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Everyone is interested in their own minds, their own lives, their own behavour; everyone is interested in their own psychology; everyone is interested in their own well-being.

Nigel brings well-being and psychology to life in numerous entertaining and humorous ways, with highly interactive, audience focused techniques.

Being part of one of Nigel's cruise enrichment lectures is like being able to see inside your mind for the first time. Audiences are intrigued and thrilled at what they see and discuss the talks for days after.

Prof (Dr) Nigel MacLennan, is an accomplished speaker, No 1 best-selling author, coach and chartered psychologist who understands that thrilling your passengers is what it takes to secure jobs and grow cruise businesses.

When teaching at The International University in Monaco he was consistently ranked the No 1 professor – by the students, and, received the highest rating, ever, at the University. Why? Because he makes learning fun! What does that mean for you? Nigel knows how to thrill your audiences even in the most demanding of conditions. He has given talks while sliding and skating around the stage in storm force weather, and made the unplanned skating part of the fun for the audience.

Nigel has created 65 original publications on multiple areas of human psychology. He has a Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, a Doctorate in Leadership Coaching, and is a Chartered Psychologist.

Nigel’s lectures are all highly interactive, engaging and fully illustrated with interesting and amusing images, many of which are humorous cartoons, designed by Nigel.

He is so passionate, prepared and well-informed that he always speaks without notes - and that means that he can engage your clients fully.

If you want your clients to be thrilled, amused, and fully engaged, what better way than to take them on a cruise of their own minds, and have fun along the way?

Nigel has entertained many thousands of cruise-ship passengers on numerous cruises, serving several companies (Carnival, Fred Olsen, Saga, P & O, Cruise & Maritime, Princess...) and would be thrilled to entertain your clients, too.

He recommends that his first lecture on every cruise is: Happiness.


Passengers who spend the first few days of a cruise thinking and talking about happiness, create a happy ship, and a happy ship makes for a successful cruise, and a successful cruise makes for repeat business and customer referrals. Happy customers are repeat customers.


Applied Psychology and Well-Being

All of Prof MacLennan's enrichment talks are on Applied Psychology and/or Well-Being: thrilling passengers as they take a cruise through their minds, and enjoying learning how to make life better for themselves. Since we all have a mind, psychology is one of those rare subjects that is interesting to everybody, particularly when delivered with passion and humour.


i. Happiness Well-being: The secrets of joy!
ii. Relationship Well-being: How to have better and even more fulfilling relationships
iii. Fit to Thrive over 55: How older people get and stay healthy.
iv. Brain Well-being: Keeping your brain fit for life.
v. Learn Faster, Remember More: How to dramatically enhance your ability to learn and remember.
vi. Social Well-being - Body Language: How to read people like a book
vii. Mental Well-being: How to get and stay mentally healthy.
viii. Shrink YOU! How to help your relatives and friends with a few simple, effective techniques.
ix. Motivation Well-being: How to turn on your motivation, like a switch, any time you want.


1a. Happiness: The Secret and Science of Joy
Happiness is what we all want. If you want to learn how to make yourself happy, or, show your loved ones the route to a life-time of happiness, this lecture is for you. Prof Nigel MacLennan is the author of 'The Perfect Gift', which is about how to make yourself happy.

1b. The Happiness Lecture Series. Starting with "Happiness: The Secret and Science of Joy" this 4 to 6 lecture series shares the techniques that happy people use in all sorts of contexts.

2. Relationship Magic!
Why do some people have such successful relationships in every area of their lives? Learn how to make your own relationships better, and what to advise your younger relatives to do to make their relationships great. PS. This goes beyond saying: "'yes dear' in the right tone" is helpful!

3. Hypnosis: Fact and Fiction, Function and Fun.
We’ve all seen hypnotic stage shows, and heard about hypnosis. Learn how it works, and more importantly how to use it to make your life better. Learn how can you help your loved ones to benefit from hypnosis? Prof Nigel MacLennan holds a degree in psychology and diploma in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and is a Chartered Psychologist.

4. Optical Illusions: To See or Not to See, that may be the invisible question!
Entertaining and beautiful optical illusions can also teach us much about the way we see and interpret the world. For a visual feast and a journey into the mind there can be no more enthralling subject.

5. Body Language: Reading People, Reading Yourself.
85% of what we say comes from our non-verbal communication. In 45 minutes you can learn all the key principles of reading body language.

6. Healthy Beyond 50: Using the Mind for a Healthy Body.
Most of what determines our health is in our control. Some people live healthy lives despite genetic set-backs, and others with all the advantages you could dream of live unhealthy lives. What makes the difference is in the mind. Learn how to use your mind for a healthier body.

7. Learn Faster, Remember More!
Almost everyone can remember more, and learn more quickly, IF, they have the right techniques. What are those techniques? How much could you help yourself, your relatives and friends if you had the techniques?

THE MYSTERIES OF THE MIND SERIES (M) Suitable for mystery cruises!

M8. The Mysteries of Your Mind: You are a walking mystery - discover the mysteries of your mind.
What is memory? How does it work? What are emotions? How do they work? What is vision? How does it work? What is hearing? How does it work? What is taste, smell? How do they work? What is consciousness? What is identity? Who are you?

M9. The Mystery of Happiness.
What is happiness? What are emotions? Why are some people so happy? What do they do to be that way? What do happy people do that the rest of the population do not?

