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Ronnie Landau is both a Classicist and modern European historian. A widely published author, his books are used extensively throughout the British and American university systems. A highly experienced, passionate and entertaining speaker, he is formerly Head of Humanities and Principal Lecturer in Europe’s leading adult education centre (The City Literary Institute, London).

He has lectured on four continents: in numerous universities (including Oxford, Cambridge, Sussex, LSE, UCL, Kent, Bristol and Jerusalem); in many adult education centres and museums (including London’s Imperial War Museum); and at conferences (including those in Germany, Russia, South Africa, Israel and the United States). He has taught and lectured to thousands of students over the past four decades and also has broadcasting experience on radio and television.

While his sessions are illuminating, authoritative and thought-provoking, his style is relaxed, accessible and full of humour. A fluent reader of ancient Greek and Latin, his areas of specialisation for cruise ships would be a) Graeco-Roman civilisation: ie history, literature, philosophy, religion, languages and culture of ancient Greece and/or Rome; & b) History of Israel, ancient and modern (also modern European Jewish history). He can also offer ‘enrichment’ sessions on a variety of topics, including The Seven Deadly Sins, on which he has written an amusing book, and international human rights on which he is currently a speaker on behalf of Amnesty International.

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1. Just what is so special about the ancient Greeks (ie the uniqueness of their contribution to us all)?

2. Athens: city of inspiration

3. Greek Mythology: the deadliest, sexiest stories

4. From Athens to Hollywood: the Classical Greek theatre, birthplace of all drama

5. Greek gods and goddesses: their nature, hierarchy, power and endless scandals

6. Oman: a force for peace in the Middle East

7. Petra: 'rose-red city, half as old as time'

8. The Suez Canal: construction, political contect and crisis of 1956

9. Egypt versus Israel: Six-day War of '67 and the Yom Kippur War of '73

10. Camp David: peace treaty between Egypt and Israel

11. Pompeii & Herculaneum: Roman civilisation uncovered

12. The birth of modern Israel: controversial, ‘miraculous’ and just plain crazy!

13. Israel: historical sites, historic achievements

14. Jerusalem: nerve-centre of the three ‘Abrahamic’ religions

15. Modern Israeli society: a melting pot of 3 continents

16. Out of the ashes: how the Nazi Holocaust was midwife to the State of Israel (based on two of Ronnie Landau's books)

17. The Seven Deadly Sins: 2 millennia of incisive, witty observations - by poets, playwrights, philosophers, statesmen and stand-up comedians (based on one of Ronnie Landau's books)

18. Learn to juggle - in 30 minutes! (he used to offer this as part of stress management training in industry – only suitable for small groups)

19. The psychology of human ‘prejudice’: how to spot prejudice in yourself and others (based on one of Ronnie Landau's books)

20. International Human Rights – the work of Amnesty International.

21. The Wonder of English: the meaning and curious origin of well-known phrases.

22. From Byzantium to Constantinople to Istanbul: a cultural crossroads across the ages.

23. World War 1: Gallipoli - disaster for the Allies; a turning point in Turkish history.

24. Odessa: city of Light and Enlightenment in the darkness of Tsarist Russia.

25. Carthage, a worthy adversary of ancient Rome.
Have lectured in past three years on cruises with Viking, Fred Olsen, Saga and Thomson. Was enthusiastically received on all occasions! Have just completed Dubai-to-Naples leg of World Cruise on Black Watch (Fred Olsen). Delivered 5 completely different lectures: on Petra, Classical Greek civilisation, the Suez Crisis of 1956, Pompeii; and the Seven Deadly Sins (based on one of my books).
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