of the social changes that took place in the United Kingdom over the 70 years of her reign, the longest in British history.

3. With fire and sword
Using the latest DNA and archaeological discoveries, this talk explores how the physical landscape and cultural heritage of Britain and Irelandís port cities have been shaped by successive waves of invaders and settlers, from the Romans to the Normans.

4. People, places and ports
Discover the economic and cultural impact of migration on Britain and Irelandís port cities, from the Norman Conquest to the 20th century. Gain a deeper insight into the contributions made by different migrant communities, from Jewish financiers to Flemish and Huguenot refugees, Afro-Caribbean, Chinese and Asian seafarers to Italian economic migrants.

5. Celtic nation
Find out about the origins and culture of the tribes ancient Romans called Celts, and why Ireland is called a Celtic nation today. Discover how the cultural identity and genetic ancestry of Irish people have been shaped by successive waves of settlers and invaders. Using archaeological evidence, historical artefacts and DNA studies, this talk aims to separate fact from fiction about Irelandís past.

6. Sugar and slavery
Explore the links between fashionable society in Georgian Britain, the growth and wealth of Liverpool, London and Bristol, and the transportation and enslavement of African men, women and children on plantations in the Caribbean.

7. Britainís black communities
Discover the story of the long relationship between the British Isles and the people of Africa and the Caribbean, from Roman soldiers, Tudor sailors and Georgian Liverpudlians to the pioneering Windrush generation.

8. How the Vote was won
2018 marked the centenary of some women winning the right to vote in Britain. Find out about the inventive, and sometimes controversial, strategies used in the Votes for Women campaign and the stories of some of the women behind it.

9. A stitch in time
Explore the history of clothing in Britain and Ireland before the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700s completely transformed the manufacturing process. Find out how textiles and clothes were made, the skills involved and technological advances. Discover how much Henry VIII spent on Anne Boleynís wardrobe and how the national dress of Wales and Scotland evolved.

10. Fashion revolution
Discover how the Industrial Revolution transformed clothing manufacture in Britain and Ireland. Find out about the impact of this revolution on the lives of textile workers, and how it drove changes in fashion.

11. Dickensís London
An absorbing exploration of the Victorian metropolis which both inspired and appalled the great writer, showing how it shaped the characters and plots of his novels, from Oliver Twist to Bleak House.

12. All the worldís a stage
See Elizabethan London through the eyes of the young William Shakespeare, newly arrived in the city. Explore the development of the Globe theatre and find out how Tudor politics and society were reflected on its stage.

13. Toy stories
What was on your birthday wish list as a child? Discover the stories behind the development and evolution of some popular toys, from hobby horses to electric cars, home-made to mass produced. Guaranteed to bring back memories of your own favourites!

14. Stories from the Tower
The Tower of London is one of Britainís most iconic landmarks and home to the Crown Jewels. Explore its development over the centuries and discover some of the extraordinary stories the people, animals and jewels that make up its history.

15. The rise, fall and rise of Londonís docklands
Trace the beginnings, growth and heyday of Londonís upriver docks before their eventual decline and closure, followed by the regeneration of the area in the late 20th century.

16. Christmas unwrapped
Christmas has been celebrated in Britain for over a thousand years. Find out how early celebrations had their roots in even older festivals, how the Victorians shaped the Christmas we know today, and who pulled the first Christmas cracker!

17. Christmas imagined
Why do so many of us dream of a white Christmas? This entertaining talk explores the way Christmas is presented in much-loved stories, poems and songs. Bring a pen and paper to record your answers to the fun quiz and see if you can score full marks!
Saga Ruby, 2009 (enrichment speaker)
Black Watch, 2016 (enrichment speaker)
Boudicca, 2017 (destination speaker)
Queen Elizabeth, 2018 (enrichment speaker)
Queen Victoria 2018 (enrichment speaker)
Balmoral 2020 (enrichment speaker)
Borealis 2021 (enrichment speaker)
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Queen Elizabeth Q821 British Isles Cruise 14 Southampton Friday, July 13, 2018
Boudicca D1720 Fjords, Mountains & Glaciers 8 Liverpool Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Black Watch W1625 Tinsel & Hogmanay 11 Tilbury Thursday, December 22, 2016