M10. The Mystery of Relationships.
What are the ingredients of a successful relationships? What do we understand about making relationships work? What small changes to behaviour can have a HUGE impact on the quality of your relationships?

M11. The Mystery of Hypnosis. What is it? Is it real? If so, how does it work? If so, who can benefit from it? If so, how can you benefit from it? If it is not real, why does it persist so?

M12. The Mystery of Learning. How do we learn? What is memory? How does it work? Why some people learn faster? How is memory stored? How do we recall something? How can you improve your memory? Your ability to learn? What simple steps enable some people are able to learn faster and remember more?

M13. The Mysteries of Health and Longevity. Why do some people live healthy lives? What do some people do that enables them to live to advanced old age, in great health? What do we know about what we can do to maximise our health? Some of the mysteries of health and longevity have been solved, and some are still... mysterious.


14a. Creative Writing.
Learn the most important principles of creative writing from a No1 best-selling author who has 65 published works so far. “You can learn 90% of everything worth knowing about creative writing in less than an hour, but it has taken me 25 years to realise that! You can now take the shortcut that never existed when I started writing.” Prof Nigel MacLennan.

14b. Creative Writing Workshops.
On longer cruises Nigel runs a Creative Writing Course for passengers who wish to develop higher level skills. "Everyone has a book in them," is a phrase that understates the case. Most people have multiple books, poems, plays and much more. With a series of Creative Writing workshops cruisers can develop their skills in article writing, short story writing, poetry writing, play writing, and on longer cruises, even factual book or novel writing. In conjunction with the Cruise Director, cruisers can share their creations with other passengers at an evening event (similar to a passenger talent show).

15. Brain: Your plastic flexible friend.
Using the latest understanding of the brain many people have learned skills that were thought to be only for young people, or, recovered from problems that were once thought permanent. Your brain can achieve wonderful things. If you have a brain and you want to learn how to get the best from it at any age, this lecture is for you.

16. Coaching: Getting the Best from Yourself and Others.
Parents, grandparents, relatives, teachers, friends… all can improve their own and other peoples’ lives by learning how to coach effectively. What is coaching? What can it achieve? How is it done reliably and effectively? Learn the principles of coaching from the No1 best-selling author of ‘Coaching and Mentoring’, Prof Nigel MacLennan.

17. Persuasion: Secrets of the Masters of Influence.
Some people are highly persuasive. How? Learn the most important principles of persuasion so that you can apply them yourself, or use that knowledge to spot when people are persuading you!

18. Personality: Understanding Yourself and Others.
What is personality? Where does it come from? How do can you understand, and better get on with other personalities? How do you help your younger relatives harness the strengths in their personality.

19. Wealth: The Secrets of the Entrepreneur's Mind
If you want to help your relatives and friends thrive financially, you must learn how entrepreneurs think, and use their techniques. Here's the great news: anyone who chooses to can be a wealth builder. Prof Nigel MacLennan is the author of 'Opportunity Spotting'.

20. Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution.
We all need to be diplomatic and to handle conflict effectively. Some people are brilliant at it and have happier, more peaceful, and productive lives because of their diplomatic and conflict resolution skills. 45 minutes of your time invested that will pay for itself, in peace of mind, over and over again.

21. Culture: Seeing The Invisible.
How to get the best from your trips ashore by seeing what others miss. Understand how to learn about culture from the customs and traditions that you observe, and you can make your whole trip much more enjoyable and meaningful.

22. Shrink You: Counselling and Psychotherapy.
We all do it for our friends and relatives - here is how to be even better! We all try to help our friends, and some times it works and others it doesn't. Why? What are the techniques that we can use to help our nearest and dearest. PS. You already have most of the tools, and a little tweaking can improving your counselling skills.

23. Bizarre Behaviour.
Banks collapse, politicians fail us, police lie to us, lawyers con us because of a tiny number of very powerful psychology principles. If you've had anything to do with a group (who hasn't?) you will have seen some pretty strange decision making. Why do groups do such strange things? What makes normal, reasonable humans behave so strangely? This tour through the human mind explains some of the most bizarre events in history.

24. The Psychology of Music.
Why does music move some people and leave others untouched? Why does one type of music move you and another style leaves you cold? What effects does music have on us, and why? If you want a deeper understanding of music this lecture will entertain you.

25. The Psychology of Comedy.
What makes us laugh? What is laughter? Why does a piece of comedy leave one person doubled over in laughter and another bemused? What techniques do comedians use to give us so much joy?

26. The Psychology of History.
"Events, dear boy, events." That was PM Harold MacMillian's famous response to being asked what politicians feared most. History is a succession of momentous events. Behind each event is a hidden psychology. What psychology triggers events? After this entertaining lecture event you will never see history in the same way again - you will understand what is behind events, past and current.

Nigel has dozens of other lectures on psychology and can shape them to captivate the interest of your passengers. It will come as no surprise that on all ships Nigel has entertained, whatever interactive subject he delivers becomes the topic of conversation, for many, around the ship.
Multiple cruises for several cruise companies, over many years. On the largest ships with many thousands of passengers to the smallest ships with only a few hundred.
Recent speaking cruises (2018) include several flagships: Britannia, Queen Mary II, Queen Elizabeth.
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