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Ecology & Conservation
Wildlife & Nature
Keith Buchanan is an environmental consultant with more than 30 years experience of working on biodiversity and landscape issues in the UK and internationally. Until August 2008 Keith was working for Natural England, designing and leading a major project to understand the impact of climate change on wildlife, landscapes and people’s enjoyment of those landscapes.

Prior to that he was a Programme Director within England’s Countryside Agency, and responsible for that Agency’s work in relation to National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, climate change and land management. Since 2008 he has worked on environmental projects in many countries.

He started his career as a zoologist, managing nature reserves, later worked in the UK agriculture ministry where he travelled frequently to Brussels and subsequently moved to work in the statutory conservation agencies. He is widely experienced in management, project management and communication, having presented at many national and international meetings and chaired major conferences.

He has worked on environmental projects in Indonesia, South and Central America, South Africa and Madagascar. He has led wildlife watching trips in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Estonia, The Canaries and Iceland. He has lectured on cruise ships about the wildlife and environmental issues in Scandinavia, The Mediterranean, South East Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Central and South America.
Having travelled and worked in many parts of the world, Keith’s talks are tailored to the area being visited. Here are lecture programmes delivered on cruises:

1. Climate change
A series of lectures on one of the most pressing issues of our time. Keith uses his experience of leading Natural England’s practical work on climate change to cover: What is it all about? Can we believe it? What can we do about it? How does it affect wildlife?

2. Wildlife of the Far North
Some of the spectacular wildlife of Scandinavia, and its special adaptations to life in the freezer. The particular challenges of global warming in this region are also addressed.

3. Australia and Indonesia
Talks on the amazing wildlife diversity of these regions are enriched with an analysis of the very significant environmental problems that they face. Keith uses his experience of a number of Australian National Parks and of working on two expeditions deep in the Indonesian rainforest to consider the future prospects for these areas.

4. South and Central America and The Carribbean
Keith uses his experience of working on expeditions in the Central American cloudforest and the Amazon rainforest to consider the stunning biodiversity of these regions, including the enigmatic Galapagos, and consider the delicate balance between their conservation and the needs of their native peoples.

5. India
A series of lectures on the Indian ocean, with its leviathans, and India – land of the tiger – but also of many other creatures and spectacular bird migrations. The prospects for the iconic tiger in the 21st century are considered.

6. The Mediterranean
Keith uses his experience of leading wildlife trips in this area to deliver lectures on the wildlife and environmental issues facing the Mediterranean and its charismatic wildlife.
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